Another Day In The Frontal Lobe

Katrina Firlik Orion

As Katrina Firlik says in her introduction, if you are about to go under the knife, you don't care if your surgeon has published a paper in Nature or New Scientist - what you really need is a good brain mechanic and preferably a swift one. In this absorbing and compelling book she opens wide the doors of the operating theatre and invites the reader into the weird and often wonderful world of brain surgery. Using individual stories as the starting point for each chapter - such as the carpenter with a nail in his head or the man with maggots on the brain - she looks at the technical versus the intellectual side of brain surgery, what kind of person becomes a brain surgeon, the tools of the trade, a 'day at the office', the ethics and dilemmas of surgery and the future including 'designer' brains.

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Another Day In The Frontal Lobe

Katrina Firlik

Presents a memoir by a neurosurgeon, describing the tools in the operating room, the tough ethical dilemmas confronting doctors, some of the author's most bizarre cases, trends in the field, and possible advances on the horizon.

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Psychophysiology Of The Frontal Lobes

K. H. Pribram Academic Press

Psychophysiology of the Frontal Lobes covers the frontal lobe function. The book discusses the modern concepts relating to the problem of the frontal lobes; the effect of frontal lesions on the electrical activity of the brain of human; and the nature of the electrical activity of the frontal cortex in human. The text then describes the nature of electrical activity in the frontal cortex of nonhuman primates; the relationship between frontal cortex and subcortical brain function; as well as experimentally based models of frontal lobe function. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists will find the book invaluable.

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Frontal Lobe Function And Dysfunction

Harvey S. Levin

The cognitive and behavioral functions of the frontal lobes have been of great interest to neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Recent technical advances have made it possible to trace their neuroanatomical connections more precisely and to conduct evoked potentialand neuroimaging studies in patients. This book presents a broad and authoritative synthesis of research progress in this field. It encompasses neuroanatomical studies; experiments involving temporal organization and working memory tasks in non-human primates; clinical studies of patients followingfrontal lobe excisions for intractable epilepsy; metabolic imaging in schizophrenia and affective disorder; neurobehavioral studies of patients with dementia, frontal lobe tumors, and head injuries; magnetic resonance imaging methods for studying human frontal lobe anatomy; theoretical approaches todescribing frontal lobe functions; and rehabilitation of patients with frontal lobe damage including their core problem of diminished awareness. Written by a distinguished group of neuroscientists, psychologists and clinicians, Frontal Lobe Function and Dysfunction provides the best current sourceof information on this region of the brain and its role in cognition, behavior and clinical disorders.

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The Human Frontal Lobes Second Edition

Bruce L. Miller Guilford Press

Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative work synthesizes the rapidly growing knowledge base on the human frontal lobes and their central role in behavior, cognition, health, and disease. Leading contributors address neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and normal neuropsychological functioning, and describe the nature and consequences of frontal lobe dysfunction in specific neurological and psychiatric conditions. Second edition features include a new section on structural and functional neuroimaging and substantially expanded coverage of frontotemporal dementia and related disorders. Other new topics include self-consciousness, competence, and personality; new testing approaches; bipolar disorder; and adult-onset genetic disorders of the frontal lobes. The book is illustrated with nearly 100 figures.

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