The Oxford Handbook Of Qualitative Research

Patricia Leavy Oxford University Press, USA

The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research, Second Edition presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary overview of the field of qualitative research. Divided into eight parts, the forty chapters address key topics in the field such as approaches to qualitative research (philosophical perspectives), narrative inquiry, field research, and interview methods, text, arts-based, and internet methods, analysis and interpretation of findings, and representation and evaluation. The handbook is intended for students of all levels, faculty, and researchers across the disciplines, and the contributors represent some of the most influential and innovative researchers as well as emerging scholars. This handbook provides a broad introduction to the field of qualitative research to those with little to no background in the subject, while providing substantive contributions to the field that will be of interest to even the most experienced researchers. It serves as a user-friendly teaching tool suitable for a range of undergraduate or graduate courses, as well as individuals working on their thesis or other research projects. With a focus on methodological instruction, the incorporation of real-world examples and practical applications, and ample coverage of writing and representation, this volume offers everything readers need to undertake their own qualitative studies.

ISBN10 : 9780190847388 , ISBN13 : 0190847387

Page Number : 1279

Fundamentals Of Pharmacology

Shane Bullock Pearson Higher Education AU

Fundamentals of Pharmacology 7e presents key scientific and clinical principles to facilitate a greater understanding of pharmacology. This wholly Australasian text provides comprehensive and current coverage of topics, written in a clear style with a reader-friendly full colour design.

ISBN10 : 9781442564411 , ISBN13 : 1442564415

Page Number : 1249

Home Hospice Navigation

Judith Sands

Take the guesswork out of home hospice caregiving! HOME HOSPICE NAVIGATION: THE CAREGIVER'S GUIDE offers a clear roadmap, guidance, and support for anyone who has to navigate the caregiving maze. It is sparkled with personal anecdotes and tips by the author, a healthcare professional, nurse, case manager and loving daughter. The book is also an integral resource for healthcare professionals and students working with hospice patients and caregivers.Clearly written and well organized, it is a comprehensive resource for those with a life-threatening illness and individuals wishing to open the end-of-life discussion with a loved one. The book helps you understand best practices so you can make better choices. Addresses hospice misconceptions and allays fears and anxieties of what to expect Provides clear and concise caregiving information and pertinent resources How to interact with the various hospice professionals

ISBN10 : 1986824721 , ISBN13 : 9781986824729

Page Number : 116

The Landscape Of Qualitative Research

Norman K. Denzin SAGE

The Landscape of Qualitative Research, Third Edition, attempts to put the field of qualitative research in context. Part I provides background on the field, starting with history, then action research and the academy, and the politics and ethics of qualitative research. Part II isolates what we regard as the major historical and contemporary paradigms now structuring and influencing qualitative research in the human disciplines. The chapters move from competing paradigms (positivist, postpositivist, constructivist, critical theory) to specific interpretive perspectives, feminisms, racialized discourses, cultural studies, sexualities, and queer theory. Part III considers the future of qualitative research." "This text is designed for graduate students taking classes in social research methods and qualitative methods as well as researchers throughout the social sciences and in some fields within the humanities.

ISBN10 : 9781412957588 , ISBN13 : 1412957583

Page Number : 633

Game Of Mates

Cameron Murray Publicious Pty Limited

James is our most mundane villain. His victim is Bruce, our typical Aussie, who bleeds from the hip pocket because of James' actions. Game of Mates tells a tale of economic theft across major sectors of Australia's economy, showing how James and his group of well-connected Mates siphon off billions from the economy to line their own pockets. In property, mining, transport, banking, superannuation, and many more sectors, James and his Mates cooperate to steal huge chunks of the economic pie for themselves. If you want to know how much this costs the nation, how it is done, and what we can do about it, Game of Mates is the book for you.

ISBN10 : 0648061108 , ISBN13 : 9780648061106

Page Number : 210

Cambridge Textbook Of Effective Treatments In Psychiatry

Peter Tyrer Cambridge University Press

This is a book of psychiatry at its most practical level. It aims to answer the sorts of questions psychiatrists ask on a daily basis. What treatments are available for the condition that I think this patient has? What is the relative value of each of these treatments? Are there any other treatments that I should be considering if a first approach has failed? Is there any value in combinations of treatment? And, can I be sure that the evidence and recommendations I read are free from bias? The content is organised into three sections covering disease classification, the major treatment modalities and the application of these treatments to the wide range of psychiatric diagnoses. All professionals in mental health want to give the best treatments for their patients. This book provides clinicians with the knowledge and guidance to achieve this aim.

ISBN10 : 052184228X , ISBN13 : 9780521842280

Page Number : 920