Merkur Gegr Ndet 1947 Als Deutsche Zeitschrift F R Europ Isches Denken 2022 08

Christian Demand Klett-Cotta

Der Philosoph Emanuele Coccia denkt über das Zuhause nach – als Ort, an dem wir uns die Welt anzuverwandeln versuchen. Der Wissenschaftshistoriker Michael D. Gordin schreitet die Grenzen zwischen Wissenschaft und Parawissenschaft ab. Ein Anschauungsbeispiel für diese Grenzen bietet Aleks Scholz, der sich seit längerem mit rätselhaften Großkatzensichtungen in Schottland (und anderswo) beschäftigt. In seiner Sinneskolumne fragt Bodo Mrozek, ob wir wirklich empfindlicher sind, als wir sein sollten. Timo Luks hat viele Probleme mit David Graebers und David Wengrows Versuch, die Anfänge und die Entwicklung der Menschheit neu zu denken. Was stellt die Literaturwissenschaft, fragt Jörg Döring, am besten mit der Literatur der Gegenwart an? Von mehreren Aufenthalten als Sandspieltherapeut in Kiew berichtet Jörg Rasche. Claus Leggewie beobachtet, wie sich in vielen Ländern scharf rechte Versionen des Christentums verstärken. Nicola Denis zeichnet liebevolle Porträts mehrerer Vorfahrinnen, die sich den konventionellen Partnerschaftsmodellen verweigert haben. In Hanna Engelmeiers Schlusskolumne geht es um Ängste und ihre Realität.

ISBN10 : 9783608119046 , ISBN13 : 3608119043

Page Number : 160

Mansions Of The Moon A Lunar Zodiac For Astrology And Magic 2nd Edition With 2019 2033 Mansion Ephemeris

Christopher Warnock

The Mansions of the Moon are a lunar Zodiac, measuring the movement of the Moon against the fixed stars Used by medieval and Renaissance astrologers, this ancient system has been lost for hundreds of years. In the Mansions of the Moon, author Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer and astrological magician, explains the origin and use of the Mansions, for electional and natal astrology as well as for the production of Mansion talismans. Included are English translations of the Mansion sections from Picatrix, the most famous astrological grimoire. Also included are 28 beautiful Mansion images by the talented artist and mage Nigel Jackson, which readers can use to create their own Mansion talismans. With a full introduction, theory and practical examples, updated 2019-2033 Mansions ephemeris and numerous useful appendices of traditional Mansion sources, the Mansions of the Moon is a must have source for traditional astrology and astrological magic.

ISBN10 : 9780359413157 , ISBN13 : 0359413153

Page Number : 204

Implications Of The Covid 19 Pandemic And The Russia Ukraine Crisis On The Agricultural Sector

Martinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues IGI Global

The agricultural sector has undergone significant changes in response to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine turmoil. These changes have significantly affected markets and distribution chains due to lockdowns and rising energy prices within the global food production economy. Some of these issues stemmed from a lack of available labor due to pandemic shutdowns, a lowered demand for certain commodities, and the Ukraine regional crisis has led to a 25% decrease in agricultural production and output. A thorough evaluation of the real impacts of these events is necessary to identify the main factors and provide concepts for future adjustments that may create a more resilient agriculture industry. Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis on the Agricultural Sector offers a novel and valuable contribution to the scientific community by examining the true effects of compounded crises on the global agricultural sector. The author, Vítor João Pereira Domingues Martinho, draws on over 20 years of experience in agriculture and economics, with expertise in areas such as agricultural policy, European Union food markets, and more. This book is an ideal resource for students, professors, researchers, farmers, and policymakers from national and international organizations. Its methodologies and insights provide crucial information for stakeholders seeking to understand the implications of these crises on the agricultural sector.

ISBN10 : 9781668489253 , ISBN13 : 1668489252

Page Number : 526

Proceedings Of The International Conference On Railway And Transportation Icort 2022

Willy Artha Wirawan Springer Nature

This is an open access book. Politeknik Perkeretaapian Indonesia Madiun, Indonesia, presents ICORT 2022 “Innovative for Smart, Sustainable and Safe Transportation Systems,” as its main focus. In response to several world challenges, such as sustainable development, transportation issues, global convergence of information and communications technologies, along with smart systems as opportunities as well as challenges in developments for better industries, it is considered important to discover innovative approaches from science and engineering perspectives. Innovation suggests the introduction of novelty to create better solutions. Innovation in engineering and science requires contributions from multidisciplinary sectors, academics, researchers, practitioners, and involving industries. All accepted papers from ICORT 2022 will be submitted in Proceeding or Jurnal Perkeretaapian Indonesia (Indonesian Railway Journal) (SINTA-indexed grade 4) or Journal of Railway Transportation and Technology (Indexed: Google Scholar, DOI, Dimensions, ROAD). Thus, ICORT 2022 invites academics or lecturers, researchers, practitioners, and involving industries in Science and Engineering fields to contribute their papers and works to be presented at our forthcoming conference.

ISBN10 : 9789464631265 , ISBN13 : 9464631260

Page Number : 321