Cbrn And Hazmat Incidents At Major Public Events

Daniel J. Kaszeta John Wiley & Sons

CBRN and HAZMAT Incidents at Major Public Events Provides methods for planning and responding to any potential hazard at major public events, newly expanded and updated CBRN and HAZMAT Incidents at Major Public Events explains how to prepare for and react to accidental and deliberate incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) materials at any High Visibility Event (HVE). Written by a leading expert with more than 30 years of highly specialized experience in CBRN defense and security, this comprehensive guide covers general planning and preparedness, training, procurement, security methods, tools and technology, incident response, and more. The fully revised second edition incorporates current best practices, new and evolving threats, and lessons learned from major events that have occurred over the past 10 years. New chapters discuss public affairs and crisis communication, CBRN forensics and investigations, and social, behavioral, and psychological issues related to crowd behavior and CBRN responders. More than a dozen all-new practical scenarios address various incidents such as radiological attacks, pandemic illness, industrial chemical accidents, and attacks with biological warfare agents. Helps readers train and manage a multidisciplinary safety and response team, including police, fire, security, medical, military, and civil protection personnel Provides procedures for early-stage planning, building response networks, and developing assessment schemes and training exercises Covers all key areas of incident response, such as initial response, detection and identification, threat assessment, law enforcement and military support, and consequence management Explains the operational environment and unique challenges of major CBRN/HAZMAT events CBRN and HAZMAT Incidents at Major Public Events: Planning and Response, Second Edition is an indispensable resource for leaders, managers, trainers, responders, and support personnel in emergency planning, law enforcement, security, emergency medicine, public health, state and local government, and military agencies that support civil authorities.

ISBN10 : 9781119743040 , ISBN13 : 1119743044

Page Number : 404

Canadian Immunization Guide

Canada. National Advisory Committee on Immunization

The seventh edition of the Canadian Immunization Guide was developed by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), with the support ofthe Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division, Public Health Agency of Canada, to provide updated information and recommendations on the use of vaccines in Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada conducted a survey in 2004, which confi rmed that the Canadian Immunization Guide is a very useful and reliable resource of information on immunization.

ISBN10 : 0660193922 , ISBN13 : 9780660193922

Page Number : 392

Current Anesthesia Practice

Sass Elisha Elsevier Health Sciences

This is the exam review nurse anesthetists have been waiting for! Expertly written by the leading author team of Elisha, Nagelhout, and Heiner, Current Anesthesia Practice: Evaluate Your Knowledge, 1st Edition helps prepare nurse anesthetists for the NCE and CPC exam. It is the ONLY certification review text for nurse anesthetists, making it an invaluable study tool while prepping for the NCE or the new CPC exam. Four comprehensive chapters cover foundational concepts: Airway Management; Applied Pharmacology; Applied Human Physiology, Pathophysiology and Anesthesia Case Management; and Anesthesia Equipment and Technology. Answers to review questions throughout the book are found in the appendix. UNIQUE! The ONLY Certification Review text for nurse anesthetists. UNIQUE! Written by the leading experts in nurse anesthesia, Elisha and Nagelhout. Prepares you for both the current CRNA licensure exam and the new CPC exam. UNIQUE! End-of- section Knowledge Check questions with answers provided in the back of the book.

ISBN10 : 9780323483858 , ISBN13 : 0323483852

Page Number : 394

Step By Step Lasik Surgery

Namrata Sharma CRC Press

A decade after the introduction of the LASIK technique in refractive surgery, the technique has reached its maturity. Thoroughly researched and easy to read, Step by Step LASIK Surgery provides practical information regarding the various aspects of LASIK surgery. Expert LASIK surgeons share their experiences with this state-of-the-art surgical technique. The book is organized in a simple and effective style that presents a step-by-step approach to LASIK surgery. It includes information about the latest microkertomes and excimer laser machines and specific surgical techniques like LASEK, LASIK for post-penetrating keratoplasty, ametropias, and wavefront guided LASIK.

ISBN10 : 9781841844695 , ISBN13 : 1841844691

Page Number : 328

An Evidence Based Approach To Vitamins And Minerals

Jane Higdon Thieme

Organized by nutrient, this evidence-based reference synthesizes all of the most current research on vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-use format. Each chapter addresses the function the nutrient plays in the human body; current definitions of deficiency, including Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI) recommendations; the use of the nutrient for prevention or treatment of a disease, if known; dietary and other sources of the nutrient, including food and supplement sources (breaking down the different supplement forms); safety precautions for overdosing and drug interactions; and the Linus Pauling Institute's current recommendation for health maintenance. Each chapter has been reviewed by an expert in the area, all of whom are noted in the Editorial Advisory Board. This work is endorsed by the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University. Four appendices add to the clinical usefulness of this work: a quick reference to disease prevention and treatment recommendations made throughout the text, nutrient - nutrient interactions, drug - nutrient interactions, and a glossary.

ISBN10 : 1588901246 , ISBN13 : 9781588901248

Page Number : 290

Emergency Medicine

James G. Adams Elsevier Health Sciences

Announcing a better source for dependable answers in your fast-paced field! This new reference, edited by James G. Adams, MD, presents the right kind of know-how - the right way - so you can get what you need and move on. You'll have just enough background to understand each problem without getting bogged down ... expert decision-making assistance, with evidence where available ... and a user-friendly format that delivers high-yield guidance in instants, both in print and online! Features chapters on Complication of Gynecologic Procedures in Abortion, and Assisted Reproductive Technology and Complications of Bariatric Surgery to address the increasing number of patients you see with these complications. Basic science coverage is just detailed enough so you can understand every problem quickly, without being overwhelmed. A focus on the most common differential diagnoses helps you to "think horses, not zebras." Clinical recommendations are founded upon sound evidentiary guidelines, wherever available, to assist you in implementing evidence-based practices. Brief, clear chapters, written to consistent, highly practical templates, enable you to get the knowledge you need as efficiently as you need it. Prominent text boxes emphasize priority actions, facts and formulas, documentation, patient teaching, and tips and tricks, so you can apply actionable information easily. More than 500 full-color clinical photographs let you see emergent conditions as they present in real life. Full-text online access allows you to perform quick searches, tap into regular updates, and download illustrations. It's a perfect way to get instant answers in your busy emergency department.

ISBN10 : 9781437721294 , ISBN13 : 143772129X

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