This Is How You Grow After Trauma

Olivia Remes Sourcebooks, Inc.

During the storm, pick up this book. Whatever the trauma or disappointment, learn how to shift your mindset from concerned to in control; restless to relaxed; stressed to soothed. From leading mental health expert Dr. Olivia Remes, this essential companion for navigating life's challenges offers everyday techniques and exercises to overcome setbacks and even achieve positive change. Whether you're dealing with job uncertainty, ill health, relationship problems, financial or mental health struggles, or the loss of a loved one, this highly practical and compassionate book will help you find meaning amidst the chaos and reset your life. Distilling cutting-edge science and psychology, and backing it up with examples of everyday people who have overcome the odds by harnessing their inner strength, This is How You Grow After Trauma offers a clear 5-step path toward healing from trauma and setbacks. This is your trusted, pocket-sized guide for how to turn hardship into healing and become your truest, calmest self.

ISBN10 : 9781728292489 , ISBN13 : 1728292484

Page Number : 153

The Geopolitics Of Shaming

Rochelle Terman Princeton University Press

A bold new perspective on the strategic logic of international human rights enforcement When a government violates the rights of its citizens, the international community can respond by exerting moral pressure and urging reform. Yet many of the most egregious violations appear to go unpunished. In many cases, shaming not only fails to induce compliance but also incites a backlash, provoking resistance and worsening human rights practices. The Geopolitics of Shaming presents a new theory on the strategic logic of international human rights enforcement, revealing why and how states punish violations in other countries, when shaming leads to an improvement in human rights conditions, and when it backfires. Drawing on a wide range of evidence—from large-scale cross-national data to original survey experiments and detailed case studies—Rochelle Terman shows how human rights shaming is a deeply political process, one that operates in and through strategic relationships. Arguing that preexisting geopolitical relationships condition both the causes and consequences of shaming in world politics, she shows how adversaries are quick to condemn human rights abuses but often provoke a counterproductive response, while friends and allies are the most effective shamers but can be reluctant to impose meaningful sanctions. Upending conventional wisdom on the role of norms in world affairs, The Geopolitics of Shaming demonstrates that politicization is integral to—not a corruption of—the success of the global human rights project.

ISBN10 : 9780691250496 , ISBN13 : 0691250499

Page Number : 216

Exploring Mass Communication

Vincent F. Filak SAGE Publications

Exploring Mass Communication, First Edition examines the many paths that led to our digital media world and how digital media both connects and disconnects us. While providing the need-to-know concepts, history, and theories, bestselling author Vince Filak urges students to critically think about how media affects them, and how they can best engage with media to improve their everyday lives. Through Filak′s conversational and personable style, the text interweaves inclusivity and diversity throughout, presenting a modern and fresh approach that today’s students will connect with.

ISBN10 : 9781544385617 , ISBN13 : 1544385617

Page Number : 560

L S Vygotsky And English In Education And The Language Arts

Peter Smagorinsky Taylor & Francis

L. S. Vygotsky and English in Education and the Language Arts focuses on the hugely significant contributions of L. S. Vygotsky to research, theory, and practice in English and the Language Arts, exploring the relevance of Vygotsky’s works for today’s teachers and researchers. Drawing on his 30 years of study, Smagorinsky interprets Vygotsky in relation to literacy education, teacher education, special education, and how life outside school has an impact on how people function within them. This insightful and accessible text firstly explores Vygotsky’s early life to situate him historically and culturally and goes on to trace his understanding of human psychology as it relates to the social contexts of schools and pupils’ lives at home. Vygotsky’s pedagogical ideas are then discussed in depth, with specific attention on the role of emotions, the zone of proximal development, expanding textuality beyond writing, and his belief in the primacy of socialization. This book illuminates new areas of understanding, and challenges common perceptions available through limited and selective readings, establishing Vygotsky as a complex developmental psychologist rather than a classroom practitioner. With points for discussion and reflection provided throughout, this text will be invaluable for student teachers, teachers, and academics in the field of English and the Language Arts.

ISBN10 : 9781000985221 , ISBN13 : 1000985229

Page Number : 503

Why Motivating People Doesn T Work And What Does Second Edition

Susan Fowler Berrett-Koehler Publishers

"Leaders who want to amp up employee morale should take a look."—Publishers Weekly What if the answer to motivating people is to stop trying to motivate them? The second edition of this bestseller reveals how motivation science is essential for solving the most vexing leadership issues—from hybrid work and retention to employee engagement. Leaders face a motivation dilemma. Traditional command-and-control management styles and carrot-and-stick motivation techniques have been proven ineffective. Motivation researcher and leadership consultant Susan Fowler expands on her groundbreaking Spectrum of Motivation model in this updated post-pandemic edition. New chapters tackle motivation science's role in managing remote and hybrid work; expose overused tactics, such as gamification and tokens; and tell the fascinating backstory behind the great resignation and quiet quitting. Fowler's approach to leadership is fresh, pragmatic, and inspiring. But it's also empirically sound. Her framework builds on Self-Determination Theory, equipping leaders with skills to encourage choice, deepen connection, and build competence. Leaders who mastered this method have experienced breakthroughs with higher retention, lower turnover, greater acceptance of DEIJ initiatives, and a more vital, creative, and resilient workforce. Through her experiences working with organizations and leaders around the world, Fowler reminds us that motivation is at the heart of everything people do and everything they don't do but wish they did. When managers integrate motivation science into their everyday leadership practice, an evolutionary truth emerges: people can be highly productive and flourish simultaneously.

ISBN10 : 9781523004140 , ISBN13 : 1523004142

Page Number : 158

Human Trafficking A Global Health Emergency

Mary de Chesnay Springer Nature

This book presents various forms of human trafficking, a growing trend in the exploitation of large numbers of people with concurrent public health, socio-cultural, and economic costs to countries burdened with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Edited by psychiatric-mental health nurses and an applied anthropologist, this volume covers all forms of human trafficking: sex trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage, baby trafficking, organ trafficking, child marriage, and child soldiers with a global public health and policy focus. As such, it fills a gap in human trafficking knowledge and is built on courses springing up around the United States in multiple disciplines. Medical, mental health, and social work interventions are included as well as information about programs with documented outcomes. Each chapter includes state of the art of knowledge with case studies illustrating specific focal ideas, discussion, questions and exercises in order to help readers retain and reinforce chapter material. This textbook will be useful in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, public health, social work, and policy making, as well as in disciplines in which human trafficking is a current interest, such as law, criminal justice, and education.

ISBN10 : 9783031338755 , ISBN13 : 3031338758

Page Number : 460