Linden S Handbook Of Batteries Fifth Edition

Kirby W. Beard McGraw Hill Professional

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Thoroughly revised, comprehensive coverage of battery technology, characteristics, and applications This fully updated guide offers complete coverage of batteries and battery usage―from classic designs to emerging technologies. Compiled by a pioneer in secondary lithium batteries, the book contains all the information needed to solve engineering problems and make proper battery selections. You will get in-depth descriptions of the principles, properties, and performance specifications of every major battery type. Linden’s Handbook of Batteries, Fifth Edition, contains cutting-edge data and equations, design specifications, and troubleshooting techniques from international experts. New chapters discuss renewable energy systems, battery failure analysis, lithium-ion battery technology, materials, and component design. Recent advances in smartphones and hybrid car batteries are clearly explained, including maximizing re-chargeability, reducing cost, improving safety, and lessening environmental impact. Coverage includes: •Electricity, electrochemistry, and batteries•Raw materials•Battery components•Principles of electrochemical cell operations•Battery product overview•Electrochemical cell designs (platform technologies)•Primary batteries•Secondary batteries•Miscellaneous and specialty batteries•Battery applications•Battery industry infrastructure

ISBN10 : 9781260115932 , ISBN13 : 1260115933

Page Number : 1200

Lithium Metal Anodes And Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries

Ji-Guang Zhang Springer

This book provides comprehensive coverage of Lithium (Li) metal anodes for rechargeable batteries. Li is an ideal anode material for rechargeable batteries due to its extremely high theoretical specific capacity (3860 mAh g-1), low density (0.59 g cm-3), and the lowest negative electrochemical potential (−3.040 V vs. standard hydrogenelectrodes). Unfortunately, uncontrollable dendritic Li growth and limited Coulombic efficiency during Li deposition/stripping inherent in these batteries have prevented their practical applications over the past 40 years. With the emergence of post Liion batteries, safe and efficient operation of Li metal anodes has become an enabling technology which may determine the fate of several promising candidates for the next generation energy storage systems, including rechargeable Li-air batteries, Li-S batteries, and Li metal batteries which utilize intercalation compounds as cathodes. In this work, various factors that affect the morphology and Coulombic efficiency of Li anodes are analyzed. The authors also present the technologies utilized to characterize the morphology of Li deposition and the results obtained by modeling of Li dendrite growth. Finally, recent developments, especially the new approaches that enable safe and efficient operation of Li metal anodes at high current densities are reviewed. The urgent need and perspectives in this field are also discussed. The fundamental understanding and approaches presented in this work will be critical for the applicationof Li metal anodes. The general principles and approaches can also be used in other metal electrodes and general electrochemical deposition of metal films.

ISBN10 : 9783319440545 , ISBN13 : 3319440543

Page Number : 194

Modelling Of Vibrations Of Overhead Line Conductors

Giorgio Diana Springer

This brochure offers numerical models of wind-induced aeolian vibrations and sub-span oscillations of the conductors. It highlights what can be expected from numerical models regarding conductor vibrations. Assessment of the aeolian vibration condition of particular lines, with conductors whose mechanical properties are poorly defined, or with special terrain conditions, may require field measurements; Analytical methods based on the EBP and shaker-based technology can provide a useful tool to design damping systems for the protection of single conductors against aeolian vibrations This work reports the state of the art for professionals regarding aeolian vibrations and subspan oscillations modelling.

ISBN10 : 9783319728087 , ISBN13 : 3319728083

Page Number : 76