The Making Of A Pandemic

John Ehrenreich Springer Nature

The Making of a Pandemic provides a systematic account of how societal and psychological forces shaped the Covid-19 pandemic. The first part focuses on how biological and societal factors interact to create a pandemic. The second part explores how characteristics of the American economy, the American approach to public health, and domestic and international inequality combined to prolong the pandemic, hamper mitigation efforts, and arouse opposition to cooperation with public health measures. The third part examines the psychological processes that led to resistance to efforts to mitigate the pandemic and linked the resistance to right-wing ideologies. The book concludes by looking at the limits of the technical and medical reforms others have proposed to protect us from repetitions of the Covid-19 disaster and by calling for a “deep confrontation” with the societal and psychological factors that created and shaped the pandemic.

ISBN10 : 9783031049644 , ISBN13 : 3031049640

Page Number : 153

Talent Assessment

Tracy Kantrowitz Oxford University Press

"Technology-enhanced assessments for selection and development have flourished over the past several decades. Sophisticated assessment programs that weren't possible even a few years ago can now be assembled and launched on a global scale to measure almost any attribute in any language with greater realism, efficiency, and precision than ever before. Large-scale assessment applications have emerged where candidates are recruited online, automatically screened, assessed and prioritized, and presented with online interview questions based on the results of their assessments - all without any human contact. Many organizations have enthusiastically embraced these developments due to the obvious practical benefits and immediate payoff associated with increased efficiency and reduced costs to move candidates from recruitment through to selection"--

ISBN10 : 9780197611050 , ISBN13 : 0197611052

Page Number : 585

Navigating Students Mental Health In The Wake Of Covid 19

James M. Kauffman Taylor & Francis

This book highlights the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health needs of children and adolescents in order to shed light on future practice and reform needed to better deal with the aftermath of such devastating events. The book identifies the conditions during any public health crisis that heighten the mental health needs of children and adolescents and suggests the reforms of mental health services needed to better meet the needs of children and youths during and following pandemics and other public health crises. Importance is placed not only on addressing the effects of COVID-19 but on anticipating and preparing for other public health disruptions to the lives of those who have not reached adulthood. Although mental health services in all settings are considered, special attention is given to the role of schools in providing for the mental health of children and adolescents and preparing for the mental health implications of future public health disruptions. The book will be of equal use to both students and researchers in the fields of mental health, well-being, and education as well as teachers, educational psychologists, social workers, and practitioners working in schools and communities to address students’ mental health needs. It will help readers better understand how and why COVID-19 was a negative influence on students’ mental health, and unpack how best to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic.

ISBN10 : 9781000770575 , ISBN13 : 1000770575

Page Number : 141

Animal Maltreatment Evaluation Basics For Mental Health Practitioners Students And Educators

Lynett Henderson Metzger Springer Nature

This book provides a brief introduction to the growing field of animal maltreatment evaluation and treatment, with a special emphasis on clinical training from a forensic psychology perspective. Geared toward mental health practitioners, students, and educators, this broad overview focuses on foundational legal concepts, applications in clinical and psycholegal settings, and emerging perspectives on effective evaluation and treatment. The authors provide practical guidance around “real world” scenarios through the use of clinical case vignettes, highlighting the complexities and need for culturally- and psychologically-informed care in these cases. Key topics include forensic animal maltreatment evaluations (or FAMEs); implications for best practices; challenges for providers, trainees, and supervisors; and future directions for the field.

ISBN10 : 9783031049842 , ISBN13 : 3031049845

Page Number : 86


Dana Gross Rowman & Littlefield

This comprehensive, accessible, market-leading infant development (prenatal-age 3) core text for infant and early childhood development weaves together research, theory, and current issues of diversity of culture for students seeking to engage in the lives of our youngest children with understanding and compassion.

ISBN10 : 9781538167274 , ISBN13 : 1538167271

Page Number : 415

Human Resource Management

Talya Bauer SAGE Publications

Human resources is rapidly evolving into a data-rich field but with big data comes big decisions. The best companies understand how to use data to make strategic workforce decisions and gain significant competitive advantage. Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics, Second Edition by Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, David Caughlin, and Donald Truxillo introduces students to the fundamentals of talent management with integrated coverage of analytics in every chapter. Features tied to SHRM competencies and data exercises give students hands-on opportunities to practice the analytical and decision-making skills they need to excel in today’s job market. Whether your students are future managers or future HR professionals, they will learn best practices for managing talent across the lifecycle in the changing workplace.

ISBN10 : 9781071876862 , ISBN13 : 1071876864

Page Number : 598

Digital Therapeutics For Mental Health And Addiction

Nicholas C. Jacobson Academic Press

Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health and Addiction: The State of the Science and Vision for the Future presents the foundations of digital therapeutics with a broad audience in mind, ranging from bioengineers and computer scientists to those in psychology, psychiatry and social work. Sections cover cutting-edge advancements in the field, offering advice on how to successfully implement digital therapeutics. Readers will find sections on evidence for direct-to-consumer standalone digital therapeutics, the efficacy of integrating digital treatments within traditional healthcare settings, and recent innovations currently transforming the field of digital therapeutics towards experiences which are more personalized, adaptable and engaging. This book gives a view on current limitations of the technology, ideas for problem-solving the challenges of designing this technology, and a perspective on future research directions. For all readers, the content on cultural, legal and ethical dimensions of digital mental health will be useful. Gives a comprehensive overview of the field of digital therapeutics and research on their efficacy, effectiveness, scalability and cost-effectiveness Introduces novel directions in which digital therapeutics are currently being extended, including personalized interventions delivered in real-time Reviews important considerations surrounding digital therapeutics, including how they can be monetized and scaled, ethical issues, cultural adaptations, privacy and security concerns, and potential pitfalls

ISBN10 : 9780323885614 , ISBN13 : 0323885616

Page Number : 270