Acute Blood Purification

H. Suzuki Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

Acute organ damage and the ensuing multiple organ failure are the result of a pathophysiological process involving various cytokines. Once activated, these proteins cannot be eliminated even when the kidneys function at their maximum capacity. To counteract this mechanism, researchers in Japan have developed an innovative concept employing blood purification to remove the overwhelming cytokines.This book describes the use of hemodiafiltration to inhibit the cytokine storms which cause serious organ damage in patients with septic shock. Moreover, the technical construction of the blood purification system, which includes various machines, devices, membranes, fluids, etc., is explained in detail. Finally, leading experts discuss the concept of continuous renal replacement therapy as the standard care in critically ill patients with severe acute kidney injury.Describing the current state of acute blood purification, this publication provides new impulses and opens new avenues in the treatment of acute organ damage.

ISBN10 : 9783805594790 , ISBN13 : 3805594798

Page Number : 204

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Christian Ludwig Springer Science & Business Media

Motivation The other day I was waiting at the station for my train. Next to me a young lady was nonchalantly leaning against the wall. Suddenly, she took a cigarette pack out of her handbag, pulled out the last cigarette, put it between her lips, crushed the empty pack, threw it on the ground and hedonistically lit the cigarette. I thought to myself, "What a behavior?!". The nearest trashcan was just five meters away. So I bent down, took the crushed pack and gave it back to her, saying that she had lost it. She looked at me in a rather deranged way, but she said nothing and of waste to the trashcan. brought the piece Often people are not aware of the waste they produce. They get rid of it and that's it. As soon as the charming lady dropped the cigarette pack, the problem was solved for her. The pack was on the ground and it suddenly no longer belonged to her. It is taken for granted that somebody else will do the cleaning up. There is a saying that nature does not produce waste. For long as humans obtained the goods they needed from the ground where they lived, the waste that was produced could be handled by nature. This has drastically changed due to urbanization and waste produced by human activities has become a severe burden.

ISBN10 : 9783642556364 , ISBN13 : 3642556361

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Best Of Five Mcqs For The Gastroenterology Sce

Charlotte Rutter OUP Oxford

Best of Five MCQs for the Gastroenterology SCE is the first revision guide designed specifically for this new high-stakes exam. It contains 210 best of five questions with explanatory answers, each accurately reflecting the layout of questions in the exam. The book is divided into seven subject areas, covering all the main themes of the exam, and providing a thorough assessment of the candidate's gastroenterological knowledge. Where relevant, questions are illustrated with full colour photographs including endoscopic, radiological and histology images. Uniquely, the explanatory answers include references to guidelines and other sources to enable candidates' further reading and study.

ISBN10 : 9780191662294 , ISBN13 : 0191662291

Page Number : 312

Physiology Pretest Self Assessment And Review 14 E

Patricia Metting McGraw Hill Professional

The new edition of Physiology: PreTest simulates the USMLE Step 1 test-taking experience by including 100% v style questions and clinical images. A required course at medical schools, it is a core subject area that students need to fully understand. PreTest assesses students' medical knowledge of core basic science topics within a clinical context through multiple-choice clinical-vignette questions. This is helpful now that core basic sciences are taught in an integrated curriculum. To ensure that questions are representative of the style and level of difficulty of the exams, each PreTest book is reviewed by students who either recently passed their shelf/course exam and/or Step 1.

ISBN10 : 9780071791427 , ISBN13 : 0071791426

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Spinal Osteotomy

Yan Wang Springer

Spinal osteotomy techniques have been dramatically applied as a standard method for severe and rigid spinal deformity. Although clinical results indicate that patients who undergo osteotomy procedures typically experience well deformity correction and ameliorate the clinical appearance, aggressive peri-operative risks and follow-up complications are not rare. More meticulous and standard indication selection, osteotomy plan design and complication prevention strategy and outcome evaluation are critically needed for surgeon majored in spine deformity. The book Spinal Osteotomy is divided into sections that focus on principles of spinal osteotomy, technical and case illustration and outcomes and complications as well as computer navigation and other latest techniques. Each section is heavily illustrated and clearly written for ease of understanding. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeon residents and fellows who want to focus on spinal deformity correction will find this instructive and invaluable.

ISBN10 : 9789401780384 , ISBN13 : 9401780382

Page Number : 277