The Master Adaptive Learner

William Cutrer Elsevier Health Sciences

Tomorrow’s best physicians will be those who continually learn, adjust, and innovate as new information and best practices evolve, reflecting adaptive expertise in response to practice challenges. As the first volume in the American Medical Association’s MedEd Innovation Series, The Master Adaptive Learner is an instructor-focused guide covering models for how to train and teach future clinicians who need to develop these adaptive skills and utilize them throughout their careers. Explains and clarifies the concept of a Master Adaptive Learner: a metacognitive approach to learning based on self-regulation that fosters the success and use of adaptive expertise in practice. Contains both theoretical and practical material for instructors and administrators, including guidance on how to implement a Master Adaptive Learner approach in today’s institutions. Gives instructors the tools needed to empower students to become efficient and successful adaptive learners. Helps medical faculty and instructors address gaps in physician training and prepare new doctors to practice effectively in 21st century healthcare systems. One of the American Medical Association Change MedEd initiatives and innovations, written and edited by members of the ACE (Accelerating Change in Medical Education) Consortium – a unique, innovative collaborative that allows for the sharing and dissemination of groundbreaking ideas and projects.

ISBN10 : 9780323711128 , ISBN13 : 032371112X

Page Number : 224

Culture Hacker

Shane Green John Wiley & Sons

HACK YOUR WORKPLACE CULTURE FOR GREATER PROFITS AND PRODUCTIVITY "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" —CHESTER ELTON, New York Times bestselling author of All In and What Motivates Me "When companies focus on culture, the positive effects ripple outward, benefiting not just employees but customers and profits. Read this smart, engaging book if you want a practical guide to getting those results for your organization." —MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, executive coach and New York Times bestselling author "Most books on customer service and experience ask leaders to focus on the customer first. Shane turns this notion on its head and makes a compelling case why leaders need to make 'satisfied employees' the priority." —LISA BODELL, CEO of Futurethink and author of Why Simple Wins "This is a must read for anyone in a customer service-centric industry. Shane explains the path to creating both satisfied customers and satisfied employees." —CHIP CONLEY, New York Times bestselling author and hospitality entrepreneur The question is not, "does your company have a culture?" The question is, "does your company have a culture that fosters outstanding customer experiences, limits employee turnover, and ensures high performance?" Every executive and manager has a responsibility to positively influence their workplace culture. Culture Hacker gives you the tools and insights to do it with simplicity and style. Culture Hacker explains: Twelve high-impact hacks to improve employee experience and performance How to delight and retain a multi-generational workforce The factors determining whether or not your employees deliver outstanding customer service

ISBN10 : 9781119405726 , ISBN13 : 1119405726

Page Number : 224

Feedback In Higher And Professional Education

David Boud Routledge

Learners complain that they do not get enough feedback, and educators resent that although they put considerable time into generating feedback, students take little notice of it. Both parties agree that it is very important. Feedback in Higher and Professional Education explores what needs to be done to make feedback more effective. It examines the problem of feedback and suggests that there is a lack of clarity and shared meaning about what it is and what constitutes doing it well. It argues that new ways of thinking about feedback are needed. There has been considerable development in research on feedback in recent years, but surprisingly little awareness of what needs to be done to improve it and good ideas are not translated into action. The book provides a multi-disciplinary and international account of the role of feedback in higher and professional education. It challenges three conventional assumptions about feedback in learning: That feedback constitutes one-way flow of information from a knowledgeable person to a less knowledgeable person. That the job of feedback is complete with the imparting of performance-related information. That a generic model of best-practice feedback can be applied to all learners and all learning situations It seeking a new approach to feedback, it proposes that it is necessary to recognise that learners need to be much more actively involved in seeking, generating and using feedback. Rather than it being something they are subjected to, it must be an activity that they drive.

ISBN10 : 9780415692281 , ISBN13 : 0415692288

Page Number : 242

Introduction To Health Care Management

Buchbinder Jones & Bartlett Learning

This concise, reader-friendly, introductory healthcare management text covers a wide variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals to nursing homes and clinics. Filled with examples to engage the reader’s imagination, the important issues in healthcare management, such as ethics, cost management, strategic planning and marketing, information technology, and human resources, are all thoroughly covered.

ISBN10 : 9781284119732 , ISBN13 : 1284119734

Page Number : 676

Digital Thinking

Warren Laine-Naida

This book is for any small business owner who wants to understand how digital literacy affects their marketing. Dig into the strategic why of using online efforts. This isn't another trendy "how to" book; it's a book to widen your perspective so that you can see where your customers are today and where they will be tomorrow. The internet is about inclusion, not isolation. It is about bringing people together, not shutting them into little bubbles.Digital is a foundational skill that you can apply to all aspects of your life, for years to come - no matter how quickly technology changes or trends rise and fall. If you're not as tech literate as you'd like to be, that's okay. Communication, online or offline, is not a contest - it's a lifestyle. I have worked in the web industry since 1994, and have built more than 300 websites. I have worked on projects for clients around the globe making everything from small animated banners to large multi-language web portals.

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Page Number : 358

Hidden Scars

United Nations Publications

More than 1 billion children - half of all children in the world - are exposed to violence every year, in many forms and places, online and off. Whether a target or a witness, a child's exposure to violence has a severe impact on mental health. Such experiences with violence are often traumatic, evoking toxic responses to stress that cause both immediate and longterm physiological and psychological damage, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, substance use disorders, sleep and eating disorders, and suicide. As the international community begins a Decade of Action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, mental health must be imperative to measures employed to prevent and respond to violence against children and fulfill the promises of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In support of that process, this publication provides an overview of international evidence on the ways in which violence harms children's mental health, considering both diverse settings and forms of violence, developmental differences in the aftermath, and the most significant risk and protective factors. Highlighting the urgent need for action alongside continued gaps in knowledge of worthwhile solutions, the report also offers existing, effective approaches that should be pursued.

ISBN10 : 9211014352 , ISBN13 : 9789211014358

Page Number : 48