Complications Of Pain Relieving Procedures

Serdar Erdine John Wiley & Sons

A comprehensive exploration of potential complications arising from interventional pain therapies. In Complications of Pain-Relieving Procedures: An Illustrated Guide, a team of distinguished pain specialists delivers a straightforward, extensively illustrated, and step-by-step guide to managing complications arising out of pain-relieving procedures and interventions. The book offers essential assistance to physicians by combining a wide range of potential complications into a single, comprehensive resource suited to quick review in real time. It will help readers determine the clinical steps necessary to avoid long-term consequences for patients. This illustrated reference contains numerous images of the possible complications of specific procedures. Each chapter includes discussions of the anatomy of the target nerve, plexus or space, indications for the procedure, technical approaches with pictures, potential complications, and strategies for preventing complications. Finally, every chapter offers case reports describing adverse events and how they were dealt with. The book also provides: A thorough introduction to the basic principles of interventional pain therapies, as well as the historical background of pain-relieving procedures Comprehensive explorations of the ethics of interventional pain management and patient assessment prior to the procedure Practical discussions of medicolegal and regulatory risks, including issues of informed consent, breach of the duty of care, adverse events, and licensure consequences In-depth examinations of the complications of systemic opiate therapy and alternative medication strategies Perfect for interventional pain physicians, Complications of Pain-Relieving Procedures: An Illustrated Guide will also earn a place in the libraries of pain physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, and anesthesiologists.

ISBN10 : 9781119757290 , ISBN13 : 1119757290

Page Number : 628

Maternal Immunization

Elke Leuridan Academic Press

Immunization during pregnancy with currently recommended vaccines prevents infection in the mother, the unborn fetus, and the young infant, and there is an increasing focus from different stakeholders to use this approach for other infections of importance to protect these vulnerable groups. The aim of this Maternal Immunization book is to provide a contemporary overview of vaccines used in pregnancy (and the lactation period), with emphasis on aspects of importance for the target groups, namely, rationale for the use of vaccines in pregnancy, safety, immunogenicity (immunology), timing to vaccinate, repeat doses, protective effects in the mother, fetus, and infant, and public acceptance and implementation, of existing and of future vaccines. Provides an overview of a quickly evolving topic. This will benefit the reader who wishes to rapidly become informed and up-to-date with new developments in this field Suitable to a broad audience: scientific researchers, obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, vaccinators, pediatricians, students, and industry. Maternal vaccination impacts a wide range of specialists Allows health care professionals/researchers to gain insight into other aspects of vaccination in pregnancy outside of their specialism Is coauthored by specialists from multiple disciplines, providing a diverse view of the subject, increasing its interest and appeal Creates awareness of the current developments in this area of medicine and of the potential of maternal vaccination to improve the health of mothers and infants worldwide

ISBN10 : 9780128145838 , ISBN13 : 0128145838

Page Number : 394

Practical Guide To Emergency Ultrasound

Karen S. Cosby Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

This 2nd edition of the Practical Guide to Emergency Ultrasound addresses your need for a practical, comprehensive, how-to book on ultrasound techniques in the emergency department, including new and expanded applications. Organized in an easy-to-navigate problem-based and symptom-based approach, chapters cover many uses for ultrasound in the ED and proper ultrasound technique. Over 900 images, many in full color, illustrate key concepts and diagnoses, including the use of echocardiography in the ED and newer applications for imaging ocular, musculoskeletal injuries and the use of ultrasound in the management of undifferentiated hypotension and dyspnea.

ISBN10 : 9781469830117 , ISBN13 : 1469830116

Page Number : 496

Who Consolidated Guidelines On Tuberculosis Module 2

Weltgesundheitsorganisation World Health Organization

The WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis. Module 2: screening – systematic screening for tuberculosis disease is an updated and consolidated summary of WHO recommendations on systematic screening for tuberculosis (TB) disease, containing 17 recommendations for populations in which TB screening should be conducted and tools to be used for TB screening. TB screening is strongly recommendations for household and close contacts of individuals with TB, people living with HIV, miners exposed to silica dust, and prisoners. In addition, screening is conditionally recommended for people with risk factors for TB attending health care, and for communities with risk factors for TB and limited access to care (e.g. homeless, urban poor, refugees, migrants). General population screening is recommended in high-burden settings (0.5% prevalence or higher). Symptoms, chest radiography (CXR), and molecular WHO-recommended rapid diagnostic tests for TB are recommended as screening tools for all adults eligible for screening. Computer-aided detection programmes are recommended as alternatives to human interpretation of CXR in settings where trained personnel are scarce. For people living with HIV, C-reactive protein is also a good screening tool. This guideline document is accompanied by an operational handbook, the WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis. Module 2: screening – systematic screening for tuberculosis disease, that presents principles of screening, steps in planning and implementing a screening programme, and algorithm options for screening different populations.

ISBN10 : 9789240022676 , ISBN13 : 9240022678

Page Number : 68

Essential Us For Trauma E Fast

Mauro Zago Springer

E-FAST (extended focused assessment by sonograpy for trauma) represents the basic ultrasonographic approach to any trauma patient. Identification or exclusion of free fluid and air in the abdominal and thoracic cavities plays a pivotal role in deciding the immediate diagnostic and therapeutic path. Learning E-FAST is mandatory for all acute care surgeons and all physicians involved in trauma management. The structure of the book and its practical approach will make it an easy-to-consult and quick reference tool for beginners and a useful support for more experienced professionals.

ISBN10 : 9788847052741 , ISBN13 : 8847052742

Page Number : 100

How To Practice Academic Medicine And Publish From Developing Countries

Samiran Nundy Springer Nature

This is an open access book. The book provides an overview of the state of research in developing countries – Africa, Latin America, and Asia (especially India) and why research and publications are important in these regions. It addresses budding but struggling academics in low and middle-income countries. It is written mainly by senior colleagues who have experienced and recognized the challenges with design, documentation, and publication of health research in the developing world. The book includes short chapters providing insight into planning research at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, issues related to research ethics, and conduct of clinical trials. It also serves as a guide towards establishing a research question and research methodology. It covers important concepts such as writing a paper, the submission process, dealing with rejection and revisions, and covers additional topics such as planning lectures and presentations. The book will be useful for graduates, postgraduates, teachers as well as physicians and practitioners all over the developing world who are interested in academic medicine and wish to do medical research.

ISBN10 : 9789811652486 , ISBN13 : 9811652481

Page Number : 465