Spectral Photon Counting Computed Tomography

Katsuyuki Taguchi CRC Press

Spectral, Photon Counting Computed Tomography is a comprehensive cover of the latest developments in the most prevalent imaging modality (x-ray computed tomography (CT)) in its latest incarnation: Spectral, Dual-Energy, and Photon Counting CT. Disadvantages of the conventional single-energy technique used by CT technology are that different materials cannot be distinguished and that the noise is larger. To address these problems, a novel spectral CT concept has been proposed. Spectral Dual-Energy CT (DE-CT) acquires two sets of spectral data, and Spectral Photon Counting CT (PC-CT) detects energy of x-ray photons to reveal additional material information of objects by using novel energy-sensitive, photon-counting detectors. The K-edge imaging may be a gateway for functional or molecular CT. The book covers detectors and electronics, image reconstruction methods, image quality assessments, a simulation tool, nanoparticle contrast agents, and clinical applications for spectral CT.

ISBN10 : 9780429942006 , ISBN13 : 0429942001

Page Number : 422

Pet To Man Travelling Staphylococci

Vincenzo Savini Academic Press

Pet-to-Man Travelling Staphylococci: A World in Progress explores Staphylococci, a dangerous pathogen that affects both humans and animals with a wide range of infection states. This bacteria can spread rapidly as a commensal organism in both humans and pets, and is an agent of disease. Staphylococci are potentially highly virulent pathogens which require urgent medical attention. In addition, Staphylococci remain a threat within hospital environments, where they can quickly spread across a patient population. This book explores the organisms' resistance to many compounds used to treat them, treatment failure and multidrug resistant staphylococci, amongst other related topics. Focuses not only on man and animal staphylococcal diseases, but on the role of shared household in man-to-pet (and vice versa) transmission Underlines the importance of professional exposure to mammals (i.e. veterinary and farm personnel) in the establishment of shared colonization's and related diseases Highlights the impact of shared staphylococci and virulence determinants in human and veterinary pathology Sheds light on the way staphylococci may be recognized in clinical laboratories

ISBN10 : 9780128135488 , ISBN13 : 0128135484

Page Number : 322

Respiratory Endoscopy

Takehiro Izumo Springer

This book provides a detailed overview of the latest innovations in respiratory endoscopy, from both diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives; each chapter focuses on one disease and the techniques for early diagnosis as well as treatment. It comprehensively covers treatment and procedures, including simultaneous X-ray fluoroscopy and its use during bronchoscopic procedures. This fast-developing technology is essential for the medical management of non-malignant and malignant diseases of the chest, especially lung cancer. Respiratory Endoscopy describes the cooperation between all the members of the healthcare team, and as such is a valuable resource not only for medical staff, but also for radiological technicians and nursing staff who contribute significantly in the care of the patients undergoing these invasive procedures. By promoting teamwork and providing practical know-how, it will improve the success and safety of respiratory endoscopy procedures.

ISBN10 : 9789812879165 , ISBN13 : 9812879161

Page Number : 259

Engineering Of Stem Cells

Ulrich Martin Springer Science & Business Media

I am very pleased to present this volume on engineering stem cells in Advances in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. This volume stays abreast of recent developments in stem cell biology and the high expectations concerning the dev- opment of stem cell based regenerative therapies. Regenerative medicine is the focus of current biomedical research, with unique challenges related to scientific, technical and ethical issues of stem cell research, and the potential added value of connecting biomedicine with enabling techno- gies such as materials sciences, mechanical- and nano-engineering. Research activities in regenerative medicine include strategies in endogenous regeneration of injured or degenerated tissues by means of gene therapy or cell transplantation, as well as complex approaches to replace or reconstruct lost or malformed tissue structures, by applying tissue engineering approaches. In most cases, the speci- ized functional cell types of interest cannot be isolated from the diseased organ or expanded to a sufficient degree, and various stem and progenitor cell types rep- sent the only applicable cell source. In almost all cases, stem cells have to be engineered, sometimes for functional improvement, in many cases to produce large numbers of cells, and frequently to achieve efficient and specific differentiation in the cell type(s) of interest.

ISBN10 : 9783540888055 , ISBN13 : 3540888055

Page Number : 249

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Clete A. Kushida CRC Press

Responding to the growing recognition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) as a major medical condition and the emergence of exciting new therapies, this 2 volume source examines clinical features, characteristics, comorbidities, and impact of OSA on patient biological systems. Not to mention, diagnosis and treatment methods that include first-line and

ISBN10 : 9781420061819 , ISBN13 : 142006181X

Page Number : 960

Spectral Computed Tomography

Björn J. Heismann SPIE-International Society for Optical Engineering

Computed tomography (CT) is a widely used x-ray scanning technique. In its prominent use as a medical imaging device, CT serves as a workhorse in many clinical settings throughout the world. It provides answers to urgent diagnostic tasks such as oncology tumor staging, acute stroke analysis, or radiation therapy planning. Spectral Computed Tomography provides a concise, practical coverage of this important medical tool. The first chapter considers the main clinical motivations for spectral CT applications. In Chapter 2, the measurement properties of spectral CT systems are described. Chapter 3 provides an overview of the current state of research on spectral CT algorithms. Based on this overview, the technical realization of spectral CT systems is evaluated in Chapter 4. Device approaches such as DSCT, kV switching, and energy-resolving detectors are compared. Finally, Chapter 5 summarizes various algorithms for spectral CT reconstructions and spectral CT image postprocessing, and links these algorithms to clinical use cases

ISBN10 : 0819492574 , ISBN13 : 9780819492579

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Cancer Immunotherapy

James Allison Elsevier

For some time immunotherapy has been heralded as a breakthrough approach for cancer treatment. Although the potential of this strategy remains solid, the approach needs considerable refinement. Whilst some programmes are looking to increase the understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the stimulation of antitumor immunity, others are trying to find the most appropriate clinical setting that will reveal the role of the immune system in combating cancer. Among the most important discoveries have been tumor-specific antigens. This thematic volume highlights some key issues and discusses where they may move forward. It has been put together by two leading cancer immunotherapists from two eminent institutions that focus on cancer research.

ISBN10 : 9780080463377 , ISBN13 : 0080463371

Page Number : 400