Public Relations And Communications

Aoife O'Donnell Taylor & Francis

This book provides an introduction to public relations (PR) that employs pedagogical experiential learning models to assist students in developing the skills and competencies required by the PR industry. The book takes the reader on a journey from the theory and origins of PR, through to the structure of the PR profession and the more practical elements of how PR is practiced today. It devotes attention to the common competencies necessary for success as a communications professional, such as communication skills, critical thinking skills and business acumen, while giving due focus to the rapidly evolving new technologies and media that impact how organisations communicate. Featuring example cases from around the world, each chapter includes discussion topics and scenario-based questionnaires to encourage learning and assist students in developing key competencies. This book is ideal for undergraduate PR modules, particularly those with experiential and/or blended learning pedagogical approaches. It will also be useful to those in business seeking to gain a deeper understanding of communications. Situational Judgement Tests and sample press releases, presented as online resources, also accompany the book. Please visit

ISBN10 : 9781000900699 , ISBN13 : 100090069X

Page Number : 176

The Palgrave Handbook Of Globalization With Chinese Characteristics

Paulo Afonso B. Duarte Springer Nature

This handbook offers readers various perspectives on globalization and multilateralism with Chinese characteristics. Its originality is derived from the hybrid approaches the handbook takes, where chapters provide complementary, intertwined, and multi-level analysis on the topic. Based on contributions of scholars and practitioners from a number of countries, the handbook helps readers to comprehend ongoing debates on the Belt and Road Initiative and global governance, within a shifting balance of world power, characterized by competing views between Western and Chinese norms, standards, values, and narratives. Split into three Parts, and consisting of 46 chapters, the handbook views globalization as comprehensive concept that benefits from the contributions of various disciplines such as geography, geo-economics, political science and international relations. In producing one of the most ambitious and updated outputs on the topic, the handbook as a whole seeks to discuss what globalization with Chinese characteristics looks like, and the role of the Belt and Road Initiative in this process.

ISBN10 : 9789811967009 , ISBN13 : 9811967008

Page Number : 810

Research Handbook On Disability And Entrepreneurship

Yousafzai, Shumaila Edward Elgar Publishing

By exploring the economic and social value of disabled people with positive entrepreneurial traits and adaptive skills, this innovative book breaks away from normative entrepreneurial studies to recognise the overlooked value in disabled entrepreneurs.

ISBN10 : 9781789905649 , ISBN13 : 1789905648

Page Number : 359

Follow The Leader Lose The Region

Jeff Reeves UBC Press

As competition among the traditional great powers in the Asia region intensifies, Canada faces a stark choice: Should it align its foreign policy with the US-led free and open Indo-Pacific strategy? Shared values give Canada a clear incentive to follow the lead of the United States and Western-aligned democracies, but Jeffrey Reeves presents the case for a foreign policy based on understanding how Asia sees itself. He draws on Asian sources to demonstrate Western misunderstandings of regional developments and to outline alternative, regionally based policy options. Follow the Leader, Lose the Region urges the Canadian government to pivot away from the policies of its Western allies in order to chart an independent course that better serves its interests.

ISBN10 : 9780774868624 , ISBN13 : 0774868627

Page Number : 276

The Leadership Dozen

Dr. Edward Negrete Jr. Xlibris Corporation

What You Need To Know About “The Leadership Dozen” The Leadership Dozen are 12 specific skills and qualities that are embedded in a leadership perspective that embraces a people approach through “people skills.” Because of the importance of influence in leadership, connecting with people through relationships (with “strong people skills”) is critical to leadership effectiveness and success. The Leadership Dozen are the tools that a leader can use to strengthen their ability to influence and build strong “people skills.” More important, the 12 skills and qualities are learnable and can be developed further through continuous practice. All one needs to do is to invest time, energy, and effort to experience amazing results. The Leadership Dozen is an examination of how great leaders over the course of history have used a dozen or more skills and qualities to successfully lead their organizations or their causes. The book emphasizes one of the most indispensable core values – people skills. If you want to become a better leader, connect with people more effectively, accomplish more positive results, and feel that you are making a difference in people’s lives, then the Leadership Dozen can help you in meeting your goals and expectations. The Leadership Dozen is a must.

ISBN10 : 9781669872801 , ISBN13 : 1669872807

Page Number : 243

Global Perspectives On Maintaining Gender Age And Religious Diversity In The Workplace

Agha, Kakul IGI Global

Diversity is an issue that is pervasive in this globalized world. As most countries are eager to ensure they are as diverse and inclusive as possible, broadening the hemispheres of diversity in the workplace is a crucial step. Consciously or unconsciously, individuals tend to change the way they treat coworkers in the workplace based on gender, age, and religion. In order for businesses across the globe to achieve inclusive workplace cultures, further study is required on the best practices, challenges, and strategies of implementing diversity into policy. Global Perspectives on Maintaining Gender, Age, and Religious Diversity in the Workplace captures insights into global perspectives on issues, challenges, and solutions for mitigating gender, age, and religious diversity-related matters in the workplace. The book aims to highlight policies and practices prevalent in a variety of sectors in different countries around the globe. Covering topics such as cross-cultural leadership, diversity policy, and wellbeing, this reference work is crucial for business owners, managers, human resources professionals, researchers, scholars, academicians, practitioners, instructors, and students.

ISBN10 : 9781668451533 , ISBN13 : 1668451530

Page Number : 428