Al Murray The Pub Landlord Says Think Yourself British

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Tired? Listless? Devoid of purpose? Drifting? Tongue like sandpaper? That's a hangover, most likely. And the chances are you caned it last night because, like so many others in Broken Britain, you have lost your way. It's time to help yourself and Think Yourself British. After all, what could be more British than helping yourself? There are four key stages: - Realising that you have a problem - Identifying your problem - Identifying the solution - Being arsed to do something about it Think Yourself British is the last Help Yourself book you will ever need. (remember to pay for it, though, don't just help yourself)

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Let S Re Great Britain

Al Murray Penguin UK Biography & Autobiography

In Let's re-Great Britain, Al Murray's Pub Landlord sets out his party's vision for the country, and explains how politics actually works. Citizens of Hope & Glory! It's time to bring common sense to the House of Commons. Parliament is a nest of slippery, poisonous vipers and only a bonkers, mental idiot would try to make sense of it. Yet in Let's re-Great Britain, Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, presents his guide to British politics and a vision for a Greater Britain. In it you'll learn and appreciate The Guv's views and policies on: - The jobless: Fix youth unemployment with a pyramid scheme (literally, build some pyramids) - Economics: Cut the deficit by borrowing more, growing a beard and leaving the country - Criminal Justice: Bring back hanging if only for the sake of the rope industry - Immigration: Electrify the English Channel A plain, common-sense vision of an impossibly complicated (and, frankly, dull) subject, this will almost certainly be one day hailed as the new founding text of the nation - a Magna Carta 2.0 from the Landlord of Hope and Glory.

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The Pub Landlord S Great British Pub Quiz Book

Al Murray Hachette UK Games & Activities

Who invented the pub quiz? The British, of course! Who doesn’t enjoy a rousing question-and-answer session over a pint and some scratchings? Indeed, what higher calling is there than standing in the pub loudly demanding answers to difficult questions like ‘d'you want some?’ Here, for your pleasure, Britain’s leading pub landlord, The Pub Landlord, presents the finest collection of facts imaginable. Enjoy the attention of friends and strangers by revealing how many James Bonds there were, how many times the French have capitulated and exactly how long those pickled eggs have been in that jar on the bar. The ladies love a well-read man and this book will give you the tools needed to impress her (don’t worry, answers are included). None of your French-type philosophical musings here. No, this is a proper quiz for the Great British Public. In a public house. Or your living room.

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The Last 100 Years Give Or Take And All That

Al Murray Hachette UK History

A fascinating and hilarious gallop through twentieth-century British history, by comedian Al Murray. An awful lot has happened in the last 100 years or so. In fact, when you look at how much went on in the 20th century, it's amazing it didn't take longer than that. And what have we learnt? A few obvious lessons include: megalomaniac men with moustaches in charge of countries tend to turn out to be BAD; anyone who thinks they can explain let alone sort out the Middle East is WRONG; France simply cannot be relied upon; America may or may not be the cause of everything GOOD and BAD in the world (depending on who you ask). This isn't your bog-standard history book. We all know that history books (Which Shall Not be Questioned because they ARE ALL TRUE according to our History Teachers of Yore) are dry and dull, and they go on as if there's only ONE version of history (spoiler: it's all about perspective). Enter Al Murray, alter-ego of everyone's favourite Pub Landlord. Al knows his way around 20th century Britain, and he's good enough to illuminate it for you. From the Big Bang of the 20th Century, DOUBLEYOUDOUBLEYOU ONE, to the eve of the new Millennium (when all the computers in the World DIDN'T stop working and the Queen had to do the Hokey Cokey with Tony Blair) and all the forgotten tales in between, this is a brilliantly funny, irreverent and eye-opening whistle-stop tour of Britain since 1914.

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Pub Landlord S Book Of British Common Sense

Al Murray Hodder & Stoughton Audio

In this book, Britain's favourite pub landlord, Al Murray, tackles modern-day mumbo-jumbo with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned common sense.

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Book Of British Common Sense

Al Murray Hodder Paperbacks Common sense

We live in an age of waffle, mumbo-jumbo and bad thinking. We're forever being fed dodgy information by so-called experts, scientists, opinion-makers, politicians, journalists and jumped-up little graduates. Their combined bad thinking includes: *the idea that no one should win in running races at school, in case the losers get upset *the idea that owning a house in France is a decent way to spend your money *the idea that we should all talk about our feelings and that would make things better *speed cameras *mineral water *hummus *and the fact that everyone reckons they've got asthma. Why do we believe this nonsense? Because, as a nation we've forgotten the basic elements of common sense. Thank God then for Al Murray. Together with the collecting thoughts of hia locals, he's here to put good old-fashioned British common sense back where it belongs.

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Al Murray

N. Farage

Alastair 'Al' James Hay Murray, born in Stewkley, Buckinghamshire, England, UK on 10th May 1968, is a comedian, actor, musician & writer. Murray was listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy during 2003 then voted as the 16th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups in 2007. After graduating from St Edmund Hall Oxford University, he started his career in comedy by working with Harry Hill for BBC Radio 4. Al performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival several times, later introducing his 'Pub Landlord' persona, describing him as a "know-all know-nothing blowhard, who knows the answer to every question even though he hasn't been asked any of them". This led to the Sky One sitcom Time Gentlemen Please and the chat show Al Murray's Happy Hour for ITV. He's continued to perform as a stand-up, while being a regular on British TV & radio.

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My Gaff My Rules

Al Murray

My Gaff, My Rules is the eagerly awaited first live recording from the comic genius who is Al Murray. His award winning character is one of those all too rare creations that is truly original, and is here to stay. The Landlord's bar room philosophy covers everything from politics to women to the French! He is touring most of the UK this year, including a residency at the Cambridge Theatre this summer.

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