Public Health And Society Current Issues

Lillian D. Burke Jones & Bartlett Learning

Public Health and Society: Current Issues analyzes current public health issues in a historical context, while relating them to individual lives. The text emphasizes the social determinants of health, social justice, and the climate crisis, by leading off with these important topics and then integrates them where appropriate throughout the text. Subsequent chapters explore gun violence, the opioid epidemic, tobacco, vaping, and alcohol use, COVID-19, mental health, environmental health chronic disease, emerging and reemerging diseases, and more. Key features “In the News” articles bring public health topics up-to-date and underscore their modern relevance. Personal vignettes humanize public health issues and make them resonate for readers. Short histories put current issues into historical context, for example, the opioid epidemic (Ch. 5) and alcohol and tobacco use (Ch.6) Comprehensive and up-to-date data and references are included throughout the text. Navigate eBook acc

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Warrior Mom

Tracy M. Slepcevic Morgan James Publishing

Modern medicine considers Autism to be an “incurable diagnosis,” but Warrior Mom challenges this claim, sharing one mother’s journey to heal her son. For any parent who has heard the chilling words "your child has autism," Tracy Slepcevic offers hope, inspiration, and advice to help you navigate the system, evaluate different treatment options, and heal your child’s underlying conditions. After her son Noah had a severe regression after meeting all his milestones, Tracy spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with her little boy. Once given a diagnosis, doctors said Noah would never lead a fully functioning life, but Tracy knew this was not her son’s fate. Refusing to give up, Tracy read dozens of books, attended autism conferences, and spent countless hours researching how to heal her child. She was determined to turn her son around from what doctor’s called an “incurable diagnosis” so that Noah could live his best life possible. Over the years, Noah made great progress with biomedical intervention and lives a fully functional life today with a bright future ahead of him. Warrior Mom is an inspiring story of hope and an indispensable guidebook for any parent desperate to hear the truth that autism is not a hopeless diagnosis and that many underlying conditions associated with autism are treatable.

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Control Abuse Bullying And Family Violence In Tourism Industries

Elisa Zentveld Channel View Publications

This book explores the roles that control, abuse, bullying and family violence can play within the tourism system. While it is generally understood that such behaviours are significant issues in society, the correlation between these types of behaviour and tourism has not been assessed in scholarly circles. The volume sets out to explain each of these behaviours within tourism industries using autoethnography as its method. This book reveals the heightened risk of family violence during family events, sporting events and in the tourism system, and explains that risks continue and can even increase after separating from a perpetrator of family violence. This is an important and under-researched area in the tourism and events literature and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in these fields, as well as family violence, social work, health and law. You can see the author's blog post about her work here:

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Basics Of The U S Health Care System

Nancy J. Niles Jones & Bartlett Learning

Basics of the U.S. Health Care System provides a broad introduction to the workings of the health care system in the US. Engaging and activities-oriented, the text offers an accessible overview of the major concepts of healthcare operations; the role of government and public health; inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care services; payors and financing; careers; and legal and ethical issues. Updated with new data throughout, Basics of the U.S. Health Care System, Fifth Edition also includes coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the global impact of the pandemic and global vaccination rates; the impact of socioeconomic factors on COVID outcomes; the disease's impact on mental health; the U.S. government role in managing the pandemic, and more. Thoroughly revised, Basics of the U.S. Health Care System, Fifth Edition includes: - Updated data, including new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) at-a-Glance 2021 data. - Expanded discussion on social justice and the social determinants of health. - New chapter on U.S. Population Health discusses the differences between public health population health, and community health. - New laws and legislation passed during the Trump and Biden administrations, including the healthcare provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022, and discussion of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. - Expanded careers chapter offers eight new healthcare career opportunities. - Final chapter takes a comparative look the US health care system vs. other developed countries, and discusses trends that impact the U.S. healthcare system including digital health, systems and design thinking, pay for performance and value based purchasing, and more.

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Proceedings Of The 2022 4th International Conference On Economic Management And Cultural Industry Icemci 2022

Hrushikesh Mallick Springer Nature

This is an open access book. 2022 4th International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2022) to be held in Chongqing (Online) on October 14-16, 2022. As the leader of the global trend of scientific and technological innovation, China is constantly creating a more open scientific and technological innovation environment, expanding the depth and breadth of academic cooperation, and building a shared innovation community. These efforts are making new contributions to globalization and building a community with a shared future for mankind. ICEMCI aims to bring together innovative academics and industry experts in Economic Management and Cultural Industry into a common forum. We will discuss and research on areas such as International Economics and Trade, Sustainable Economic Development, Economic Statistics, Economic Policy, The impact of cultural industries on the economy, etc. ICEMCI 2022 also aims to provide a platform for experts, scholars, engineers, technicians and technology R&D personnel to share scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic development trends, expand research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote cooperation in the industrialization of academic achievements . With the theme "Economic Management and Cultural Industry", ICEMCI 2022 aspires to keeping up with advances and changes to a consistently morphing field. Leading researchers and industry experts from around the globe will be presenting the latest studies through papers, keynote speeches and oral presentations. We warmly invite you to participate in ICEMCI 2022 and look forward to seeing you in Chongqing !

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Kathleen Brewer-Smyth Springer Nature

The entire world is in crisis with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and other lifetime trauma at an all-time high. This book is a valuable resource to promote optimal brain function for everyone, but especially for survivors of trauma who are particularly at risk throughout the life course. It is critical for healthcare providers, schoolteachers and administration, public safety professionals, foster and adoptive parents, employers and loved ones to understand the potential life-long consequences that ACEs can have in the lives of survivors. This book describes the complexities behind why behaviors occur if hurt people hurt themselves and others. The first half of this book addresses what can go wrong in the brain and body after trauma that potentially leads to life-long poor bio-behavioral health outcomes. The second half of this book addresses how the life-long poor bio-behavioral health outcomes can be prevented, mitigated or potentially reversed. This book is necessary for everyone who is interested in optimizing brain function, especially survivors of ACEs and other trauma throughout the life course who are at greater risk. The major focus of the book is on how to prevent long-term negative consequences of trauma and how to restore the brain, body, behavior and emotions.

ISBN10 : 9783031088018 , ISBN13 : 3031088018

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Juvenile Delinquency

Laura Pinto Hansen Aspen Publishing

Juvenile Delinquency by Laura Pinto Hansen blends a discussion of the juvenile justice system with the sociological underpinnings of delinquency issues, creating the ideal text for courses in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice programs. Providing thorough coverage of both theory and application, the text’s interdisciplinary approach looks at juvenile offending through the scholarly lenses of sociology, criminal justice, developmental and physiological psychology. The thoughtful approach is designed to offer a rich reading experience, accommodating different styles of learning. Professors and students will benefit from: Comprehensive coverage of not only the history and theory of juvenile delinquency but also the sociological and psychological underpinnings underlying the law. Interdisciplinary approach that can be used in a wide variety of programs. International Perspectives on Juvenile Justice in each chapter offering cross-cultural, cross-national views of the treatment of juvenile offenders, as well as a peek behind the walls of juvenile detention centers in other countries around the world. In the Media sections provide timely case studies of current trends in the field. Carefully designed pedagogy, including Chapter Objectives, Key terms, Chapter Summaries, and Discussion Questions, helps students master the material. References and Suggested Readings at the end of each chapter not only cite the sources used but also encourage students to research topics further, as well as giving them a start for their class research papers.

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