Intrinsic Motivation

Edward L. Deci Springer Science & Business Media

As I begin to write this Preface, I feel a rush of excitement. I have now finished the book; my gestalt is coming into completion. Throughout the months that I have been writing this, I have, indeed, been intrinsically motivated. Now that it is finished I feel quite competent and self-determining (see Chapter 2). Whether or not those who read the book will perceive me that way is also a concern of mine (an extrinsic one), but it is a wholly separate issue from the intrinsic rewards I have been experiencing. This book presents a theoretical perspective. It reviews an enormous amount of research which establishes unequivocally that intrinsic motivation exists. Also considered herein are various approaches to the conceptualizing of intrinsic motivation. The book concentrates on the approach which has developed out of the work of Robert White (1959), namely, that intrinsically motivated behaviors are ones which a person engages in so that he may feel competent and self-determining in relation to his environment. The book then considers the development of intrinsic motiva tion, how behaviors are motivated intrinsically, how they relate to and how intrinsic motivation is extrinsically motivated behaviors, affected by extrinsic rewards and controls. It also considers how changes in intrinsic motivation relate to changes in attitudes, how people attribute motivation to each other, how the attribution process is motivated, and how the process of perceiving motivation (and other internal states) in oneself relates to perceiving them in others.

ISBN10 : 9781461344469 , ISBN13 : 1461344468

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Dsm 5 Handbook Of Differential Diagnosis

Michael B. First, M.D. American Psychiatric Pub

The DSM-5® Handbook of Differential Diagnosis helps clinicians and students improve their skill in formulating a comprehensive differential diagnosis by including the DSM-5® classification and providing a variety of approaches, including a six-step diagnostic framework, 29 bottom-up "decision trees," and 66 differential diagnosis tables.

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Beginning Theory

Peter Barry Manchester University Press

In this second edition of Beginning Theory, the variety of approaches, theorists, and technical language is lucidly and expertly unraveled and explained, and allows readers to develop their own ideas once first principles have been grasped. Expanded and updated from the original edition first published in 1995, Peter Barry has incorporated all of the recent developments in literary theory, adding two new chapters covering the emergent Eco-criticism and the re-emerging Narratology.

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Colleen Clark Nova Science Publishers

This book contains diverse chapters examining homelessness from a myriad of perspectives, from global perspectives to clinical perspectives. An international group of authors consider clinical and theoretical factors in the lives of people that are homeless and the services and policies that affect their lives. The international chapters provide different perspectives regarding the culturally-embedded nature of our perceptions of homelessness including definitions of homelessness, mental illness, and the expectations of family and support systems. These chapters include information from Ireland, a number of Asian countries, South Africa, Spain, the Czech Republic, and North America. From within the United States, the book presents different models for understanding, developing, and disseminating interventions for people that are homeless, and have mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders. The book explores the needs of special populations such as racial and ethnic minorities as well as those who experience mild developmental delays as well as mental illness and homelessness. Two chapters explore attitudes towards people that are homeless and that may have behavioral health problems. Finally, the role of climate and the forces of nature are reviewed for unique perspectives on homelessness. These multidisciplinary perspectives on an important issue are both thought-provoking and educational.

ISBN10 : 1633216292 , ISBN13 : 9781633216297

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The Devil S Church And Other Stories

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis University of Texas Press

The modem Brazilian short story begins with the mature work of Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (1839-1908), acclaimed almost unanimously as Brazil's greatest writer. Collectively, these nineteen stories are representative of Machado's unique style and world view, and this translation doubles the number of his stories previously available in English. The stories in this volume reflect Machado's post-1880 emphasis on social satire and experimentation in psychological realism. If he had continued to produce the moralistic love stories and parlor intrigues of his earlier fiction, Machado's legacy would have been an entertaining but inconsequent body of work. However, by 1880 he had begun a devastating satirical assault on society through his fiction. In spite of his ruthlessness, Machado does at times reveal an ironic sympathy for his characters. He is not indifferent to human conflict but uses humor and irony to stress the absurdity of these conflicts, acted out against the backdrop of an indifferent universe. Such a spectacle creates a sense of helplessness that can only inspire wistful amusement. In his technical mastery of the short story. Machado was decades ahead of his contemporaries and can still be considered more modern than most of the modernists themselves. That his stories elicit such strong and diverse reactions today is a tribute to their richness, complexity, and significance.

ISBN10 : 0292786336 , ISBN13 : 9780292786332

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The Nature Fix Why Nature Makes Us Happier Healthier And More Creative

Florence Williams W. W. Norton & Company

"Highly informative and remarkably entertaining." —Elle From forest trails in Korea, to islands in Finland, to eucalyptus groves in California, Florence Williams investigates the science behind nature’s positive effects on the brain. Delving into brand-new research, she uncovers the powers of the natural world to improve health, promote reflection and innovation, and strengthen our relationships. As our modern lives shift dramatically indoors, these ideas—and the answers they yield—are more urgent than ever.

ISBN10 : 9780393242720 , ISBN13 : 0393242722

Page Number : 288

The Body Keeps The Score

Bessel A. Van der Kolk Penguin Books

An expert on traumatic stress outlines an approach to healing, explaining how traumatic stress affects brain processes and how to use innovative treatments to reactivate the mind's abilities to trust, engage others, and experience pleasure--

ISBN10 : 9780143127741 , ISBN13 : 0143127748

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