Gun Violence And Mental Illness

Liza H. Gold, M.D. American Psychiatric Pub

Perhaps never before has an objective, evidence-based review of the intersection between gun violence and mental illness been more sorely needed or more timely. Gun Violence and Mental Illness, written by a multidisciplinary roster of authors who are leaders in the fields of mental health, public health, and public policy, is a practical guide to the issues surrounding the relation between firearms deaths and mental illness. Tragic mass shootings that capture headlines reinforce the mistaken beliefs that people with mental illness are violent and responsible for much of the gun violence in the United States. This misconception stigmatizes individuals with mental illness and distracts us from the awareness that approximately 65% of all firearm deaths each year are suicides. This book is an apolitical exploration of the misperceptions and realities that attend gun violence and mental illness. The authors frame both pressing social issues as public health problems subject to a variety of interventions on individual and collective levels, including utilization of a novel perspective: evidence-based interventions focusing on assessments and indicators of dangerousness, with or without indications of mental illness. Reader-friendly, well-structured, and accessible to professional and lay audiences, the book: * Reviews the epidemiology of gun violence and its relationship to mental illness, exploring what we know about those who perpetrate mass shootings and school shootings. * Examines the current legal provisions for prohibiting access to firearms for those with mental illness and whether these provisions and new mandated reporting interventions are effective or whether they reinforce negative stereotypes associated with mental illness. * Discusses the issues raised in accessing mental health treatment in regard to diminished treatment resources, barriers to access, and involuntary commitment.* Explores novel interventions for addressing these issues from a multilevel and multidisciplinary public health perspective that does not stigmatize people with mental illness. This includes reviews of suicide risk assessment; increasing treatment engagement; legal, social, and psychiatric means of restricting access to firearms when people are in crisis; and, when appropriate, restoration of firearm rights. Mental health clinicians and trainees will especially appreciate the risk assessment strategies presented here, and mental health, public health, and public policy researchers will find Gun Violence and Mental Illness a thoughtful and thought-provoking volume that eschews sensationalism and embraces serious scholarship.

ISBN10 : 9781585624980 , ISBN13 : 1585624985

Page Number : 482

Treatment Refractory Schizophrenia

Peter F. Buckley Springer Science & Business Media

Schizophrenia is often associated with an inadequate response to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments. How to treat patients who have an unsatisfactory response to anti-psychotics, including clozapine - which is unequivocally the most powerful antipsychotic medication for this recalcitrant population - remains a clinical conundrum. A range of adjunctive medications have been tried with mixed results; there has also been renewed interest in the role of neuromodulatory strategies, electroconvulsive therapy, and cognitive and vocational approaches. Perhaps a bright spot for the future lies in the evolution of pharmacogenetic approaches for individualized care. In this book, leading experts from Europe, Australia and the Americas provide a timely appraisal of treatments for the most severely ill schizophrenia patients. This clinically focused book is informed by the latest research on the neurobiology and treatment of schizophrenia. It is comprehensive in scope, covering current treatment options, various add-on approaches, and a range of psychosocial treatments. The contributors are respected experts who have combined their clinical experience with cutting-edge research to provide readers with authoritative information on fundamental aspects of clinical care for schizophrenia.

ISBN10 : 9783642452574 , ISBN13 : 3642452574

Page Number : 230

Diagnosis And Management Of Addiction And Other Mental Disorders Dual Disorders

Ana Adan MDPI

This book includes a compilation of papers published in 2020 and 2021 focused on dual disorders, which are found in significant and growing numbers in both substance addiction and mental health clinics. These contributions assume a broad perspective ranging from exposure to genetic and neurobiological elements to factors such as personality and quality of life. In all cases, these papers aimed to be transferred to and to benefit clinical practice.

ISBN10 : 9783036512839 , ISBN13 : 3036512837

Page Number : 206

Black Rage

William H. Grier Bantam Books

This acclaimed work by two black psychiatrists has established itself as the classic statement of the desperation, conflicts, and anger of black life in America.

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Page Number : 196

Kathleen Hale Is A Crazy Stalker

Kathleen Hale Grove Press

In this provocative essay collection, the author “leans into her roles as both victim and predator [with] prose that’s casual and cool and often funny” (The New York Times). In six wide-ranging essays, Kathleen Hale traces some of the most treacherous fault lines in modern America—from sexual assault to Internet trolling, from environmental illness to our own animal nature. From hunting wild hogs in Florida to a standoff with an anonymous blogger, Hale takes no prisoners and fears no subject. “First I Got Pregnant. Then I Decided to Kill the Mountain Lion” recounts the month Hale spent tracking a wild cat in the Hollywood Hills while pregnant. “Prey” tells the troubling story of her sexual assault as a freshman in college. Through these and other essays, Hale wields razor-sharp wit, deep empathy, and daring honesty, even in detailing some of the most difficult moments of her life.

ISBN10 : 9780802146915 , ISBN13 : 0802146910

Page Number : 127

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Kieron O'Connor John Wiley & Sons

Traditionally, obsessive-compulsive disorder has been classified as an anxiety disorder, but there is increasing evidence that it has schizotypal features ? in other words it is a belief disorder. This book describes the ways in which reasoning can be applied to OCD for effective treatment regimes. It moves comprehensively through theoretical, experimental, clinical and treatment aspects of reasoning research, and contains a detailed treatment manual of great value to practitioners, including assessment and treatment protocols and case studies

ISBN10 : 9780470868782 , ISBN13 : 0470868783

Page Number : 320