Psychic Death Is Not The End

Don Miller

This is the 3rd Volume in the Unholy Death and Sacrilegious Awakenings series, Psychic Death is not the End, Vol. 3 RP, the psychic saga continues with more new content from when it was published as Psychic Gift with a Price in 2016.

ISBN10 : 1974034143 , ISBN13 : 9781974034147

Page Number : 650

Psychic Death Is Not The End

Don S. Miller Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

This is the continuation of the Unholy Resurrections & Sacrilegious Awakenings, Psychic Death is not the End, Volume 3, the first half of Mr. Miller's Psychic Gift with a Price of the Unholy Resurrections series as it was originally published. This is the RP version. With new content since originally published as Psychic Gift with a Price and split in half for a shorter book.

ISBN10 : 1974034623 , ISBN13 : 9781974034628

Page Number : 294

Stroke Of Death

Dale Mayer

This is the next installment of the popular Psychic Vision series by USA Today Bestselling author Dale Mayer. Cayce's art is well-known and respected among her peers, and, as such, has spawned forgers, copycats ... and enemies. But when her favorite model and best friend is murdered-the masterpiece painted on her skin cut off her body-Cayce knows she's up against a collector of a very different sort. Detective Richard Henderson doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes. Of all the art mixed up in this case, it is the artist, Cayce, who fascinates him the most. While he understands her work contains an element of something extraordinary, he just doesn't know what that is exactly or how she embodies it in her creative works of art. But, when other models show up dead, with more souvenirs taken from their bodies, both the artist and the detective realize much more is involved in this than just Cayce's art ... It's all about Cayce's soul. The Psychic Vision Series Tuesday's Child Hide'n Go Seek Maddy's Floor Garden of Sorrow Knock, Knock... Rare Find Eyes to the Soul Now You See Her... Shattered Into the Abyss... Seeds of Malice Eye of the Falcon Itsy Bitsy Spider Unmasked Deep Beneath From the Ashes Stroke of Death

ISBN10 : 1773362860 , ISBN13 : 9781773362861

Page Number : 396

The Vanishers

Heidi Julavits Anchor

From acclaimed novelist and editor of The Believer Heidi Julavits, comes a wildly imaginative novel about grief, female rivalry, and the furious power of a daughter’s love. Julia Severn is a talented student at an elite institute for psychics. When Julia’s mentor, the legendary Madame Ackerman, grows jealous of her protégée’s talents, she subjects Julia to the painful humiliation of reliving her mother’s suicide . . . and then launches a desperate psychic attack. But Julia’s gifts, though a threat to her teacher, prove an asset to others. Soon she’s recruited to track down a missing person who might have a connection to her mother. As Julia sifts through ghosts and astral clues, everything she thought she knew about her mother is called into question, and she discovers that her ability to know the minds of others—including her own—goes far deeper than she ever imagined.

ISBN10 : 9780307387363 , ISBN13 : 0307387364

Page Number : 306

Beyond The Shadow Of Death

Kenneth Ray Taylor Author House

"A thrilling novel that bridges the gap between life and afterlife by showing that nothing separates the two but an instant, the instant that we call death." Adam Eden, an avowed agnostic, is a humanist writer with strong convictions. He is somewhat of a klutz and small in stature, but his guts must duck to enter a door. After struggling for years to live with the guilt over his teenage girlfriend's death, he wants to apologize, but how? Can the dead hear? To ease his pain Adam can't avoid jumping to the defense of anyone in need; unfortunately, his intractable nature mass-produces trouble. He fears for his sanity when in his dreams he begins to meet a Native American holy man. Adam learns that life is not all there is.

ISBN10 : 9781467866897 , ISBN13 : 146786689X

Page Number : 308

Beyond The Shadow Of Death

Kenneth Ray Taylor

I was employed as a commercial airline pilot until a hereditary mental illness caused my career to come to a screeching halt in 1993. Being grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration after seeking treatment for major depression was mandatory in order to comply with strict medical standards under the Code of Federal Aviation Regulations. My official diagnosis was eventually changed to bipolar disorder, and the ensuing loss of my career was rather devastating. Battling severe depression initially and later intense bipolar mood swings were extremely heavy burdens placed upon me at a fairly young age. Many people in our society are stricken with debilitating illnesses of the mind and often face difficult uphill battles. I share my personal experiences in an attempt to illustrate that serious mental health issues can be treated successfully and ultimately conquered. Depression can strike anyone out of the blue and transform life into an extremely challenging struggle. Facing the barriers that such illnesses place in the lives of the afflicted often seem insurmountable, but can be overcome. Ascent from Darkness is a factual account of my life thus far. I trust it will serve to inspire those individuals trapped in the darkness to have enduring hope...

ISBN10 : 1434363023 , ISBN13 : 9781434363022

Page Number : 304

Thirty Years Among The Dead

Carl Wickland

The book recounts Dr. Wickland's efforts to cure his psychiatric patients by spiritualist methods. His wife Anna was a powerful medium, and Wickland became convinced that some of the incurable patients institutionalized at his facility were suffering from spirit obsession.

ISBN10 : 1985163128 , ISBN13 : 9781985163126

Page Number : 584