Pink Ribbon Blues

Gayle A. Sulik Oxford University Press

"Updated with images and a new introduction on recent controversies"--Cover.

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Pink Ribbon Blues How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women S Health

Gayle A. Sulik Oxford University Press, USA

Medical sociologist Gayle A. Sulik reveals the hidden costs of the pink ribbon as an industry, one in which breast cancer functions as a brand name with a pink ribbon logo. Based on historical and ethnographic research, analysis of awareness campaigns and advertisements, and hundreds of interviews, Pink Ribbon Blues shows that while millions walk, run, and purchase products for a cure, cancer rates continue to rise, industry thrives, and breast cancer is stigmatized anew for those who reject the pink ribbon model. Even as Sulik points out the flaws of "pink ribbon culture," she outlines the positives and offers alternatives. The paperback includes a new Introduction investigating Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a color insert with images of, and reactions to, the pinking of breast cancer.

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The Pink Ribbon Journey The Best Companion Guide For Breast Cancer Patients

Gilbert Newman, MD

If you are looking for an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive breast cancer guide, this book is for you. This guide is written for any woman and their loved ones with breast cancer, those who are worried about developing breast cancer, or for anybody who simply wants to learn more about breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Journey will take you from the very beginning of a breast cancer journey, from what symptoms to look out for, through the practical aspects of breast cancer that affects you to your best chance of staying cancer free. This is all explained in an easy-to-understand language, written by an oncologist who has seen and treated hundreds of patients with breast cancer. You will feel supported, and understand the disease better with this companion guide. Armed with this knowledge and confidence, you will feel empowered by each decision that you make and allow you to anticipate challenges positively to achieve your treatment goals and see you through your breast cancer journey.

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A Thin Pink Ribbon

Teri Carlson Covenant Books, Inc.

This book was born from my breast cancer journey and the inspiration I drew from my mothers. I felt from the beginning of diagnosis that my cancer was meant for a much larger purpose than my own. I felt God leading me through journaling to this end. I had so very many questions, wondering if what I was feeling was normal. I had to think many other women might have the same. This book contains my thoughts, journaling, reflections, and prayers throughout my journey. These are meant for reflection and how they might fit into your story or complement it. The title, A Thin Pink Ribbon, is a line from a poem I wrote about the connection between my mother and I through breast cancer. I hope this helps you in some small way as you travel your own path unique to you.

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Pink Ribbon

Justin Calliouet Independently Published

At 30 years old, Heather Caillouet was diagnosed with cancer. Little did she know that it would not be her last bout with the disease. After a double mastectomy and a period of remission, she discovered that cancer was gearing up for round two. Through her struggle, she has learned the value of family, faith, and love. Heather's life is a shining example of what it means to fight, not from a place of anger or fear, but from a place of wholeness and strength. With her devoted husband, Justin, by her side, she has overcome devastating ups and downs, and she has survived to share a powerful message of hope with a bright outlook on her life and future. You will journey with Heather through her tumultuous times but, more importantly, you will emerge filled with renewed vitality for yourself and for those you love.

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Pink Ribbon Stories

Tammy A. Miller

This book is a wonderful collection of stories from 123 women and men whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. There are all kinds of stories in this book. I am certain that something here will resonate with every reader. For some of the stories I should probably issue a "tissue warning," and for others a "laughter warning," just Depends - yes, the pun IS intended!! There are stories that will warm your heart; make you laugh; cause you to pause for reflection; and others that simply tell a story of a courageous journey through life.

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Pink Ribbons

James A. Boyd FriesenPress

This book is dedicated to all the family and friends who have suffered through waiting for a cure and lost the war against Cancer, as well as those who still battle for a cure. The strong will of those currently fighting Cancer is a prayer that one day a cure will be found and that our loved ones did not suffer in vein for us to live life Cancer Free. It is a personal and lonely battle without friends and family at your side. All we can hope and Pray for is a cure to be found soon, but until this has come to pass we can and will band together as one to help and support any and all in need. If you or a loved one has cancer, in remission or suffering This is for you!

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