Transgender And Gender Diverse Children And Adolescents An Issue Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics Of North America E Book

Scott Liebowitz Elsevier Health Sciences

In this issue of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics, guest editors Drs. Scott Leibowitz, Serena Chang, and Natalia Ramos bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents. Top experts in the field cover key topics such as complex psychiatric histories and gender diverse/transgender youth; neurodiversity and transgender/gender diverse youth: the co-occurrence; individual affirming care: psychological and social approaches to trans and gender diverse youth; psychosocial family treatments and navigating family dynamics; and more. Contains 16 relevant, practice-oriented topics including gender in youth; beyond sex and gender: dimensions across child and adolescent development; gender affirming medical treatments; perspectives: being a trans psychiatrist/provider; and more. Provides in-depth clinical reviews on transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents, offering actionable insights for clinical practice. Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize and distill the latest research and practice guidelines to create clinically significant, topic-based reviews.

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Sex And Gender

Alice Sullivan Taylor & Francis

Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader is a much-needed exploration of the relationship between sex, gender and gender identity. Its multidisciplinary approach provides fascinating perspectives from the sciences, social sciences and humanities, as well as biology, neuroscience, medicine, law, sociology and English literature. The 15 chapters are original contributions, authored by scholars who are leaders in their respective fields. This thought-provoking collection offers significant methodological, theoretical and empirical insights into one of the most fraught debates in contemporary politics and academia. It provides a broad-ranging introduction to the issues central to questions about how and why sex matters from a range of disciplinary perspectives, drawing out the social, political and legal implications. Questions addressed include: Is sex binary? What is a woman? Why do we need data on sex? Also discussed are topics widely debated today such as sports, feminism, sex and inequality, sex-based rights, puberty suppression, criminal justice and gender dysphoria. Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader is a timely introduction to contemporary debates on sex and gender. It is an accessible text for both general readers and for students of gender issues across a wide range of disciplines including sociology, education, history, philosophy and gender studies.

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Time To Think

Hannah Barnes Swift Press

SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL WRITING 2023  'This is what journalism is for' - Observer Time to Think goes behind the headlines to reveal the truth about the NHS's flagship gender service for children. The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), based at the Tavistock and Portman Trust in North London, was set up initially to provide — for the most part — talking therapies to young people who were questioning their gender identity. But in the last decade GIDS has referred more than a thousand children, some as young as nine years old, for medication to block their puberty. In the same period, the number of young people seeking GIDS's help exploded, increasing twenty-five-fold. The profile of the patients changed too: from largely pre-pubescent boys to mostly adolescent girls, who were often contending with other difficulties. Why had the patients changed so dramatically? Were all these distressed young people best served by taking puberty blockers and then cross-sex hormones, which cause irreversible changes to the body? While some young people appeared to thrive after taking the blocker, many seemed to become worse. Was there enough clinical evidence to justify such profound medical interventions in the lives of young people who had so much else to contend with? This urgent, scrupulous and dramatic book explains how, in the words of some former staff, GIDS has been the site of a serious medical scandal, in which ideological concerns took priority over clinical practice. Award-winning journalist Hannah Barnes has had unprecedented access to thousands of pages of documents, including internal emails and unpublished reports, and well over a hundred hours of personal testimony from GIDS clinicians, former service users and senior Tavistock figures. The result is a disturbing and gripping parable for our times.

ISBN10 : 9781800751125 , ISBN13 : 1800751125

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Lost In Trans Nation

Miriam Grossman Simon and Schuster

Throughout our country, atrocities are taking place in doctor’s offices and hospital operating rooms. Physically healthy children and adolescents are being permanently disfigured and sometimes sterilized. Those youth say they’re transgender, and we—their parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors—are supposed to agree with their self-diagnosis and take a back seat as they make the most consequential decision of their lives: to alter their bodies in order to, we are told, “align” them with their minds. Medical, educational, and government authorities advise us to support the “gender journeys” of still developing kids, including medical interventions with poor evidence of long-term improvement. This would not be acceptable in any other field of medicine. Indeed, the treatments our medical authorities and Washington call “crucial” and “life-saving” have been banned in progressive Sweden, Finland, and Britain. Dr. Miriam Grossman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist whose practice consists of trans-identified youth and their families. In Lost in Trans Nation, she implores parents to reject the advice of gender experts and politicians and trust their guts—their parental instincts—in the face of an onslaught of ideologically driven misinformation that steers them and their children toward risky decisions they may end up mourning for the rest of their lives. The beliefs that male and female are human inventions; that the sex of a newborn is arbitrarily “assigned”; and that as a result the child requires “affirmation” through medical interventions—these ideas are divorced from reality and therefore hazardous, especially to children. The core belief—that biology can and should be denied—is a repudiation of reality and a mockery of what hard science teaches about being male and female. Dr. Grossman believes that parents know their child best; they especially know if they have a son or daughter. But currently in our country when it comes to gender identity, everyone knows better than mom and dad. Schools enable students to live double lives—Patrick at home, Patti at school. Activists tell kids their loving homes are “unsafe” when parents voice doubts about the child’s new identity. For refusing to see their son as their daughter, parents might be reported to protective services, a development that can lead to a family’s destruction. Lost in Trans Nation arms parents with the ammunition to avoid, or, if necessary, fight what many families describe as the most difficult challenge of their lives. Parents will learn what to say and how—at home, at school, and if necessary, to police when they appear at the door. “Don’t be blindsided like so many parents I know,” warns Grossman, “be proactive and get educated. Feel prepared and confident to discuss trans, nonbinary, or whatever your child brings to the dinner table.” Whether it’s the “trans is as common as red hair” claim, or the “I’m not your son, I’m your daughter” proclamation, or the “do you prefer a live son or a dead daughter’ threat, says Grossman, no family is immune, and every parent must be prepared. No child is born in the wrong body, Dr. Grossman reassures us, their bodies are just fine; it’s their emotional lives that need healing. Whether you’re facing a gender identity battle in your home right now, or want to prevent one, you need this book to guide you and your loved ones out of the madness.

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Varney S Midwifery

Julia Phillippi Jones & Bartlett Learning

Varney's Midwifery continues to be the gold standard for midwifery practice in an updated seventh edition. New lead editors assembled a team of expert contributors and authors to continue the legacy of Varney's Midwifery as the trusted, must-have resource for students, professional midwives, and women's health practitioners. Varney's Midwifery uses current evidence-based guidelines to address the care of women throughout the lifespan, including primary care, gynecology, maternity care in a variety of settings, and newborn care. The Seventh Edition reflects the new Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice published in 2020, including care of transgender individuals and abortion-related care. It also provides updated information on chronic conditions in pregnancy including a section discussing COVID-19, new techniques for fetal screening, diagnosis across the lifespan, and updated content on health equity.

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Ted Cruz Simon and Schuster

Our institutions have gone "woke." Everybody knows that. But nobody has come up with a way to stop it. Until now. In this hard-hitting new book, Senator Ted Cruz delivers a realistic battle plan for defeating the woke assault on America. The Democratic Party is now controlled by Cultural Marxists. So are our universities and public schools, the media, Big Tech, and Big Business. Corporations push transgenderism down their customers' throats. Banks punish gun shops. Hollywood insults our religious beliefs and grooms our children. The big investment companies use our retirement savings to promote leftist causes. And the Biden administration has turned our military into an indoctrination camp, neglected transportation safety to focus on climate change, and persecuted peaceful pro-lifers while leaving prochoice arsonists at large. The son of Cuban immigrants who fled communist oppression, Cruz is uniquely equipped to fight the woke revolution. He eloquently explains how Cultural Marxism got a foothold in America, how it progressed, and how, in precise steps, we can fight back to regain our institutions, regain our country—and win the future for our children. Bold, practical, and necessary, Unwoke is the book we need to restore the America we love.

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To Be A Woman

Katie J. McCoy B&H Publishing Group

We live in a cultural moment where the definition of “woman” eludes the keenest of thinkers and brightest of scientists, where one’s biological sex and one’s gender are divorced, where the meaning of gender itself is a constantly moving target, and where girls and women, especially, struggle to know who they are. Where societal confusion has naturally ensued from this state of affairs, and Christians especially wonder how to think and respond to it, Katie J. McCoy offers a clear and helpful guide in her debut trade book, To Be a Woman. In these pages, Katie will help you understand: Why, as a culture, we’ve arrived in such a place of gender confusion What the relationship is between biological sex and gender, and why this relationship is so crucial The truth about gender transitioning, including the irreversible damage of hormone therapy on the female human body Common myths and misunderstandings in the gender debate What Scripture and science have to say on the matter Ways to respond in a Christlike way to loved ones struggling with gender identity

ISBN10 : 9781087784458 , ISBN13 : 108778445X

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