Legal And Ethical Issues For Health Professionals

George D. Pozgar Jones & Bartlett Learning

Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, 6th Edition, has been designed to assist the reader in a more comfortable transition from the didactics of the classroom to the practical application in the workplace. The 6th Edition provides the reader with a clearer understanding of how the law and ethics are intertwined as they relate to health care dilemmas. The 6th Edition, as with previous editions, has been designed to introduce the reader to various ethical-legal issues and should not be considered an in-depth or comprehensive review of a particular ethical-legal issue. The book is a call to arms to do good things, to stand out from the crowd, because acts of caring, compassion, and kindness often go unnoticed.

ISBN10 : 9781284261714 , ISBN13 : 1284261719

Page Number : 505

Physical Examination And Health Assessment Canadian E Book

Carolyn Jarvis Elsevier Health Sciences

Learn how to take a clear, logical, and holistic approach to physical examination and health assessment across the lifespan! Using easy-to-follow language, detailed illustrations, summary checklists, and new learning resources, Physical Examination & Health Assessment, 4th Canadian Edition, is the gold-standard in physical examination textbooks. This new edition reflects today’s nursing practice with a greater focus on diverse communities, evidence-informed content throughout, and new and enhanced case studies focusing on critical thinking and clinical judgement. It's easy to see why this text is #1 with Canadian nursing students! Approximately 150 normal and abnormal examination photos for the nose, mouth, throat, thorax, and pediatric assessment give you a fresh perspective on these key system examinations, with cultural diversity and developmental variations. Social determinants of health considerations cover the shifting landscape of Canada’s populations with strategies for integrating social, economic, and ethnocultural diversity into students’ health assessments. Assessment strategies relevant to Indigenous populations, harm reduction, nutrition, and transgender persons inform practitioners on respectful, complete care. Sectional colour bars segment body systems according to content — Structure and Function, Subjective Data, Objective Data, Documentation and Critical Thinking, Abnormal Findings. Documentation and critical thinking sections provide real world clinical examples of specific patients and how to document assessment findings. Abnormal findings tables help you recognize, sort, and describe abnormalities. Separate chapter on pregnancy provides a thorough foundation for assessing the pregnant patient. Developmental Considerations sections highlight content specific to infants, children, adolescents, pregnant individuals, and older adults. Content covering the electronic health record, charting, and narrative recording provides examples of how to document assessment findings. Two-column format distinguishes normal findings from abnormal findings and uses full-colour, step-by-step photos to clarify examination techniques and expected findings. Promoting Health boxes focus on this key aspect of Canadian health care. Summary checklists offer reviews of key examination steps.

ISBN10 : 9780323875097 , ISBN13 : 0323875092

Page Number : 983

Medical Assistance In Dying Maid In Canada

Jaro Kotalik Springer Nature

This book, written both for a Canadian and an international readership, provides a multidisciplinary review of the framework and performance of the Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program. In the first five years (2015-2021) of operation, this program delivered voluntary euthanasia and assistance in suicide to over 30,000 Canadian residents, presently representing a 30% annual growth. Looking back on these first five years, the 30 Canadian scholars and clinicians contributing to this volume raise important issues and attempt to answer key questions that have arisen in regards to its operation and its stated objectives. This volume strikes the most appropriate balance between the autonomy of persons who seek medical assistance, versus the interests and protection of vulnerable persons. Finally, the book makes suggestions on how the program can presently be improved. It identifies gaps in knowledge about MAID’s operational program and its impact on individuals, families and society in order to stimulate the necessary research that is essential to the evolution of a healthy and well-balanced program. As a first, comprehensive examination of medically assisted deaths in Canada, this publication will be of great value to lay, professional, academic, political audiences both domestically and internationally, especially in jurisdictions that are examining their options of permitting assisted deaths.

ISBN10 : 9783031300028 , ISBN13 : 3031300025

Page Number : 507

Gef Hrlich Lecker

Chris van Tulleken Heyne Verlag

Der Nr.1-Sunday-Times-Bestseller Warum weiß unser Körper genau, wieviel Wasser wir brauchen, wie viel Sauerstoff wir benötigen – aber beim Essen scheinen unsere Systeme zu versagen? Woran liegt es, dass seit einigen Jahrzehnten Übergewicht und Fettleibigkeit auf der ganzen Welt zu einem ernsthaften Problem geworden sind, das mit jedem Jahr schwerwiegender wird? Chris van Tulleken zeigt einen einzigen Grund auf, der hierfür verantwortlich ist: hochverarbeitete Lebensmittel – sie sind allgegenwärtig und selbst für ernährungsbewusste Menschen nicht ohne Weiteres vermeidbar. Hochverarbeitete Lebensmittel manipulieren unsere Körper – und das ist von der Industrie durchaus gewollt. Ihre Produkte sollen uns süchtig machen und uns dazu verführen, immer mehr zu kaufen und zu essen. Anhand zahlreicher Studien und mit Hilfe eines dramatischen Selbstversuchs zeigt der Arzt, Wissenschaftler und Familienvater, wie verheerend hochverarbeitete Lebensmittel in unseren Körpern wirken, wie sie rücksichtslos und ungehindert vermarktet werden – und wie wir die Kontrolle über unser Essverhalten und unsere Gesundheit zurückgewinnen.

ISBN10 : 9783641301156 , ISBN13 : 3641301157

Page Number : 227

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Pandemics

Steven W. Mosher Simon and Schuster

Deadly plagues have ripped across the globe for centuries and will continue to do so in the future. From the Black Death to Smallpox and the Hong Kong flu, seven of the ten worst plagues in history originated in China. But the Covid-19 pandemic was something entirely new: a genetically engineered pathogen that was deliberately released upon the world for the geopolitical profit of a Communist government. In The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Pandemics, Steven Mosher, a leading authority on China, devastates politically correct narratives about the Covid-19 pandemic and the deadliest plagues in history. With expert insight, he reveals: Mountains of evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic originated in a Wuhan lab and not a wet market What life was like under plagues of the past and how these compare to the Covid-19 pandemic How Communist governments benefit economically and strategically from international plagues Chinese Communist Party source documents revealing viruses bioengineered to wreak global havoc The next pandemic may be the most devastating plague of all time. The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Pandemics sounds the alarm to prepare for a dangerous pandemic future.

ISBN10 : 9781684512775 , ISBN13 : 1684512778

Page Number : 295

Fat Talk

Virginia Sole-Smith Henry Holt and Company

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER By the time they reach kindergarten, most kids believe that “fat” is bad. By middle school, more than a quarter of them have gone on a diet. What are parents supposed to do? Kids learn, as we’ve all learned, that thinness is a survival strategy in a world that equates body size and value. Parents worry if their kids care too much about being thin, but even more about the consequences if they aren’t. And multibillion-dollar industries thrive on this fear of fatness. We’ve fought the “war on obesity” for over forty years and Americans aren’t thinner or happier with their bodies. But it’s not our kids—or their weight—who need fixing. In this illuminating narrative, journalist Virginia Sole-Smith exposes the daily onslaught of fatphobia and body shaming that kids face from school, sports, doctors, diet culture, and parents themselves—and offers strategies for how families can change the conversation around weight, health, and self-worth. Fat Talk is a stirring, deeply researched, and groundbreaking book that will help parents learn to reckon with their own body biases, identify diet culture, and empower their kids to navigate this challenging landscape. Sole-Smith draws on her extensive reporting and interviews with dozens of parents and kids to offer a provocative new approach for thinking about food and bodies, and a way for us all to work toward a more weight-inclusive world.

ISBN10 : 9781250831200 , ISBN13 : 1250831202

Page Number : 236

Ultra Processed People The Science Behind Food That Isn T Food

Chris van Tulleken W. W. Norton & Company

New York Times Bestseller International Bestseller A manifesto to change how you eat and how you think about the human body. It’s not you, it’s the food. We have entered a new age of eating. For the first time in human history, most of our calories come from an entirely novel set of substances called Ultra-Processed Food. There’s a long, formal scientific definition, but it can be boiled down to this: if it’s wrapped in plastic and has at least one ingredient that you wouldn’t find in your kitchen, it’s UPF. These products are specifically engineered to behave as addictive substances, driving excess consumption. They are now linked to the leading cause of early death globally and the number one cause of environmental destruction. Yet almost all our staple foods are ultra-processed. UPF is our food culture and for many people it is the only available and affordable food. In this book, Chris van Tulleken, father, scientist, doctor, and award-winning BBC broadcaster, marshals the latest evidence to show how governments, scientists, and doctors have allowed transnational food companies to create a pandemic of diet-related disease. The solutions don’t lie in willpower, personal responsibility, or exercise. You’ll find no diet plan in this book—but join Chris as he undertakes a powerful self-experiment that made headlines around the world: under the supervision of colleagues at University College London he spent a month eating a diet of 80 percent UPF, typical for many children and adults in the United States. While his body became the subject of scientific scrutiny, he spoke to the world’s leading experts from academia, agriculture, and—most important—the food industry itself. But more than teaching him about the experience of the food, the diet switched off Chris’s own addiction to UPF. In a fast-paced and eye-opening narrative he explores the origins, science, and economics of UPF to reveal its catastrophic impact on our bodies and the planet. And he proposes real solutions for doctors, for policy makers, and for all of us who have to eat. A book that won’t only upend the way you shop and eat, Ultra-Processed People will open your eyes to the need for action on a global scale.

ISBN10 : 9781324036739 , ISBN13 : 1324036737

Page Number : 293