Primary And Secondary Immunodeficiency

Jonathan A. Bernstein Springer Nature

This book provides a broad clinical overview of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies nested in clinical cases that will help the reader understand the approach to evaluation, diagnosis, and management of these challenging cases. Chapters begin with a comprehensive overview of immunodeficiencies to ground the reader in practical knowledge of the field and these complex conditions. Chapters cover B lymphocyte immunodeficiency, T cell immunodeficiency, immune dysregulation syndromes, and innate immune defects. They discuss a range of treatment options including gene therapy or bone marrow transplant. The book continues with a discussion on secondary immunodeficiencies and their treatment. Each chapter was written by authors with expertise related to different immunodeficiency disorders and provide a succinct overview of pathomechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of a specific condition. Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiency will be an excellent resource for practicing allergists, hematologists, clinical immunologists, fellows, residents, and other clinicians who work with immunodeficiency patients.

ISBN10 : 9783030571573 , ISBN13 : 3030571572

Page Number : 409

Hyperuricemic Syndromes

Claudio Ronco Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

Uric acid disorders are involved in both nephrological and hematological diseases. One of these crystal-associated diseases which has been known since antiquity is gout. More recently, tumor Lysis syndromes have been identified which affect patients with cancer, especially in the phase of cellular destruction after chemotherapy. The detection of these hyperuricemic syndromes, together with the improved understanding of urate handling by the kidney, have spurred new interest in the pathophysiology of hyperuricemic states, their clinical consequences and management. Moreover, the recent development of a recombinant form of urate oxidase transforming uric acid into allantoin (Rasburicase) has caused new interest in the pathophysiology of hyperuricemia and the potential applications of this new drug. The multidisciplinary approach of this book offers new insights into the metabolic syndromes in question by uniting authors from the fields of biochemistry, pharmacology, rheumatology, onco-hematology, and nephrology. The result is a compendium of the present knowledge in the field, which will also be very useful as a reference tool for professionals and students who want to expand their knowledge on this topic.

ISBN10 : 9783805578578 , ISBN13 : 3805578571

Page Number : 189

Pharmacovigilance In The European Union

Michael Kaeding Springer

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. The book presents the results of an in-depth comparative study assessing the implementation of the EU Pharmacovigilance Directive in six EU Member States. By going beyond legal transposition and instead focusing on practical implementation, this study aims to close a gap in EU compliance research. Based on qualitative interviews with relevant actors in Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, Finland and the UK, the authors identify perceived challenges and best-practices, issue recommendations, and thereby contribute to a better understanding of the factors that incentivize or impede the practical implementation of EU law at the national level.

ISBN10 : 9783658172763 , ISBN13 : 3658172762

Page Number : 124

Private Schools And School Choice In Compulsory Education

Thomas Koinzer Springer

Marketization and privatization in compulsory education have spread around the globe. School choice is seen by many to be the panacea to develop the quality of schools and improve school systems worldwide. Additionally in many countries several types of private schools expand and change the school landscapes. The articles of the anthology analyse and discuss these changes in several countries and ask to what extent and in which ways school choice and the growth of private school play a role for education policies and education systems. Which political and civil society actors are active in formulating and promoting school choice and private schooling? And to what extent does the expansion of private schools and school choice address questions of educational inequality and social segregation.

ISBN10 : 9783658171049 , ISBN13 : 3658171049

Page Number : 250

German Turkish Perspectives On It And Innovation Management

Fehim Bakırcı Springer

This book includes papers presented at the 2nd Economic forum: German-Turkish perspectives on IT and Innovation Management at the FOM in Munich, organized by the FOM University of Applied Sciences and Atatürk University Erzurum. Patron of the conference was Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister for Education and Research. To mark the German-Turkish year of science, both countries picked out global and societal challenges as a central theme and explored solution strategies as well as their implementation in new technologies and innovations. The papers discuss the effects of new technologies and innovations from different perspectives – from IT management, banking and finance to the special challenges of SMEs.

ISBN10 : 9783658169626 , ISBN13 : 3658169621

Page Number : 515