Music Matters

David James Elliott Oxford University Press, USA Music

Why is music significant in life and education? What shall we teach? How? To whom? Where and when? The praxial philosophy espoused in Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education offers an integrated sociocultural, artistic, participatory, and ethics-based concept of the natures and values of musics, education, musicing and listening, community music, musical understanding, musical emotions, creativity, and more. Embodied-enactive concepts of action, perception, and personhood weave through the book's proposals. Practical principles for curriculum and instruction emerge from the authors' praxial themes.

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Praxial Music Education

David J Elliot Oxford University Press Music

Praxial Music Education is a collection of essays by nineteen internationally recognized scholars in music education. Each essay offers critical reflections on a key topic in contemporary music education. The starting point of each essay, and the unifying thread of this collection, is the "praxial" philosophy of music education explained in Elliott's Music Matters: A New Philosophy of Music Education (OUP, 1995). This philosophy argues for a socially and artistically grounded concept of music and music education, challenging the field's traditional "absolutist" foundations. Praxial Music Education is both a critical companion to Music Matters, and an independent text on contemporary issues in music education. Among the themes discussed are multicultural music education, the nature of musical understanding, early childhood music education, the nature and teaching of music listening, music curriculum development, and musical creativity. Praxial music education is a living theory. This unique collection will not only enrich discussions that already use Music Matters as their core, but will globalize current discussions and applications of the praxial philosophy and emphasize the positive and practical values of collaborative efforts in music education.

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Music Matters

David James Elliott New York ; Toronto : Oxford University Press Education

The author constructs a new concept of music education, one designed to stimulate, guide, and support the efforts of pre-service and practicing music teachers as they tackle the many theoretical and practical issues involved in music education. He provides rigorous reflections on the "why, what, and how" of music teaching and learning that serve as catalysts for critical thinking and individual-philosophy building.

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Remixing The Classroom

Randall Everett Allsup Indiana University Press Music

In a delightfully self-conscious philosophical "mash-up," Randall Everett Allsup provides alternatives for the traditional master-apprentice teaching model that has characterized music education. By providing examples across the arts and humanities, Allsup promotes a vision of education that is open, changing, and adventurous at heart. He contends that the imperative of growth at the core of all teaching and learning relationships is made richer, though less certain, when it is fused with a student's self-initiated quest. In this way, the formal study of music turns from an education in teacher-directed craft and moves into much larger and more complicated fields of exploration. Through vivid stories and evocative prose, Randall Everett Allsup advocates for an open, quest-driven teaching model that has repercussions for music education and the humanities more generally.

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The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy In Music Education

Wayne Bowman Oxford University Press Music

Music education thrives on philosophical inquiry, the systematic and critical examination of beliefs and assumptions. Yet philosophy, often considered abstract and irrelevant, is often absent from the daily life of music instructors. In The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Music Education, editors Wayne D. Bowman and Ana Lucía Frega have drawn together a variety of philosophical perspectives from the profession's most exciting scholars. Rather than relegating philosophical inquiry to moot questions and abstract situations, the contributors to this volume address everyday concerns faced by music educators everywhere, demonstrating that philosophy offers a way of navigating the daily professional life of music education and proving that critical inquiry improves, enriches, and transforms instructional practice for the better. Questioning every musical practice, instructional aim, assumption, and conviction in music education, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Music Education presents new and provocative approaches to the practice of teaching music. Bowman and Frega go deeper than mere advocacy or a single point of view, but rather conceive of philosophy as a dynamic process of debate and reflection that must constantly evolve to meet the shifting landscapes of music education. In place of the definitive answers often associated with philosophical work, Bowman and Frega offer a fascinating cross-section of often-contradictory approaches and viewpoints. By bringing together essays by both established and up-and-coming scholars from six continents, Bowman and Frega go beyond the Western monopoly of philosophical practice and acknowledge the diversity of cultures, instructors, and students who take part in music education. This range of perspectives invites broader participation in music instruction, and presents alternative answers to many of the fields most pressing questions and issues. By acknowledging the inherent plurality of music educational practices, the Handbook opens up the field in new and important ways. Emphasizing clarify, fairness, rigor, and utility above all, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Music Education challenges music educators around the world to make their own decisions and ultimately contribute to the conversation themselves.

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Community Music

Burkhard Hill Waxmann Verlag Music

Community Music bezeichnet als internationaler Fachbegriff musikalische Aktivitäten, bei denen nicht nur der musikalische Ausdruck, sondern auch die sozialen Prozesse Beachtung finden. Das gemeinschaftliche Musizieren wird somit als eine ästhetische und sozial inklusive Praxis verstanden. Vor dem Hintergrund von individualisierten Lebenswelten bekommen soziale Interventionen durch Musik eine besondere Bedeutung, um Gemeinschaften zu stärken, zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement zu fördern und Menschen unterschiedlichster Herkunft zusammenzubringen. Das vorliegende Buch versammelt Beiträge aus internationaler und nationaler Perspektive, die Community Music in Theorie, Praxis und Ausbildung beleuchten. Es ist zugleich die erste deutschsprachige Textsammlung zu diesem Thema.

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Critical Essays In Music Education

MarveleneC. Moore Routledge Education

This volume of essays references traditional and contemporary thought on theory and practice in music education for all age groups, from the very young to the elderly. The material spans a broad range of subject areas from history and philosophy to art and music, and addresses issues such as curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, as well as current issues in technology and performance standards. Written by leading researchers and educators from diverse countries and cultures, this selection of previously published articles, research studies and book chapters is representative of the most frequently discussed and debated topics in the profession. This volume, which documents the importance of lifelong learning, is an indispensable reference work for specialists in the field of music education.

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