Interpretable Machine Learning

Christoph Molnar

This book is about making machine learning models and their decisions interpretable. After exploring the concepts of interpretability, you will learn about simple, interpretable models such as decision trees, decision rules and linear regression. Later chapters focus on general model-agnostic methods for interpreting black box models like feature importance and accumulated local effects and explaining individual predictions with Shapley values and LIME. All interpretation methods are explained in depth and discussed critically. How do they work under the hood? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How can their outputs be interpreted? This book will enable you to select and correctly apply the interpretation method that is most suitable for your machine learning project.

ISBN10 : 9780244768522 , ISBN13 : 0244768528

Page Number : 320

Technological Innovation 4ir In Law Teaching And Learning Enhancement Or Drawback During Covid 19

Charles Maimela Pretoria University Law Press

Technological innovation (4IR) in law teaching and learning: Enhancement or drawback during Covid-19? book emerged from a lecture series the Faculty of Law at UP hosted in the 2021 academic year. Aiming to test the state of teaching and learning during the pandemic, the lecture series asked whether ERT and learning (ERTL) compromised or enhanced the teaching and learning of law. Among others, various academics from UP Law as well as from the universities of KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg and Free State. as well as officials from the DHET, participated in the series. This collection comprises chapters written by some of the representatives who were involved in the lecture series. This book aims to set the tone for teaching and learning of law after the pandemic. It is our hope that the lessons learnt during the pandemic will be adopted in the day-to-day teaching pedagogy of law in the future. Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, a possibly unseen benefit can be identified. As this book argues, law teaching and learning using technological innovations have been positive for both academics and students. Thanks to technological innovation, the discipline of law is arguably in a far better position after the pandemic than before.

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Page Number : 164

Behaviour The Lost Modules

Jen Foster Sage Publications UK

Oh hey! Thank you for being here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jen Foster and I am an educator. A few years ago, I started an Instagram account dedicated to teaching. I started by just sharing everything and anything and loving having a community of keen beans like me. But it didn′t take me long to spot something quite odd. Scrolling through thousands of teachers′ experiences around the world there were two things that stood out like a sore thumb: Behaviour was this huge obstacle in teaching;The guidance around behaviour was either inconsistent, vague or unhelpful. So, I decided to learn everything I could about behaviour. I explored outside the education shelves and bought way too many books about neuroscience, positive psychology, business, and parenting. The more I learnt, the more I reflected on my own practice and my own experiences in schools. I asked educators in my community their opinions on behaviour, and this is what I found out: 93% felt that they had inadequate behaviour training as a trainee teacher 88% feel they have inadequate behaviour training as a qualified teacher So, isn′t it about time we shined a spotlight on behaviour? Behaviour: The lost Modules is the book you wish you had read before stepping into a classroom. The book you wish had been required reading on your university reading list. A book that is practical, easy to read and tells you what you need to know about behaviour in primary schools. A book by a teacher for teachers, drawing on common sense, personal experiences and current research.

ISBN10 : 9781529614039 , ISBN13 : 1529614031

Page Number : 243

Proceedings Of The International Conference On Applications Of Machine Intelligence And Data Analytics Icamida 2022

Sharvari Tamane Springer Nature

This is an open access book. As on date, huge volumes of data are being generated through sensors, satellites, and simulators. Modern research on data analytics and its applications reveal that several algorithms are being designed and developed to process these datasets, either through the use of sequential and parallel processes. In the current scenario of Industry 4.0, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to support decisions in space and time. Further, the availability of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) and Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) have enabled to processing of these datasets. Some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics are in the domains of Agriculture, Climate Change, Disaster Prediction, Automation in Manufacturing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Health Care, Retail, Stock Market, Fashion Design, etc. The international conference on Applications of Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics aims to bring together faculty members, researchers, scientists, and industry people on a common platform to exchange ideas, algorithms, knowledge based on processing hardware and their respective application programming interfaces (APIs).

ISBN10 : 9789464631364 , ISBN13 : 9464631368

Page Number : 1027

Policy Practice For Social Workers

Linda K Cummins Taylor & Francis

The second edition of Policy Practice for Social Workers expands the concept of policy practice in social work settings and illustrates how significant policy change may be achieved at a local, community, state, and national level. Guided by an ethic of care approach, this textbook is intended to raise readers’ awareness about policy practice and its fundamental relationship with the aims of the social work profession, offers a foundation for key skill development, and contextualizes the work of policy practitioners in the larger political-economic settings in which they work. This textbook is divided into two parts. First, readers will expand their understanding of policy practice, its beginnings and development over the course of social welfare history, and the political, economic, and social drivers that affect policy decisions and undergird the U.S. political system. Readers will also learn about the ethic of care framework and the value-based lens it contributes to the policymaking process. Later, in the book’s second part, readers will explore the essential skills and values in policy work. Detailed coverage and vivid examples offer valuable insight into specific advocacy skills including lobbying, community organizing, mobilizing advocacy publics, coalition building, campaigning, problem analysis, policy analysis, and policy evaluation. Within its comprehensive overview of policy practice and advocacy, the new edition of this text extols a value-laden perspective to identify and assess unmet needs and promote a more socially just environment for all. Combining these dual aims, Policy Practice for Social Workers is an excellent cornerstone of policy and policy work for undergraduate and graduate students in social work.

ISBN10 : 9781351653985 , ISBN13 : 1351653989

Page Number : 453

Talent Tectonics

Steven T. Hunt John Wiley & Sons

How to attract, retain, develop, and engage people for a changing world of work Shifting demographics combined with the digitalization of all aspects of life are transforming the nature of work. This is forcing companies to rethink how they design jobs and recruit, develop, and engage employees. In Talent Tectonics: Navigating Global Workforce Shifts, Building Resilient Organizations, and Reimagining the Employee Experience, Dr. Steven Hunt explains how technology is changing the purpose of work and why creating effective employee experiences is critical to building organizations that can thrive in a world of accelerating change and growing skill shortages. In the book, you’ll find insights from the perspective of a person who has worked with thousands of companies around the globe using technology to build effective workforces. The book explores how business strategy, organizational psychology, and work technology interact to create nimble companies. The book discusses the future, but its focus is on the present, identifying things companies can do now to attract critical talent and create resilient organizations including: How to manage different types of employee experiences to create engaged and adaptable workforces How technology can enable large organizations to act more like small, agile, entrepreneurial companies. Rethinking employee recruitment, development, and engagement to create supportive, inclusive, and resilient organizational cultures Perfect for human resources professionals, employee experience managers, and business leaders responsible for building effective workforces, Talent Tectonics belongs in the libraries of every leader, employee, and professional invested in ensuring that their organization can attract, retain, and develop the talent needed to achieve its strategic goals.

ISBN10 : 9781119885184 , ISBN13 : 1119885183

Page Number : 327

The Master Plan

Chris Wilson Penguin

The inspiring, instructive, and ultimately triumphant memoir of a man who used hard work and a Master Plan to turn a life sentence into a second chance. Growing up in a tough Washington, D.C., neighborhood, Chris Wilson was so afraid for his life he wouldn't leave the house without a gun. One night, defending himself, he killed a man. At eighteen, he was sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole. But what should have been the end of his story became the beginning. Deciding to make something of his life, Chris embarked on a journey of self-improvement--reading, working out, learning languages, even starting a business. He wrote his Master Plan: a list of all he expected to accomplish or acquire. He worked his plan every day for years, and in his mid-thirties he did the impossible: he convinced a judge to reduce his sentence and became a free man. Today Chris is a successful social entrepreneur who employs returning citizens; a mentor; and a public speaker. He is the embodiment of second chances, and this is his unforgettable story.

ISBN10 : 9780735215603 , ISBN13 : 073521560X

Page Number : 434