Ageing Lessons From C Elegans

Anders Olsen Springer

This book brings together in one volume the current state of ageing research in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. The authors are leading researchers in the field, placing this topic in the context of human ageing, describing how and why basic discoveries in this simple organism have impacted our prospects for intervention in the ageing process. The authors cover a broad range of topics with regards to organismal and reproductive ageing including anatomical, physiological and biochemical changes, as well as genetic and environmental interventions that promote longevity and ameliorate age-related disease. Ageing is the single most important factor determining the onset of human disease in developed countries. With current worldwide demographic trends indicating that the number of individuals over the age of 65 will continue to rise, it is clear that an understanding of the processes that underpin ageing and age-related disease represents a key challenge in the biomedical sciences. In recent years there have been huge advances in our understanding of the ageing process and many of these have stemmed from genetic analysis of C. elegans. With no analogous book in this subject area this work will be of interest to a wide audience, ranging from academic researchers to the general public.

ISBN10 : 9783319447032 , ISBN13 : 3319447033

Page Number : 439

Positive Ageing And Learning From Centenarians

Michel Poulain Routledge

Positive Ageing and Learning from Centenarians evaluates the mechanisms of positive ageing in a uniquely interdisciplinary way to explore the question of how we age and how some people age successfully. Drawing together the findings of recognised longevity researchers from around the world, the book applies an integrated vision to educational and social aspects of human ageing. It examines research into centenarians, and considers most of the disciplines related to longevity and healthy aging and aspects such as education, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, demography, sociology, economics as well as those related to nutrition and biological factors of longevity. The book examines how the results of these scientific investigations could improve the well-being of the oldest olds in the future, especially in the context of ageing societies. It provides an answer to the question of what we can learn from centenarians and what lessons we can from their lifestyle, which can contribute to live longer, better and happier. Based on cutting-edge research, the book will be highly relevant reading for researchers, academics and students in the field of ageing and longevity, mental health research, health science, gerontology and psychology.

ISBN10 : 0367753642 , ISBN13 : 9780367753641

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Breaking The Aging Code

Vincent C. Giampapa Basic Health Publications, Inc.

In this groundbreaking book, a visionary plastic surgeon and anti-aging pioneer presents a radical new theory on how people age, suggesting that the body is not irreversibly programmed by a finite number of cell divisions to age and die, but rather is built for longevity and self-repair.

ISBN10 : 1591200792 , ISBN13 : 9781591200796

Page Number : 166

A Life Course Approach To Healthy Ageing

Diana Kuh Oxford University Press

This title investigates the lifetime determinants of healthy ageing and their implications for policy and practice, bringing together authorities in ageing research and knowledge transfer from across the world.

ISBN10 : 9780199656516 , ISBN13 : 0199656517

Page Number : 299

The Future Of Aging

Springer Science & Business Media

Just as the health costs of aging threaten to bankrupt developed countries, this book makes the scientific case that a biological "bailout" could be on the way, and that human aging can be different in the future than it is today. Here 40 authors argue how our improving understanding of the biology of aging and selected technologies should enable the successful use of many different and complementary methods for ameliorating aging, and why such interventions are appropriate based on our current historical, anthropological, philosophical, ethical, evolutionary, and biological context. Challenging concepts are presented together with in-depth reviews and paradigm-breaking proposals that collectively illustrate the potential for changing aging as never before. The proposals extend from today to a future many decades from now in which the control of aging may become effectively complete. Examples include sirtuin-modulating pills, new concepts for attacking cardiovascular disease and cancer, mitochondrial rejuvenation, stem cell therapies and regeneration, tissue reconstruction, telomere maintenance, prevention of immunosenescence, extracellular rejuvenation, artificial DNA repair, and full deployment of nanotechnology. The Future of Aging will make you think about aging differently and is a challenge to all of us to open our eyes to the future therapeutic potential of biogerontology.

ISBN10 : 9789048139996 , ISBN13 : 9048139996

Page Number : 866

Active Aging And Disease Management

Helena Canhão Frontiers Media SA

Population aging and the associated burden of chronic diseases are one of the main challenges in public health worldwide. This Research Topic on "Active Aging and Disease Management" provides a comprehensive overview of population aging through fourteen comprehensive papers. Chapter 1 discusses an overview of health systems in active and healthy aging, while Chapter 2 focuses on the role of lifestyles, exercise and new technologies. Chapter 3 debates psychological and cognitive issues in aging and finally in Chapter 4, an older people self assessment is proposed and the role of communities and supporters are highlighted. We think that real social and health care integration at community level could be the key point to deliver effective health promotion and preventive intervention. Enjoy the reading!

ISBN10 : 9782889456819 , ISBN13 : 2889456811

Page Number : 121

Ageing Well

Alan D. Dangour CRC Press

Many current public health actions and policies aimed at older people revolve around the often prevailing view that failing health is a consequence of ageing. It is now clear that it is possible to postpone or even prevent much of the age-related decline in health that was once thought inevitable. Future policies must recognise this changing paradigm, and, using a multi-disciplinary approach, integrate fully the changing needs of older people into all areas of public policy including health, nutrition, social support, housing, and economic security. Derived from the 47th Annual Symposium of the Society for the Study of Human Biology in November 2005, Ageing Well: Nutrition, Health, and Social Interventions highlights important health and social factors affecting quality of life in older age, and reviews possible interventions aimed at the prevention or amelioration of problems that reduce the potential for ageing well. Covering a wide range of topics, contributors address the nutritional vulnerability and specific nutritional needs of older adults and confirm the necessity of appropriate diet and exercise in order to maintain both physical and cognitive health. Reminiscence, social interaction and support are highlighted as crucial for the preservation of identity, health and emotional well-being. Other chapters are concerned with socio-economic differences in the extent of age-related changes in health, resulting particularly from poor quality housing and lack of family support networks. The book includes an examination of the economic consequences for health care systems and pension schemes of ageing populations, provides insight into the methodology of evaluating the cost-effectiveness of interventions, and outlines how the minimum cost of healthy living for the 65+ population can be estimated. Bringing together the very latest information on successful ageing, Ageing Well: Nutrition, Health, and Social Interventions presents an up-to-date synthesis of the current evidence of nutrition, public health and social interventions aiming to ensure health and good quality of life in older age.

ISBN10 : 1420007564 , ISBN13 : 9781420007565

Page Number : 192