How To Think Better About Social Justice

Bradley Campbell Taylor & Francis

Those who are pursuing social justice too often fail to incorporate the insights of sociology, and when they do make use of sociology, they often draw heavily from claims that are highly contested, unsupported by the evidence, or outright false. This book shows why learning to think sociologically can help us to think better about social justice, pointing us toward possibilities for social change while also calling attention to our limits; providing us with hope, but also making us cautious. Offering a series of tips for thinking better about social justice, with each chapter giving examples of bad sociological thinking and making the case for drawing from a broader range of sociological theory and research to inform social justice efforts, it advocates an approach rooted in intellectual and moral humility, grounded in the normative principles of classical liberalism. A fresh approach to social justice that argues for the importance of sociological understanding of the world in our efforts to change it, How to Think Better About Social Justice will appeal to scholars and students of sociology with interests in social justice issues and the sociology of morality, as well as those working to bring about social change.

ISBN10 : 9781003845867 , ISBN13 : 100384586X

Page Number : 137

Fetischismus Und Kultur

Hartmut Böhme

Rekonstruiert werden die mentalen, wissenschaftshistorischen und künstlerischen Prozesse, durch welche der Fetischismus zur zentralen Kategorie der Selbstbeschreibung europäischer Kultur wurde. So demonstriert Marx, dass ohne den Waren-Fetischismus keine politische Ökonomie zu machen ist. In der Psychoanalyse wird der Fetischismus zu einem zentralen Konzept zur Bestimmung des modernen Subjekts. Es folgen die politischen Kult- und Fetischformen des Stalinismus und Faschismus, schließlich die popularen Kultformen der Gegenwart.

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Page Number : 588

Architectures Of Grace In Pastoral Care

Douglas B. Olds Wipf and Stock Publishers

An updating of virtue ethics for modern pastors and the souls they care for, this book proposes innovations for the craft of ministry in the theology of grace--how virtues radiate to tame strife and other destructive behaviors. It presents a comprehensive alternative to the top-down proclamations of "biblical counseling" approaches that try to impart, from an eclectic biblicist lens, cognitive authorities for consequential change. Instead, Christ's bottom-up practice of virtues heals and fulfills by focusing on neighbor first and subordinating the ego's strategic considerations--more graciously spreading God's will in ministry through participatory and experiential knowledge. Virtuous pastoral ministries integrate the common grace of humanist learning to address the range of the care seeker's contemporary context--her upbringing, struggles, and affiliations. This book presents more the "how" than the "what" of pastoral theology: more how the dance of mutuality and chivalry enters the spiritual flow of healing metaphysical grace than the "what" of right "belief." Even so, pastoral care from the virtue ethical approach inevitably reconsiders "vending machine" theologies, destructive doctrinal boundaries, and context-lite biblicisms. This presentation introduces how virtue ethics apply to ministry, the household, individual trauma and addictions, and the contemporary political and cultural arena.

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Florence Gaub Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

Ein Buch, das Ängste nimmt und den Blick nach vorn schärft FLORENCE GAUB hilft, die Zukunft zu denken, zu planen und persönlich zu gestalten. Denn diese ist das Resultat unseres individuellen Handelns. »Der Mensch ist das Wesen, das die Fähigkeit hat, sich die Zukunft so detailliert vorzustellen, dass er sie erschaffen kann«, sagt Florence Gaub, und das ist eine Nachricht voll Hoffnung. Denn selten war die Zukunft mit so vielen und großen Unsicherheiten behaftet wie heute: Krieg, Klima, Inflation... Florence Gaub zeigt mit Beispielen aus Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie, Philosophie und der Geschichte, wie der Mensch die »Zukunft« imaginiert, konstruiert und real erschafft. Denn das drohen wir momentan zu verlieren: Den Glauben daran, unser zukünftiges Leben selbst gestalten zu können. - Ein Big Idea Book auf Basis von Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie und Philosophie »Florence Gaub ist eine der fundiertesten Stimmen im Wissenschaftsbetrieb der Bundesrepublik.« Stefan Aust

ISBN10 : 9783423443203 , ISBN13 : 3423443200

Page Number : 363

Public Relations Management In Africa Volume 2

Albert A. Anani-Bossman Springer Nature

This two-part volume, the first of its kind, examines current pedagogical modules and research directions in public relations and communication management, identifying emerging issues driving the practice in Africa. In comparison to its Western and Asian counterparts, literature on public relations management in Africa is limited, and much of it is examined through the lenses of Western philosophies and pedagogies, failing to reflect Africa's socioeconomic, political, and cultural contexts. This project aims to change that. ​ Albert Volume 2 brings together African scholars, moving beyond organizational impact to share the wider theoretical and practical perspectives on the practice of public relations on the continent, within its cultural, global, and technological milieu.Through conceptual discussions and empirical analyses, this volume shows how Africa is gradually coming out of the shadows of the Western world by building a body of knowledge the reflects the nature of public relations management on the continent. Chapters cover: how public relations contributes to strategic management in Africa; health communication and public relations management; strategic management of issues, as well as the implications of the fourth industrial revolution for public relations practice in Africa.

ISBN10 : 9783031327513 , ISBN13 : 3031327519

Page Number : 279

Caring For Clergy

Thad S. Austin Wipf and Stock Publishers

Like Aaron and Hur who lifted the arms of Moses during battle (Exodus 17), this book highlights the critical work of clergy care providers in America. These individuals and organizations support clergy by providing counseling, coaching, spiritual direction, funding, hospitality, education, and benefits upon which clergy rely. Their ministry strengthens congregations and has the capability to produce an exponential return for the kingdom of God. Yet, these providers are often disconnected. Our groundbreaking national research reveals gaps in the training, qualifications, and formational experiences of clergy care providers. We note differences in language that hinder effective communication as well as significant disparities in the literature that informs clergy care. Addressing these disconnects has the potential to improve the lives of clergy and the congregations and communities clergy serve. Whether you are a clergy care provider, a clergyperson, or a lay leader, we invite you to respond. Working together, we envision a connected network of providers offering more effective support for clergy and improving the congregations and communities they serve.

ISBN10 : 9781666741537 , ISBN13 : 1666741531

Page Number : 189

America S First Vaccination

Barbara Heifferon Taylor & Francis

This book explores the response to a new scientific advance in medicine three hundred years ago to understand how this discourse revealed religious, racial, anti-intellectual, and other ideologies the first time documented vaccinations were introduced in America. This text serves as a case study that examines the historic discourses surrounding the implementation of a new prevention technique, smallpox inoculation, to prevent the devastating epidemics of smallpox that had visited the new colonies since their start on the American continent. Using this detailed analysis of the arguments surrounding the project in early America, the author examines the various arguments that circulated in the 1720s regarding the project. When compared to today’s pandemic, this study argues that Americans over-react and complicate scientific applications not with logical scientific perspectives or even with ethical views, but instead bring exaggerated claims founded on uniquely American historical, religious, racial, territorial, and political ideologies. America’s First Vaccination will be of interest to anyone interested in American history, the history of medicine, cultural studies, and a comparison to current pandemic events.

ISBN10 : 9781000842449 , ISBN13 : 1000842444

Page Number : 189