An R Companion To Applied Regression

John Fox SAGE Publications

An R Companion to Applied Regression is a broad introduction to the R statistical computing environment in the context of applied regression analysis. John Fox and Sanford Weisberg provide a step-by-step guide to using the free statistical software R, an emphasis on integrating statistical computing in R with the practice of data analysis, coverage of generalized linear models, and substantial web-based support materials. The Third Edition has been reorganized and includes a new chapter on mixed-effects models, new and updated data sets, and a de-emphasis on statistical programming, while retaining a general introduction to basic R programming. The authors have substantially updated both the car and effects packages for R for this edition, introducing additional capabilities and making the software more consistent and easier to use. They also advocate an everyday data-analysis workflow that encourages reproducible research. To this end, they provide coverage of RStudio, an interactive development environment for R that allows readers to organize and document their work in a simple and intuitive fashion, and then easily share their results with others. Also included is coverage of R Markdown, showing how to create documents that mix R commands with explanatory text. "An R Companion to Applied Regression continues to provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide to estimating, interpreting, and presenting results from regression models in R." –Christopher Hare, University of California, Davis

ISBN10 : 9781544336459 , ISBN13 : 1544336454

Page Number : 505

My Broken Vagina

Fran Bushe

Imagine if every time you tried to have sex, all you experienced was pain. Extreme pain. Everyone's told you that it's supposed to hurt the first time, but surely this feeling of excruciating agony can't be normal. This is an experienced shared by almost half of all women at some point during their lives.My Broken Vagina is one woman's quest to fix her sex life, but it's the story of millions of women everywhere. During her journey towards building a better relationship with her genitals, Fran been given many pieces of advice. Doctors have advised her to 'have a glass of wine to loosen up'; male friends have suggested she simply hasn't 'tried' the right penis yet; partners inevitably felt it was a reflection of their sexual prowess. But none of that was helpful.Eventually, Fran was told that her symptoms; difficulty orgasming, pain during sex, and general dissatisfaction with the whole thing, came under the umbrella diagnosis of 'Female Sexual Dysfunction' (the sexiest of all the dysfunctions). And so began the process of figuring out how she felt about the term FSD, and finally having a label, if an imperfect one, that made her feel like she wasn't, for once, being gaslit by her own vagina.

ISBN10 : 1529347653 , ISBN13 : 9781529347654

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Abortion Politics In Congress

Scott H. Ainsworth Cambridge University Press

This book examines how legislators have juggled their passions over abortion with standard congressional procedures, looking at how both external factors (such as public opinion) and internal factors (such as the ideological composition of committees and party systems) shape the development of abortion policy. Driven by both theoretical and empirical concerns, Scott H. Ainsworth and Thad E. Hall present a simple, formal model of strategic incrementalism, illustrating that legislators often have incentives to alter policy incrementally. They then examine the sponsorship of abortion-related proposals as well as their committee referral and find that a wide range of Democratic and Republican legislators repeatedly offer abortion-related proposals designed to alter abortion policy incrementally. Abortion Politics in Congress reveals that abortion debates have permeated a wide range of issues and that a wide range of legislators and a large number of committees address abortion.

ISBN10 : 9781139494366 , ISBN13 : 1139494368

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The Last Samurai

Helen DeWitt New Directions Publishing

Called “remarkable” (The Wall Street Journal) and “an ambitious, colossal debut novel” (Publishers Weekly), Helen DeWitt’s The Last Samurai is back in print at last Helen DeWitt’s 2000 debut, The Last Samurai, was “destined to become a cult classic” (Miramax). The enterprising publisher sold the rights in twenty countries, so “Why not just, ‘destined to become a classic?’” (Garth Risk Hallberg) And why must cultists tell the uninitiated it has nothing to do with Tom Cruise? Sibylla, an American-at-Oxford turned loose on London, finds herself trapped as a single mother after a misguided one-night stand. High-minded principles of child-rearing work disastrously well. J. S. Mill (taught Greek at three) and Yo Yo Ma (Bach at two) claimed the methods would work with any child; when these succeed with the boy Ludo, he causes havoc at school and is home again in a month. (Is he a prodigy, a genius? Readers looking over Ludo’s shoulder find themselves easily reading Greek and more.) Lacking male role models for a fatherless boy, Sibylla turns to endless replays of Kurosawa’s masterpiece Seven Samurai. But Ludo is obsessed with the one thing he wants and doesn’t know: his father’s name. At eleven, inspired by his own take on the classic film, he sets out on a secret quest for the father he never knew. He’ll be punched, sliced, and threatened with retribution. He may not live to see twelve. Or he may find a real samurai and save a mother who thinks boredom a fate worse than death.

ISBN10 : 9780811225519 , ISBN13 : 0811225518

Page Number : 576

Full Frontal Feminism

Jessica Valenti Seal Press

Now in its updated second edition, Full Frontal Feminism is a book that continues to embody the forward-looking messages that author Jessica Valenti propagated as founder of the popular website, Full Frontal Feminism is a smart and relatable guide to the issues that matter to today’s young women. This edition includes a new foreword by Valenti, reflecting upon what’s happened in the seven years since Full Frontal Feminism was originally published. With new openers from Valenti in every chapter, the book covers a range of topics, including pop culture, health, reproductive rights, violence, education, relationships, and more. Chapters include: You’re a Hardcore Feminist. I Swear. Feminists Do It Better (and Other Sex Tips) Pop Culture Gone Wild The Blame (and Shame) Game If These Uterine Walls Could Talk Material World My Big Fat Unnecessary Wedding and Other Dating Diseases “Real” Women Have Babies I Promise I Won’t Say “Herstory” Boys Do Cry Beauty Cult Sex and the City Voters, My Ass A Quick Academic Aside Get to It Since its original publication, Full Frontal Feminism has reassured readers—yeah, you're feminists, and that's actually pretty cool.

ISBN10 : 9781580055727 , ISBN13 : 1580055729

Page Number : 288

Engaged Anthropology

Stuart Kirsch Univ of California Press

Does anthropology have more to offer than just its texts? In this timely and remarkable book, Stuart Kirsch shows how anthropology can—and why it should—become more engaged with the problems of the world. Engaged Anthropology draws on the author’s experiences working with indigenous peoples fighting for their environment, land rights, and political sovereignty. Including both short interventions and collaborations spanning decades, it recounts interactions with lawyers and courts, nongovernmental organizations, scientific experts, and transnational corporations. This unflinchingly honest account addresses the unexamined “backstage” of engaged anthropology. Coming at a time when some question the viability of the discipline, the message of this powerful and original work is especially welcome, as it not only promotes a new way of doing anthropology, but also compellingly articulates a new rationale for why anthropology matters.

ISBN10 : 9780520970090 , ISBN13 : 0520970098

Page Number : 328