An Introduction To Testing For Drugs Of Abuse

William E. Schreiber John Wiley & Sons

An Introduction to Testing for Drugs of Abuse An Introduction to Testing for Drugs of Abuse presents a distilled set of facts about the major drugs of abuse that are encountered in clinical practice. Individual chapters highlight the similarities in chemical structure, mechanism of action, and physiologic effects of each drug group, as well as their metabolism, therapeutic uses and potential for misuse or abuse. Special attention is given to the testing process, with an emphasis on interpretation of test results. Informative and entertaining cases appear at the end of each chapter. These cases illustrate the many situations in which drug testing is performed for medical, legal and employment purposes. Written in clear, concise language, this book provides practical guidance to pathologists, clinical chemists and technologists who are responsible for reporting and interpreting the results of drug analyses. It will be especially useful to residents and students who are learning about toxicology for the first time. Clinical practitioners – doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals – will find the information they need to order and interpret drug tests accurately.

ISBN10 : 9781119794073 , ISBN13 : 1119794072

Page Number : 208

Anxiety In Children And Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Connor M. Kerns Academic Press

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment begins with a general overview of the history of research on anxiety in ASD and the path towards evidence-based assessment and treatment methods. Thereafter, chapters focus on the nature of ASD and anxiety comorbidity, the assessment of anxiety in ASD, and its treatment. Later chapters are devoted to future directions for research on this topic, including a discussion of anxiety assessment and treatment for adults and minimally verbal individuals. Anxiety disorders in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can cause substantial distress and impairment over and above that caused by ASD alone. Emerging research on genetic, psychological, psychophysiological, and psychometric aspects of ASD establish anxiety as a valid and necessary treatment target in this population. This book is designed to help a broad array of providers who work with children with ASD understand cutting-edge, empirically supported treatments for anxiety, including specific treatment plans and strategies. Presents a balanced discussion of the scientific literature on anxiety in ASD Provides a pragmatic, clinically applied focus that gives readers a ‘how-to’ guide for the treatment of anxiety in ASD Considers the distinct ways in which anxiety presents in children and adolescents with ASD and the challenges this presents to assessment and treatment Examines emerging areas of anxiety assessment and treatment research in ASD

ISBN10 : 9780128052679 , ISBN13 : 0128052678

Page Number : 274

Investing To Overcome The Global Impact Of Neglected Tropical Diseases

World Health Organization World Health Organization

"The presence, or absence, of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) can be seen as a proxy for poverty and for the success of interventions aimed at reducing poverty. Today, coverage of the public-health interventions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) against NTDs may be interpreted as a proxy for universal health coverage and shared prosperity - in short, a proxy for coverage against neglect. As the world's focus shifts from development to sustainable development, from poverty eradication to shared prosperity, and from disease-specific goals to universal health coverage, control of NTDs will assume an important role towards the target of achieving universal health coverage, including individual financial risk protection. Success in overcoming NTDs is a "litmus test" for universal health coverage against NTDs in endemic countries. The first WHO report on NTDs (2010) set the scene by presenting the evidence for how these interventions had produced results. The second report (2013) assessed the progress made in deploying them and detailed the obstacles to their implementation. This third report analyses for the first time the investments needed to achieve the scale up of implementation required to achieve the targets of the WHO Roadmap on NTDs and universal coverage against NTDs. INVESTING TO OVERCOME THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES presents an investment strategy for NTDs and analyses the specific investment case for prevention, control, elimination and eradication of 12 of the 17 NTDs. Such an analysis is justified following the adoption by the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly in 2013 of resolution WHA6612 on neglected tropical diseases, which called for sufficient and predictable funding to achieve the Roadmap's targets and sustain control efforts. The report cautions, however, that it is wise investment and not investment alone that will yield success. The report registers progress and challenges and signals those that lie ahead. Climate change is expected to increase the spread of several vector-borne NTDs, notably dengue, transmission of which is directly influenced by temperature, rainfall, relative humidity and climate variability primarily through their effects on the vector. Investments in vector-borne diseases will avoid the potentially catastrophic expenditures associated with their control. The presence of NTDs will thereby signal an early warning system for climate-sensitive diseases. The ultimate goal is to deliver enhanced and equitable interventions to the most marginalized populations in the context of a changing public-health and investment landscape to ensure that all peoples affected by NTDs have an opportunity to lead healthier and wealthier lives."--Publisher's description.

ISBN10 : 9789241564861 , ISBN13 : 9241564865

Page Number : 211

An Evidence Based Approach To Vitamins And Minerals

Jane Higdon Thieme

Organized by nutrient, this evidence-based reference synthesizes all of the most current research on vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-use format. Each chapter addresses the function the nutrient plays in the human body; current definitions of deficiency, including Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI) recommendations; the use of the nutrient for prevention or treatment of a disease, if known; dietary and other sources of the nutrient, including food and supplement sources (breaking down the different supplement forms); safety precautions for overdosing and drug interactions; and the Linus Pauling Institute's current recommendation for health maintenance. Each chapter has been reviewed by an expert in the area, all of whom are noted in the Editorial Advisory Board. This work is endorsed by the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University. Four appendices add to the clinical usefulness of this work: a quick reference to disease prevention and treatment recommendations made throughout the text, nutrient - nutrient interactions, drug - nutrient interactions, and a glossary.

ISBN10 : 1588901246 , ISBN13 : 9781588901248

Page Number : 290

Introduction To Spectroscopy

Donald L. Pavia Cengage Learning

Introduce your students to the latest advances in spectroscopy with the text that has set the standard in the field for more than three decades: INTRODUCTION TO SPECTROSCOPY, 5e, by Donald L. Pavia, Gary M. Lampman, George A. Kriz, and James R. Vyvyan. Whether you use the book as a primary text in an upper-level spectroscopy course or as a companion book with an organic chemistry text, your students will receive an unmatched, systematic introduction to spectra and basic theoretical concepts in spectroscopic methods. This acclaimed resource features up-to-date spectra; a modern presentation of one-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy; an introduction to biological molecules in mass spectrometry; and coverage of modern techniques alongside DEPT, COSY, and HECTOR. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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Data Integration Manipulation And Visualization Of Phylogenetic Trees

Guangchuang Yu CRC Press

Data Integration, Manipulation and Visualization of Phylogenetic Trees introduces and demonstrates data integration, manipulation and visualization of phylogenetic trees using a suite of R packages, tidytree, treeio, ggtree and ggtreeExtra. Using the most comprehensive packages for phylogenetic data integration and visualization, contains numerous examples that can be used for teaching and learning. Ideal for undergraduate readers and researchers with a working knowledge of R and ggplot2. Key Features: Manipulating phylogenetic tree with associated data using tidy verbs Integrating phylogenetic data from diverse sources Visualizing phylogenetic data using grammar of graphics

ISBN10 : 9781000613018 , ISBN13 : 1000613011

Page Number : 298