Cardiovascular Soft Tissue Mechanics

Stephen C. Cowin Springer Science & Business Media

Cowin (New York Center for Biomedical Engineering) and Humphrey (biomedical engineering, Texas A&M U.) present seven papers that discuss current research and future directions. Topics concern tissues within the cardiovascular system (arteries, the heart, and biaxial testing of planar tissues such as heart valves). Themes include an emphasis on data on the underlying microstructure, especially collagen; the consideration of the fact that both arteries and the heart contain muscle and that there is, therefore, a need to quantify both the active and passive response; constitutive relations for active behavior; and the growth and remodeling of cardiovascular tissues. Of interest to cardiovascular and biomechanics soft tissue researchers, and bioengineers. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

ISBN10 : 9781402002205 , ISBN13 : 1402002203

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Acute Blood Purification

H. Suzuki Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

Acute organ damage and the ensuing multiple organ failure are the result of a pathophysiological process involving various cytokines. Once activated, these proteins cannot be eliminated even when the kidneys function at their maximum capacity. To counteract this mechanism, researchers in Japan have developed an innovative concept employing blood purification to remove the overwhelming cytokines.This book describes the use of hemodiafiltration to inhibit the cytokine storms which cause serious organ damage in patients with septic shock. Moreover, the technical construction of the blood purification system, which includes various machines, devices, membranes, fluids, etc., is explained in detail. Finally, leading experts discuss the concept of continuous renal replacement therapy as the standard care in critically ill patients with severe acute kidney injury.Describing the current state of acute blood purification, this publication provides new impulses and opens new avenues in the treatment of acute organ damage.

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Molecular And Cellular Biomechanics

Bradley Layton CRC Press

This book bridges the gap between life sciences and physical sciences by providing several perspectives on cellular and molecular mechanics on a fundamental level. It begins with a general introduction to the scales and terms that are used in the field of cellular and molecular biomechanics and then moves from the molecular scale to the tissue scale. It discusses various tissues or cellular systems through the chapters written by prominent engineers and physicists working in various fields of biomechanics. "Big picture" items, such as the number of atoms in cells and the number of cells in an organism, are discussed, followed by several of the physical laws that play a central role in nanoscale biomechanics, including the mechanics of the nucleus and its associated molecules. The book provides several case studies in atomic force microscopy and examines the physical relationship between living cells and laboratory substrata. It delves deeply into the molecular mechanisms of axonal growth, transport, and repair and provides a mechanistic framework for understanding the underlying molecular conditions that contribute to heart disease. While the quantitative and straightforward language of the book will help the engineering community grasp the concepts better and utilize them effectively, the questions given in each chapter will encourage upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students, or those generally interested in understanding cellular and molecular mechanics to dig deeper into the material. The complimentary solutions manual is available for qualified instructors upon request.

ISBN10 : 9789814613446 , ISBN13 : 9814613444

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Yeast Surface Display

Michael W. Traxlmayr Springer Nature

This detailed volume explores a wide variety of applications of yeast surface display, an extensively used protein engineering technology. Beginning with detailed protocols for the construction and efficient selection/screening of yeast surface display libraries, as well as for the analysis of individual yeast-displayed protein variants, the book continues with protocols describing the selection of yeast surface display libraries for binding to mammalian cells or to extracellular matrix as well as protocols for a broad spectrum of specialized yeast surface display applications, demonstrating the versatility of this display platform. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible methodologies, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and practical, Yeast Surface Display serves as a comprehensive resource that enables the implementation of this powerful and versatile technique in virtually any molecular biology laboratory, even in the absence of any prior yeast surface display experience.

ISBN10 : 9781071622858 , ISBN13 : 1071622854

Page Number : 643

Pharmacogenetics To Avoid Adverse Drug Reactions

Luis A. López-Fernández

Adverse drug reactions are one of the major constraints when using drugs. These adverse reactions can impact healthcare systems as strongly as many prevalent diseases. Identifying DNA variants associated with adverse drug reactions can help personalize medicine and sustain healthcare systems. This book delves into new advances in pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular, cancer, and nervous system drugs. It may be useful for clinicians and patients to understand the basics of pharmacogenetics.

ISBN10 : 3036533435 , ISBN13 : 9783036533438

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The Muscle And Strength Pyramid Training

Andy Morgan

Navigating the available fitness information online can be confusing and time-consuming at best, and a minefield of misinformation at worst. One inherent problem is that information online is always presented as supremely important and as the next 'big thing,' without context or any understanding of priorities. Enter The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books. The foundational concept of these books is understanding priorities and context, so you can take all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them together into an actionable plan. * Six sample routines to get you started quickly Six programs for novice, intermediate, and advanced-level bodybuilders and strength-focussed athletes. * Break through those training plateaus With our full progression guidelines and examples, you'll never be left frustrated and wondering what to do next. * Learn how to tailor your own programming for faster results Our quick-start programming guide will show you how to apply all the principles that go into program design. The chief author of the books, Dr. Eric Helms, has not only the academic understanding of training and nutrition as an active researcher but also extensive practical experience. He has been a personal trainer, powerlifting and bodybuilding coach since 2005, helping hundreds bridge the gap between science and practice to reach their goals. In addition, he has the minds of Andrea Valdez, and Andy Morgan to ensure the concepts are communicated clearly and effectively and no stone is left unturned. Andrea is a lifelong athlete with extensive coaching experience and her Masters in Exercise Physiology, and Andy is a successful writer and consultant for body composition change with a unique grasp of how to communicate topics to diverse groups, as he produces content for both the Japanese and English speaking fitness communities. Together, they bring you The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid, the hierarchical, comprehensive, evidence-based guide that is a must-have for every serious lifter or trainer.

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