Relentless State Of Mind

Kevin Armentrout

This book will take you inside the human mind to understand the key aspects of breaking belief patterns and creating an unstoppable mindset. Kevin Armentrout, a US Marine and decorated combat veteran, will show you how to build a state of mind to define your purpose, combat adversity and succeed on any battle field.

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Condition To Win

Wes Doss

Condition To Win: Dynamic Techniques for Performance Oriented Mental Conditioning. Veteran trainer Wes Doss will show you why mental skills are as real and as valuable as any other skill and teach you how to:

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The Mental Conditioning Manual

Brian Cain Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

The Mental Conditioning Manual is Cain's 3rd book in the Masters of The Mental Game Series and provides you with the blueprint to excellence that you need to take your mental game to the next level. The most widely used book by college athletic programs to build mental toughness will help you to:Live in the present moment and maximize your timeAct different than how you feelStart having good "bad" daysFocus on the process over the outcomeIdentify what you can control and what you cannotCreate a personal philosophy and core values for your lifeChallenge your limiting beliefs and your perspectiveStay positive in the face of adversity Establish performance routines for consistencyTake responsibility for your performance and lifeGain control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotionsDevelop the performance awareness needed to winRelease negative thoughts and negative energyUse mental imagery to boost your confidenceMotivate yourself to make the impossible possibleHave the dedication and self-discipline needed for successInvest in your mental game by investing in this book today!

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Develop The Winners Mentality

Bob Reese MA ATC Xlibris Corporation

Develop the Winner ́s Mentality: 5 Essential Mental Skills for Enduring Success Bob Reese, Ph.D. In the genre of psychological self-help and success literature, Bob Reese has contributed a most valuable addition with his Develop the Winner ́s Mentality. He has taken the essentials of cognitive-behavioral, motivational, and sport psychology and integrated them with an energy component that not only explains why they work, but accelerates their outcomes. The technique of Feelazation, which is the addition of powerful emotional energy to visualization, is also introduced. Reese says, "There ́s nothing really new about goal setting, visualization, stress management, and how to think effectively. They are all important and effective for promoting success. What I bring to the party is adding the emotional and energetic components to the other skills so that with proper integration you can cause enduring success." The 5 Essential Mental Skills are goal setting, visualization, energy management, effective thinking, and mental toughness. As stand-alones, each of the five mental skills can have a positive impact on performance, behavior, and success. According to Reese, when these skills are integrated, there is a synergistic effect created in which the result (enduring success) is much greater than the sum of the parts. He also posits that the integration of the first four essential mental skills can encourage mental toughness, a trait that many feel you have to be born with. In his Ph.D. dissertation Reese showed that a Div. I Volleyball team enhanced both individual performance and mental toughness when the program was implemented. For 25 years Reese served as an athletic trainer in the NFL. Develop the Winner ́s Mentality is replete with both humorous and poignant stories of how some of the athletes he worked with utilized these skills to ensure their success. The most moving example is that of Dennis Byrd, a New York Jets player who was quadriplegic from a broken neck and who had a grim prognosis - he would be confined to a wheelchair for life. Byrd ́s use of emotive goal setting to walk out of the hospital only three months after his injury leads Reese to refer to him as the Ultimate Goal Setter. Forewards for Develop the Winner’s Mentality are provided by two time NCAA National Champion University of Southern California Head Football Coach Pete Carroll, and former NFL All-Pro wide receiver and TV Celebrity Ahmad Rashad. Both high performers, Carroll and Rashad discuss their use of the mental skills and their personal relationship with Reese. The book is sectioned into 15 chapters that are written in a manor that facilitates the novice in the learning and application of each of the 5 Essential Mental Skills. Winner ́s is also interesting enough to keep the successful veterans of mental skills training engaged so that they can enhance the skills they already possess. Included in Develop the Winner ́s Mentality are many exercises for the reader to apply, which makes it a workbook within a text. Adjunct materials such as a voiceover PowerPoint and web support are in development so that Develop the Winner ́s Mentality can be used as continuing education for executive, life and success coaches; athletic trainers, physical therapists and physical therapists assistants; strength and fitness coaches; and anyone else interested in enhancing performance with individuals or groups. Winner ́s is well researched from both popular and scientific literature, and may be used as a primary or supplemental text for college courses such as introductory psychology, college success, and sport psychology.

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The Art Of Mental Training

D. C. Gonzalez Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

New 5 X 8 Inch Special Edition Achieve the Champion Mindset for Peak Performance with this Amazon Best-Seller. Reach New Levels of Success and Mental Toughness With This Ultimate Guide. Learn the "Science of Success" - Step by Step - and Prepare to Excel. In this concise and highly acclaimed training guide, Peak Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author DC Gonzalez teaches a blend of unique mental training technologies, sports psychology essentials, and peak performance methods that are effective and motivational, and designed to help you in business, sports, work, school, or life in general. Get ready to increase your self-belief, self-confidence, and mental toughness using this powerful guide and to reach new levels of success, sports performance and personal development. Coach DC Gonzalez is among a very fortunate few that have had the unique experience of learning from the late P.C. Siegel, a world-renowned sports and peak performance authority, sports hypnotherapist, and Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. This book is powerful, in it Dan explains, teaches, and helps you develop the psychological skills required for peak performance, while pointing out the underlying mental training strategies that will help anyone reach higher levels of achievement and performance - not by random chance, but by focused choice. The Art of Mental Training teaches the critical essentials while interwoven with stories from Dan's fascinating background as an Aviator in the Navy, a Federal Agent, Military Cyber-Security Specialist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and a Peak Performance Coach. Dan creates a powerful teaching connection between his adrenaline-filled life experiences and the mental skills and mental training that make all the difference. * Access your true potential, control your state and excel even under extreme pressure * Enhance performance by transforming the negative energy generated by nervousness and fear into shatterproof confidence * Improve focus and concentration for positive results - often instantly - with battle-tested mental training techniques * Learn the psychological factors that will help you view set-backs as opportunities to create lasting positive change * Enhance visualization techniques and create success imagery loaded with feelings and emotions that will generate powerful results * Understand what to practice and which success conditioning exercises will vastly improve your self-belief, self-confidence and performance * Gain access to the coaching psychology behind redirecting anger energy and using it to strengthen your resolve and remain in control * Use proven sport psychology techniques to leave your ego outside your event and avoid performance choking completely * Learn to create the Ideal Performance State using Neuro Linguistics Programming and "The Critical Three" * Get rid of limiting beliefs and the negative critic in your head once and for all * Achieve the champion mindset and gain the mental edge over your opponents or the situation on demand * Learn how to find the place from which peak performance springs forth The lessons and techniques presented in this book are essential reading for anyone seeking more success and peak performance, whether it be on the playing field, in business, or life in general. Whatever your personal endeavor may be, whatever challenge you may be facing; these lessons will prepare you to move forward and to excel in a powerful way. Reach new levels of personal success and performance, as you learn, practice, and apply these powerful concepts and proven techniques.

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Mental Training

Addison Bell

Ready to Learn How to Develop an Unbeatable Mind with Unlimited Memory?Your mind has almost unlimited potential. The problem is most of us never invest the time in properly training our minds. Many people make the mistake of believing that you are either born smart, or you're not. The truth is that with the right brain training, you can develop an unbeatable mind with unlimited memory and unshakable determination.This book is like a personal trainer for your brain. If you follow these exercises, you will notice an increase in your mental toughness and resilience. You will also find that your mental powers are growing far beyond what you thought was possible. Inside Mental Training, you will discover: What it means to have grit and mental toughnessHow to increase your consistencyHow to increase your confidenceThe secrets to increasing your mental powers of connection and computationThe critical link between mind and bodyHow to build trust with those around youWays to cultivate a positive outlookHow to keep criticism from ruining youHow to transform your self-talk into a powerful tool for growthHow to transform obstacles into opportunitiesThe best ways to unite your conscious mind and unconscious mindAnd Much More!You have the power to be much more than you currently are. Inside of your brain you already have all the tools you need to succeed. All you need is to learn how to use those tools. This book will unlock your full human potential by showing you step-by-step how to train your brain and develop the kind of mental toughness that will allow you to accomplish anything you desire. If you are willing to do the work, this book will transform your mind, and your entire life.Don't waste another second wishing your life was different or that you were more resilient. Order Mental Training Today and Start Your Transformation Story

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Where Ever The Head Goes The Body Follows

Lynn Seiser Phd

We often hear that performance in sports and in life is anywhere from 50% to 90% mental and the rest physical. It's more inspiration than perspiration. Yet, most coaches spend all their time with purely repetitive physical practice and exercise. While we are taught to train more and to trust that training, we may need to learn to train using our intelligence or our training will fail us when the time comes that we need it.In sport psychology and counseling psychology we know, where ever the head goes the body will follow. Our behavior is usually motivated by emotions and emotions are created by how we think about the task at hand and our ability to handle it. It's not just what you are doing, but what you are thinking when you are doing it. This applies to every second of every minute of every hour that we practice and every day in everything we do in our lives.While we are often coached and counseled to keep our mind in the game and to pay attention to what we are doing, we seldom hear the specifics on how to do that. If physical skill acquisition takes repetitive practice, so does the mental strategies, skills, and discipline necessary to perform at an enhanced level.We often hear and talk about the neuro-science of the mind-body connection. This notebook presents specific methodologies for achieving mindful and intelligent mind-body unification.This book is a personal notebook meant for students and friends on the specific mental skills needed and necessary in the martial arts, it applies to our everyday lives and is based in sound psychological research and practice.

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