Middle School Superpowers

Phyllis L. Fagell Hachette Go

From the author of Middle School Matters, discover how to bolster any middle schooler’s resilience by leveraging the 12 Middle School Superpowers they need to manage disappointment, self-regulate emotions, take healthy risks, and recover from any setback. Middle school can be one of the toughest times in a kid’s life—for them and for their parents and educators. It’s filled with transitions, upheaval, and brand new experiences that can be overwhelming and intimidating. But licensed clinical professional counselor Phyllis Fagell has put together a practical, evidence-based, and compassionate guide for parents and educators to help their tweens through most challenging situations. Middle School Superpowers teaches middle schoolers how to activate the 12 superpowers they need to discover their strengths and navigate tough decisions and disappointment: Flexibility * Belonging * Sight * Bounce * Agency * Forcefield * Security * Healing * Vulnerability * Daring * Optimism * Balance Whether they lose a friend, get cut from a team, make a mistake on social media, bomb a test, struggle with negative body image or identity-related issues, or feel weighed down by societal problems, these “superpowers” will help them find their place and thrive. Middle School Superpowers is the key to raising confident, self-aware, independent, and resilient kids who can recover from any setback—now and in the future.

ISBN10 : 9780306829765 , ISBN13 : 0306829762

Page Number : 278

Public Health Public Trust And American Fragility In A Pandemic Era

Norbert Goldfield Taylor & Francis

This book explores how professionals and policymakers in mental and physical health care can use lessons from the COVID pandemic to better inform future public policy and treatment. Using the United States as a test case, Norbert Goldfield draws on his professional experience in healthcare and policy-making to explore how some societies have emerged from the pandemic with increasing internal conflicts. The author uses excerpts from his own COVID diary to revisit key stages in the response to the COVID pandemic to highlight where division has entered the publish health discourse, and to set out an alternative vision of how mental and physical health can be framed professionally and publicly. In addition to this account, Dr Goldfield details how our political system should change with respect to pandemics and how health professionals, together with the lay public, can help. Specifically, the book highlights the three critical issues confronting American pandemic fragility: increasing vaccinations, decreasing misinformation, and fostering greater linkages between our public and acute health systems. This book will be invaluable for all types of health care professionals, both in mental and physical health arenas, lay people interested in the pandemic, and for policymakers.

ISBN10 : 9781000935707 , ISBN13 : 1000935701

Page Number : 209

Copycat Crime

Jacqueline B. Helfgott Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Details the new phenomena of copycat crime inspired by technology and the hyperreality fueled in some people by digital culture and video games. Across her 30-year career in criminology, author Jacqueline Helfgott has watched with fascination and fear as the world has shifted from a place where one-dimensional televised news each evening and newspapers bought each morning provided the only information on crimes and killings. Now, nonstop, instant global news coverage on 24-hour television and the internet enables people to see and replay not only crime, violence, terrorism, and murder coverage provided by journalists in real time, but also Facebook and YouTube feeds filmed by the criminals themselves while perpetrating the crimes. In this riveting text about the consequences of our technical, digital, and cultural changes, Helfgott focuses on how these advances are perpetuating this era's new and more massively deadly acts. The book intertwines vignettes from current events, perpetrator statements, police reports, and current research to show how copycat crimes are linked to media, technology, and our digital culture. Concluding with recommendations to reduce the criminogenic effects of media, technology, and digital culture, this book also includes an appendix listing technology- and media-influenced copycat crimes.

ISBN10 : 9798216171089 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 361

Juvenile Delinquency

Laura Pinto Hansen Aspen Publishing

Juvenile Delinquency by Laura Pinto Hansen blends a discussion of the juvenile justice system with the sociological underpinnings of delinquency issues, creating the ideal text for courses in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice programs. Providing thorough coverage of both theory and application, the text’s interdisciplinary approach looks at juvenile offending through the scholarly lenses of sociology, criminal justice, developmental and physiological psychology. The thoughtful approach is designed to offer a rich reading experience, accommodating different styles of learning. Professors and students will benefit from: Comprehensive coverage of not only the history and theory of juvenile delinquency but also the sociological and psychological underpinnings underlying the law. Interdisciplinary approach that can be used in a wide variety of programs. International Perspectives on Juvenile Justice in each chapter offering cross-cultural, cross-national views of the treatment of juvenile offenders, as well as a peek behind the walls of juvenile detention centers in other countries around the world. In the Media sections provide timely case studies of current trends in the field. Carefully designed pedagogy, including Chapter Objectives, Key terms, Chapter Summaries, and Discussion Questions, helps students master the material. References and Suggested Readings at the end of each chapter not only cite the sources used but also encourage students to research topics further, as well as giving them a start for their class research papers.

ISBN10 : 9781543856255 , ISBN13 : 154385625X

Page Number : 537