Where Have All The People Gone

Rainer Gruessner Austin Macauley Publishers

This poignant book delves into the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on New York City, aptly known as the ‘Capital of the World.’ Divided into three compelling parts, it unravels the harrowing narrative through text and captivating imagery. In the first part, readers are immersed in a comprehensive chronicle of the pandemic, capturing its relentless grip on the city and its inhabitants. It delves into the multifaceted consequences that unfolded, encompassing the devastating toll on healthcare, the economy, culture, and the collective psyche of New York City. This section serves as a somber reflection on the overwhelming challenges faced by the city, painting a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations endured. The second part presents a surrealistic photographic testimony, allowing readers to witness the haunting transformation of New York City during the COVID lockdown. Through historically unique images, the book spotlights the eerily deserted streets and iconic landmarks that once thrived with vibrant energy. This visual exploration serves as a poignant reminder of the stark contrast between the city’s bustling past and its hauntingly quiet present, leaving a lasting impression of the profound impact the pandemic had on its urban landscape. The third part focuses on some positive aspects of the pandemic, despite its gruesome human toll, as it concerns many aspects of our daily life, work, and the environment. It exposes how and why the pandemic has changed our perspective on life. Together, these three parts create a poignant and powerful account of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on New York City. The book exposes the raw reality of the crisis while also offering glimpses of resilience and hope, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the city and its residents as they fought back against this devastating health crisis.

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Page Number : 185

Public Health In Postcolonial Africa

Olukayode Faleye Taylor & Francis

This fascinating, multi-disciplinary collection examines how public health interventions in postcolonial Africa mirror wider manifestations of power in the region. Beyond the role of public health intervention in tackling disease and prolonging life, the book measures the social and political determinant of health which continue to exist in the postcolonial era. The volume features contributions from scholars across both the social sciences and humanities, exploring ongoing debates across a broad range of themes, including: - Infopolitics, biopolitics and healthcare; - Emerging infectious diseases, environment and food cultures; - Health interventions and economic security; - Church administration and healthcare; - Livelihood, sex, sexuality and HIV/AIDS; Offering a fresh and insightful understanding of health issues in this important global region, and including chapters on issues around the Covid-19 pandemic, the book will interest students and researchers across a range of disciplines, including Global Health, Politics and African Studies.

ISBN10 : 9781000996135 , ISBN13 : 1000996131

Page Number : 172

Crisis And Chaos

Jerome M. Adams Simon and Schuster

Hard truths and surprising insights about our COVID-19 response from America’s former top doctor. When COVID-19 began spreading rapidly, the world was taken by surprise. As the ensuing pandemic raged, we faced one constant—a lack of consistent, scientifically sound, and trusted information about dangers, risks, and mitigation strategies that the average person could understand and put into practice to keep themselves and their families safe. Politicians, opportunists, and agenda-driven media personalities spread misinformation for an array of purposes, leaving most of the public scratching their heads, wondering what was true and what wasn’t. Now, the former Surgeon General of the United States—freed from the many constraints he worked under in public office—reveals critical lessons learned from both mistakes and successes overlooked during the pandemic. He explains what we need to know to create a safer environment for individuals, families, and communities, how we can respond better to the next threat, why we keep making the same mistakes, and why we must promote health equity for all. As Dr. Adams explains, the best public health policies are the ones that begin at home and come about as people in local communities work together to find solutions that fit their specific priorities and needs. Only through this bottom-up, community-driven approach will we be able to turn down the volume on the distracting noise, finally make our way out of and recover from a once-in-a-century pandemic, and prepare ourselves for inevitable future health crises.

ISBN10 : 9798888451076 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 244

Beyond Burnout Second Edition Overcoming Stress In Nursing Healthcare For Optimal Health Well Being

Suzanne Waddill-Goad Sigma Theta Tau

“This book came at the perfect time… The information is very helpful, and it’s just nice to know so many others have similar challenges.” Trenda Ray, PhD, RN, NEA-BC Chief Nursing Officer Associate Vice Chancellor for Patient Care Services Clinical Assistant Professor, UAMS College of Nursing “Another edition of renewable energy reminding us to be our best! This book takes us on a journey through stress, burnout, and post-traumatic stress and sparks innovative solutions.” Kristin Christophersen, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, CPHQ, CLSSGB, FACHE Healthcare Executive and Owner, VitalNow LLC “Beyond Burnout is timely, relevant, and critical to understanding the stressors that plague healthcare today.” Cindi M. Warburton, DNP, FNP Executive Director, Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders Healthcare professions typically attract those who give deeply of themselves to make a positive difference in others’ lives. But that giving can come at a significant price: burnout. While the healthcare vocation offers myriad options in work settings and career paths, it can also involve tremendous amounts of stress because of long shifts, mental and physical exhaustion, patient challenges, and regulatory changes. When stress and fatigue overtake a healthcare provider’s ability to adequately cope with physically and emotionally taxing circumstances, burnout is often the result, potentially leading to compromises in quality and patient safety. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, the COVID-19 pandemic has only added dramatically to nurses’ and other healthcare providers’ stress, exacerbating existing problems with strained resources and labor shortages. In Beyond Burnout, Second Edition, author Suzanne Waddill-Goad adds new strategies and up-to-date, data-driven information for building hardiness and resilience so that nurses and other healthcare workers can successfully navigate their increasingly challenging environment while reducing stress and preventing burnout. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: The Effects of Inherent Stress Chapter 2: A Slice of Reality Chapter 3: Nursing and Healthcare Professions: Art vs. Science Chapter 4: The Impact of Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare Chapter 5: Professional Integrity Chapter 6: The Internal Strain of Silos Chapter 7: The Social Milieu (Culture) Chapter 8: The Clout of Allies Chapter 9: Planning Intentional Quality and Safety Chapter 10: Beyond Burnout: Promoting Optimal Health and Well-Being Chapter 11: Burnout and the Nursing or Healthcare Student Chapter 12: Looking Toward the Future

ISBN10 : 9781646480753 , ISBN13 : 1646480759

Page Number : 296

Kriegspropaganda Und Medienmanipulation

Christian Hardinghaus Europa Verlag

"Das erste Opfer des Krieges ist die Wahrheit" Diese Erkenntnis aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg ist bis heute gültig, denn immer wieder haben seither Kriegsanlasslügen zu militärischen Konflikten geführt. Zielgruppenspezifisch ausgearbeitete Propaganda sorgt stets dafür, dass sie während der Dauer eines Krieges gar nicht erst erkannt werden. Während früher den Menschen Information vorenthalten wurde, ist es heute paradoxerweise das massive Überangebot, das ihnen die Wahrheitsfindung erschwert, wie sich nach dem Angriff Russlands auf die Ukraine wieder deutlich zeigt. Diesen Umstand nutzen Machthaber beteiligter Kriegsparteien gekonnt aus, um nicht nur die eigene Bevölkerung und die des Gegners zu manipulieren, sondern die gesamte Weltbevölkerung auf ihre Seite zu ziehen. Den Anforderungen zur Aufklärung von Massenmanipulation innerhalb moderner Informationskriege scheinen Medien neutraler Staaten nicht gewachsen zu sein, die je nach eigener politischer Agenda Propagandainhalte übernehmen oder nicht entlarven. Christian Hardinghaus klärt umfassend über die immer gleichen Strategien und Prinzipien medialer Manipulation in der Berichterstattung vergangener und heutiger Kriege auf und zeigt, dass die entsprechenden Propagandamethoden auch in Friedenszeiten zum Alltagsgeschäft von Politikern gehören. Dank der präzisen Erläuterung von über 75 gängigen Manipulationsmethoden soll es Ihnen gelingen, Propaganda selbst aufzudecken.

ISBN10 : 9783958905641 , ISBN13 : 3958905641

Page Number : 156

Introduction To Health Promotion

Anastasia M. Snelling John Wiley & Sons

An in-depth look at the theoretical foundations and practical applications of health promotion Introduction to Health Promotion gives students a working knowledge of health promotion concepts and their applications, with a special emphasis on the philosophical and theoretical foundations of health promotion. This new edition underscores the growing need—highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic—for activities, programs, and policies to improve the quality of health for all. Spearheaded by leading public health professor and registered dietitian Dr. Anastasia Snelling, this respected textbook addresses health disparities in disadvantaged communities and describes the features of the community-driven programs that will be necessary to address them. Unlike other books in the field, Introduction to Health Promotion delves into the complex, interwoven factors that influence health, including social and physical environments, medical advances, personal lifestyle choices, and legislation. This in-depth examination prepares and inspires health promotion students as they prepare for their careers. Provides a clear introduction to the essential topics and theories in health promotion Reviews the cultural and political landscape surrounding key health behaviors, including tobacco use, physical activity, and eating Explores current trends in health promotion, including telehealth, health disparities, new technologies, and the aging population Describes contemporary health promotion initiatives and provides an overview of health promotion settings and career opportunities Ideal for students in health promotion, health education, and public health fields, Introduction to Health Promotion prepares learners with a comprehensive overview of the foundations, history, and current perspectives of health promotion, as well as its key methods and applications. Instructors will appreciate the online supplementary materials, facilitating course design.

ISBN10 : 9781394155972 , ISBN13 : 1394155972

Page Number : 375

S3 Leitlinie Nationale Versorgungsleitlinie Unipolare Depression

Frank Schneider Springer-Verlag

Die Leitlinien zur Unipolaren Depression beruhen auf empirischer Evidenz und Expertenkonsens und stellen damit einen Handlungsrahmen für Ärztinnen und Ärzte dar, um Diagnostik und Therapie nach den Regeln der Kunst zu gestalten. Auf der einen Seite sollen sie Ärztinnen und Ärzte nicht binden, auf der anderen Seite drücken Leitlinien aber doch eine gewisse Verbindlichkeit aus. Zu den Aufgaben der medizinisch-wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften gehört es nicht nur Leitlinien zu entwickeln, sondern auch ihren Praxistransfer zu gewährleisten.

ISBN10 : 9783662529065 , ISBN13 : 3662529068

Page Number : 280