Microbiology For The Healthcare Professional E Book

Karin C. VanMeter Elsevier Health Sciences

Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional, 3rd Edition offers an excellent foundation for understanding the spread, treatment, and prevention of infectious disease — critical knowledge for today’s healthcare professional. This straightforward introductory text makes microbiology approachable and easy to learn, presenting just the right level of information and detail to help you comprehend future course material and apply concepts to your new career. UNIQUE! Why You Need to Know and Life Application boxes make the content more relevant by putting material in a real-world context, helping you understand how concepts apply to everyday situations. UNIQUE! Medical Highlights boxes in each chapter provide anecdotal information about a pathological condition mentioned in the chapter, with illustrations and updates on new trends and information specific to the healthcare industry. UNIQUE! Health Care Application tables in each chapter provide quick access to focused information on pathogens as they relate to the subject matter of the chapter, including symptoms, causes, and treatments for a given condition/pathogen when applicable. Timesaving focus on just the necessary information provides the ideal level of introductory microbiology coverage. Chapter outlines and key terms for every chapter enable more efficient learning. Learning objectives clarify chapter goals and guide you through the content. Twenty review questions at the end of each chapter test your retention and help you identify areas requiring further study. NEW! The Bigger Picture section in each body system chapter identifies other body systems that might be affected by a particular microbial infection. NEW! Technology Boxes highlight new technology, such as artificial intelligence, that is becoming more essential to diagnosis and treatment in the healthcare field.

ISBN10 : 9780323834797 , ISBN13 : 0323834795

Page Number : 544

Burton S Microbiology For The Health Sciences Enhanced Edition

Paul G. Engelkirk Jones & Bartlett Learning

Emphasizing the relevance of microbiology to a career in the health professions, Burton's Microbiology for the Health Sciences provides the vital microbiology information you need to protect yourself and your patients from infectious diseases.

ISBN10 : 9781284225365 , ISBN13 : 1284225364

Page Number : 478

Role Of Microbes In Human Health And Diseases

Nar Singh Chauhan BoD – Books on Demand

Microbes are ubiquitous and have ecological interactions with almost all life forms. Likewise, humans invariably engage in host-microbial interactions that could induce short-term or long-term effects. Some of these long-term crossover interactions have allowed successful colonization of microbes within or on the human body, collectively known as the human microbiome or human microbiota. The human microbiome is identified as playing a key role in various physiological processes like digestion, immunity, defense, growth, and development. Any dysbiosis in the human microbiome structure could induce the onset of various metabolic or physiological disorders. Cumulatively, the human microbiome is considered as a virtual human organ that is essential for host survival. Additionally, short-term biological interactions of the host and microbes have exposed microbes to the human cellular system. This exposure could have allowed the microbes to invade human cells for their growth and reproduction-induced onset of various infectious diseases. This book incorporates a number of studies highlighting the role of microbes in human health and diseases.

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