Legal And Ethical Issues For Health Professionals

George D. Pozgar Jones & Bartlett Learning

Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, 6th Edition, has been designed to assist the reader in a more comfortable transition from the didactics of the classroom to the practical application in the workplace. The 6th Edition provides the reader with a clearer understanding of how the law and ethics are intertwined as they relate to health care dilemmas. The 6th Edition, as with previous editions, has been designed to introduce the reader to various ethical-legal issues and should not be considered an in-depth or comprehensive review of a particular ethical-legal issue. The book is a call to arms to do good things, to stand out from the crowd, because acts of caring, compassion, and kindness often go unnoticed.

ISBN10 : 9781284261714 , ISBN13 : 1284261719

Page Number : 505

Low Cost Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics

Ryane E. Englar John Wiley & Sons

A practical guide to maximizing the diagnostic value of in-house quick assessment tests (QATs) In Low-Cost Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics, the authors provide a hands-on resource designed to facilitate healthcare delivery across the spectrum of care. Historically, clinicians have been taught to apply the gold standard approach to the practice of medicine. However, recent advances in veterinary medical care and associated technologies have made practitioners question whether a one-size-fits-all approach is truly best. After all, when we perform diagnostic tests, are we testing out of the desire for completeness, to cover all bases for the good of the patient? Or are we testing because we are expected to? The reality is that gold standard care is not always advisable and not always possible. In clinical practice, veterinarians frequently encounter obstacles that limit their approaches to case management. Cost of care is a significant constraint that requires practitioners to rethink which diagnostic tests are essential. Not every patient requires a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry profile, urinalysis, and fecal analysis to obtain diagnostic value. This text suggests that the “best” approach to case management be determined by the situation, the context, the patient, and the client. While sophisticated panels of tests may remain the recommended approach to case management, Low-Cost Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics outlines entry-level, in-house diagnostic blood, urine, fecal, and body cavity fluid tests: how to perform them as well as the breadth and depth of patient-specific data that can be gleaned from quick assessment tests (QATs). Readers will also find: A thorough introduction to patient care considerations, communication strategies that facilitate cost-conscious shared decision-making Comprehensive explorations of quick assessment tests (QATs) in hematology, including packed cell volume (PCV), total solids (TS), buffy coat analysis, blood smears, blood glucose, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), saline agglutination tests, and activated clotting time. Practical discussions of quick assessment tests (QATs) involving urine, including urine color, dipstick analysis, specific gravity (USG), and urine sediment analysis Pragmatic evaluation of fecal analysis, including considerations surrounding fecal color, volume, consistency, and odor; saline smears or wet mounts, and fecal flotation. Discussion on body cavity fluid analysis Sample case vignettes, complete with question and answer (Q&A) Perfect for veterinary practitioners, veterinary technicians, veterinary and veterinary technician students, Low-Cost Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics offers a quick and easy reference guide to maximizing diagnostic value in those cases where care is cost-prohibitive.

ISBN10 : 9781119714507 , ISBN13 : 1119714508

Page Number : 371

An Evidence Based Approach To Vitamins And Minerals

Jane Higdon Thieme

Organized by nutrient, this evidence-based reference synthesizes all of the most current research on vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-use format. Each chapter addresses the function the nutrient plays in the human body; current definitions of deficiency, including Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI) recommendations; the use of the nutrient for prevention or treatment of a disease, if known; dietary and other sources of the nutrient, including food and supplement sources (breaking down the different supplement forms); safety precautions for overdosing and drug interactions; and the Linus Pauling Institute's current recommendation for health maintenance. Each chapter has been reviewed by an expert in the area, all of whom are noted in the Editorial Advisory Board. This work is endorsed by the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University. Four appendices add to the clinical usefulness of this work: a quick reference to disease prevention and treatment recommendations made throughout the text, nutrient - nutrient interactions, drug - nutrient interactions, and a glossary.

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Linear Models With R

Julian J. Faraway CRC Press

A Hands-On Way to Learning Data AnalysisPart of the core of statistics, linear models are used to make predictions and explain the relationship between the response and the predictors. Understanding linear models is crucial to a broader competence in the practice of statistics. Linear Models with R, Second Edition explains how to use linear models

ISBN10 : 9781439887349 , ISBN13 : 1439887349

Page Number : 286

Decolonizing Methodologies

Linda Tuhiwai Smith Bloomsbury Publishing

'A landmark in the process of decolonizing imperial Western knowledge.' Walter Mignolo, Duke University To the colonized, the term 'research' is conflated with European colonialism; the ways in which academic research has been implicated in the throes of imperialism remains a painful memory. This essential volume explores intersections of imperialism and research - specifically, the ways in which imperialism is embedded in disciplines of knowledge and tradition as 'regimes of truth.' Concepts such as 'discovery' and 'claiming' are discussed and an argument presented that the decolonization of research methods will help to reclaim control over indigenous ways of knowing and being. Now in its eagerly awaited second edition, this bestselling book has been substantially revised, with new case-studies and examples and important additions on new indigenous literature, the role of research in indigenous struggles for social justice, which brings this essential volume urgently up-to-date.

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Data Integration Manipulation And Visualization Of Phylogenetic Trees

Guangchuang Yu CRC Press

Data Integration, Manipulation and Visualization of Phylogenetic Trees introduces and demonstrates data integration, manipulation and visualization of phylogenetic trees using a suite of R packages, tidytree, treeio, ggtree and ggtreeExtra. Using the most comprehensive packages for phylogenetic data integration and visualization, contains numerous examples that can be used for teaching and learning. Ideal for undergraduate readers and researchers with a working knowledge of R and ggplot2. Key Features: Manipulating phylogenetic tree with associated data using tidy verbs Integrating phylogenetic data from diverse sources Visualizing phylogenetic data using grammar of graphics

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