Cultivating Trauma Informed Practice In Student Affairs

Tricia R. Shalka Taylor & Francis

Offering a multi-tiered approach to supporting college students who have experienced trauma, this book considers how trauma manifests for post-secondary college students and how colleges and universities can implement trauma-informed practice in student affairs. Author Tricia R. Shalka offers knowledge about trauma and its trajectories to help ground trauma-informed practice, before translating this knowledge into specific strategies that span a spectrum of individual and systems-level efforts in colleges and universities. The story of college student trauma is presented through several different lenses, including discussions around the research literature, what the author’s research participants offer, and the author’s own personal experience with trauma. Drawing on these diverse perspectives, Shalka initiates a journey of reflection and (re)connection that will ultimately inform an understanding of the challenges college student trauma survivors encounter and what it means to embrace trauma-informed approaches in student affairs supportive of student success and well-being-centric organizations. Written in an approachable and conversational style, this book introduces new concepts to consider when working toward building a trauma-informed practice in student affairs and as such will assist student affairs practitioners, university administrators, and college-level educators in supporting students.

ISBN10 : 9781000982657 , ISBN13 : 1000982653

Page Number : 118

Social Policy For Effective Practice

Rosemary Kennedy Chapin Taylor & Francis

Social Policy for Effective Practice: A Strengths Approach sharpens students' awareness of social welfare policy and offers a considerable array of resources and knowledge foundations to both understand and thrive within a continually evolving policy landscape. Throughout the text, the authors tell the stories of social workers who impact policy, incorporate frameworks for policy analysis, center social work values and strengths principles, and integrate the series' interactive and downloadable cases to demonstrate policy's relevance and application to practice settings and situations in concrete ways. Students may use the text as an introduction to social policy, a tool for deeper examination of policy topics, and as a lifelong companion for their policy-relevant practice. Now in its sixth edition, the textbook is fully updated to reflect substantial changes in policy arenas such as health care, family economic support, immigration and asylum, criminal justice, housing, reproductive rights, substance use disorder, mental health treatment, and childcare, as well as the implications of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. With additional support and extensions available at, Social Policy for Effective Practice makes policy relevant, accessible, and meaningful for social work students and is a perfect complement to undergraduate and graduate courses on social policy and practice.

ISBN10 : 9781000840971 , ISBN13 : 1000840972

Page Number : 756

Safer Sanctuaries

Upper Room Books

Since 1998, Safe Sanctuaries has been a trusted source of guidance for churches and other affiliated institutions as they work to reduce the risk of abuse in their communities through proven policies and practices. A changing world, however, requires a constant renewal of these trusted strategies along with new and updated approaches to the work of preventing abuse. Safer Sanctuaries: Nurturing Trust within Faith Communities builds on the strong foundation of past resources while also inspiring and preparing churches for the work of the future. Safer Sanctuaries acknowledges the fears that swirl around the subject of abuse and encourages churches to respond with honesty, open communication, and accountability to the challenges faced in these communities. This approach allows communities to encourage flourishing instead of fear and build welcoming, thriving communities that are open and safe for everyone. The seven sections of this resource walk through the theological grounding of this work, the psychology of abuse prevention, the basic guidelines for risk reduction, age-level specific guidance, step-by-step instructions on designing and implementing a churchwide policy, how to respond to abuse, and an affirmation and encouragement for the work ahead. Safer Sanctuaries is also a comprehensive volume that includes chapters with guidance for working with: Nursery-age and preschool children Elementary-age children Youth People with disabilities Older adults Camping and retreat attendees College students Sample forms are also provided for help in screening workers, requesting background checks, checking references, and reporting suspected abuse. Building a safer sanctuary can be a life-giving and community enhancing work of ministry for a congregation. It can be an empowering, joyful way of being in community that promotes the safety and security of all people.

ISBN10 : 9780881779646 , ISBN13 : 0881779644

Page Number : 457

Trauma Informed Healthcare Approaches

Megan R. Gerber Springer

Interpersonal trauma is ubiquitous and its impact on health has long been understood. Recently, however, the critical importance of this issue has been magnified in the public eye. A burgeoning literature has demonstrated the impact of traumatic experiences on mental and physical health, and many potential interventions have been proposed. This volume serves as a detailed, practical guide to trauma-informed care. Chapters provide guidance to both healthcare providers and organizations on strategies for adopting, implementing and sustaining principles of trauma-informed care. The first section maps out the scope of the problem and defines specific types of interpersonal trauma. The authors then turn to discussion of adaptations to care for special populations, including sexual and gender minority persons, immigrants, male survivors and Veterans as these groups often require more nuanced approaches. Caring for trauma-exposed patients can place a strain on clinicians, and approaches for fostering resilience and promoting wellness among staff are presented next. Finally, the book covers concrete trauma-informed clinical strategies in adult and pediatric primary care, and women’s health/maternity care settings. Using a case-based approach, the expert authors provide real-world front line examples of the impact trauma-informed clinical approaches have on patients’ quality of life, sense of comfort, and trust. Case examples are discussed along with evidence based approaches that demonstrate improved health outcomes. Written by experts in the field, Trauma-Informed Healthcare Approaches is the definitive resource for improving quality care for patients who have experienced trauma.

ISBN10 : 9783030043421 , ISBN13 : 3030043428

Page Number : 227

Pervasive Computing Technologies For Healthcare

Hadas Lewy Springer Nature

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Pervasive Health 2021, held in December 2021. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. The 28 full and 7 short papers were selected from 74 submissions and are organized in 3 main tracks: hospitality and community care, homecare and medical education. The COVID 19 pandemic was challenging all dimensions of Pervasive Health (PH) and traditional ways of monitoring, diagnosing, treating and communicating changed dramatically.

ISBN10 : 9783030991944 , ISBN13 : 3030991946

Page Number : 570

Bullying Beyond The Schoolyard

Sameer Hinduja Corwin Press

Technology keeps changing, and cyberbullying is as prominent as ever. It’s time to up your game. As social media apps, gaming platforms, and other online environments have given present more opportunities to adolescents to cause harm to their peers, the proportion of youth who’ve experienced cyberbullying continues to rise. This bestselling guide from the co-directors of the Cyberbullying Research Center provides the tools you need today to keep your students safe in this increasingly connected world. Now in its third edition, this essential resource draws on the cyberbullying experiences of thousands of students and incorporates new evidence-based strategies focused on school climate, empathy, resilience, digital citizenship, media literacy, counterspeech, and student-led initiatives. Other updates include: An overview of popular online environments you should know about Techniques for how best to work with parents, student groups, law enforcement, and social media platforms Deeper exploration of the emotional and psychological consequences of cyberbullying A nuanced focus on identity-based (e.g., gender, race, religion, sexual orientation) victimization Summaries of the latest legal rulings and what they mean for your school Featuring solutions that are actionable, relevant, current, and data-driven, this guide will equip you to protect students from online harm.

ISBN10 : 9781071921562 , ISBN13 : 1071921568

Page Number : 249