The Chaos Scenario

Bob Garfield

What happens when the old mass media/mass marketing model collapses and the Brave New World is unprepared to replace it? In this fascinating, terrifying, instructive and often hilarious book, Bob Garfield of NPR and Ad Age, chronicles the disintegration of traditional media and marketing but also travels five continents to discover how business can survive--and thrive--in a digitally connected, Post-Media Age. He calls this the art and science of Listenomics. You should listen, too.

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Boarding School Syndrome

Joy Schaverien Routledge

Boarding School Syndrome is an analysis of the trauma of the 'privileged' child sent to boarding school at a young age. Innovative and challenging, Joy Schaverien offers a psychological analysis of the long-established British and colonial preparatory and public boarding school tradition. Richly illustrated with pictures and the narratives of adult ex-boarders in psychotherapy, the book demonstrates how some forms of enduring distress in adult life may be traced back to the early losses of home and family. Developed from clinical research and informed by attachment and child development theories ‘Boarding School Syndrome’ is a new term that offers a theoretical framework on which the psychotherapeutic treatment of ex-boarders may build. Divided into four parts, History: In the Name of Privilege; Exile and Healing; Broken Attachments: A Hidden Trauma, and The Boarding School Body, the book includes vivid case studies of ex-boarders in psychotherapy. Their accounts reveal details of the suffering endured: loss, bereavement and captivity are sometimes compounded by physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Here, Joy Schaverien shows how many boarders adopt unconscious coping strategies including dissociative amnesia resulting in a psychological split between the 'home self' and the 'boarding school self'. This pattern may continue into adult life, causing difficulties in intimate relationships, generalized depression and separation anxiety amongst other forms of psychological distress. Boarding School Syndrome demonstrates how boarding school may damage those it is meant to be a reward and discusses the wider implications of this tradition. It will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, Jungian analysts, psychotherapists, art psychotherapists, counsellors and others interested in the psychological, cultural and international legacy of this tradition including ex-boarders and their partners.

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Breast Cancer In Young Women

Oreste Gentilini Springer Nature

This contributed book covers all aspects concerning the clinical scenario of breast cancer in young women, providing physicians with the latest information on the topic. Young women are a special subset of patients whose care requires dedicated expertise. The book, written and edited by internationally recognized experts who have been directly involved in the international consensus guidelines for breast cancer in young women, pays particular attention to how the disease and its planned treatment can be effectively communicated to young patients. Highly informative and carefully structured, it provides both theoretical and practice-oriented insight for practitioners and professionals involved in the different phases of treatment, from diagnosis to intervention, to follow-up – without neglecting the important role played by prevention.

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Forensic Occupational Therapy

Lorna Couldrick Wiley

The link between occupational performance, mental health and offending behaviour is increasingly being recognized. Consequently the number of occupational therapists working with mentally disordered offenders is rising. This text has been written by forensic occupational therapists practising in the UK. It describes their experience of working within a range of environments, including maximum security prisons and the community. It also addresses practice in specialist clinical areas, including learning disabilities, women' s services, self-injury, addictive behaviour and psychopathy. It is a first step in outlining occupational therapy principles and practice within a multidisciplinary framework and should be beneficial to all occupational therapists working in forensic settings as well as other team members wanting a better understanding of occupational therapy.

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Adjuvant Therapy For Breast Cancer

Monica Castiglione Springer Science & Business Media

Adjuvant treatment is administered prior to or as follow up to surgical procedures for breast cancer. Proven success in using medical therapies allowing for breast conserving procedures or reducing risk of occurrence. Although there has been much progress towards a cure, including the introduction of new targeted therapies, metastasizing cancer remains highly incurable.

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Jews Who Rock

Guy Oseary St. Martin's Griffin

Foreword by Ben Stiller Afterword by Perry Farrell Jewish achievement in the sciences? Celebrated. Jews in literature? Lionized. But until now, there's been no record of the massive contributions of Jews in Rock n' Roll. Jews Who Rock features 100 top Jewish rockers, from Bob Dylan to Adam Horowitz, Courtney Love (yes, she's half Jewish) to John Zorn, with a concise page of essential data and a biography of each one. Includes the complete lyrics to "The Chanukah Song" by Adam Sandler

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Nurse Papa

David Metzger Genz Publishing

In 16 thoughtful meditations, David Metzger, a father and a pediatric oncology nurse, describes the difficult, beautiful, and profound experience of caring for both his patients and his own young children. Metzger brings in the voices of seasoned nurses, young patients, and his patients' parents, each adding a perspective that helps guide him throughout his career. Equally powerful, he invites readers deep into his days, both the joyful and the painful. These experiences plus the familiar struggles and comic blunders of early parenthood result in a moving, sometimes hysterical, often sad, but always honest look at what it truly means to be a caregiver. A unique perspective on the ins-and-outs of working in the medical field, Nurse Papa is not just a book for parents but for anyone who ponders life's big questions.

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