Power Goals

Christina Skytt Balboa Press

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Goals If you’ve ever felt frustrated in the pursuit of your goals – or have trouble setting them in the first place – then you need… POWER GOALS …the life-changing system that’s proven effective with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Now it’s available to you. Power Goals guides you through a nine step process for setting and achieving goals – mapping out the starting point, setting powerful goals, creating a vision, addressing your pre-programming, assembling a supportive team, taking action, handling turbulent situations, maintaining a positive attitude, and celebrating the achievement of your Power Goals. “This book will change your life in ways you never thought possible.” – Bob Proctor, featured Teacher in The Secret What is a POWER GOAL? A Power Goal is more than just a goal. It’s an extraordinary, transformative tool for success. It’s a goal you set to change your life, attract new opportunities and put you in front of the right people. It’s a goal that up-levels your every activity and relationship. • It is something SO BIG you have never come close to it before. • It is something SO SCARY you have no idea how to achieve it. • But it is something SO DESIRABLE you are willing to do anything to achieve it. If you are ready to bring your life up a level, give yourself the gift of Power Goals. Combine the principles presented in Power Goals with determination and persistence and the results will be life-changing! Get ready to transform yourself for success!

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From Dreams To Action

Sharon Hooper Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Is there a dream you'd love to pursue BUT every time you set out to do it, you end up losing courage, direction or motivation? Or do you have a feeling there's a volcano of talent right below your surface, waiting to erupt, BUT you just can't identify what your goal is-or how in the world you'll ever make it happen? Take heart! Sharon Hooper's proprietary Vision Mapping Strategy is a powerful, yet simple method to pinpoint, envision, and navigate an exciting, yet practical course toward your goals, using techniques the human brain naturally embraces. For over 15 years, Sharon has successfully used this technique to coach multi-million dollar executives and private clients to reach their goals. This program will help you break through the logjams in your way, clearly see where you want to go, and chart a step-by-step path to your own cherished destination. For the first time, this course is open to everyone-not just highly paid executives and individual clients. You'll have access to the same tools and information they do, allowing you to work from home at your own pace, without the cost of private coaching. As a pioneer in the environmental sound industry who launched a highly successful record company, Sharon Hooper draws on decades of direct business experience, in addition to coaching hundreds of individuals in multiple fields. Her empathy, insights, management skill and deep understanding of the day-by-day challenges of pursuing a wide range of goals, make Sharon's course both powerful and personal. This course will help you discover your own promising new path, along with the concrete "how-to's" to reach your goals. Throughout your journey, you'll identify and schedule incremental steps that will make it easy to keep moving forward week after week, while celebrating small victories along the way. Don't wait any longer for your life to "really" begin. As Johann Wolfgang Goethe wrote: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Here's your chance to begin it now.

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Goal Setting For People Who Can T Set Goals

Chris Christoff Global Publishing Group

Realistic goal setting made easy. Finally, a book about setting and achieving goals that eliminates the frustration and failure. International author, engineer, IT project manager and property entrepreneur, Chris Christoff, shares achievement secrets from years of both successful projects and goal setting failures. Turning goal setting and achievement on its head, this book teaches you techniques to achieve with clarity, certainty, confidence and courage. Retune your brain to see opportunities to accelerate your progress, to follow a path to success that stops the fear and procrastination, allowing you to achieve your goals and dreams. You'll learn:- Breakthrough systems for setting and achieving your goals- Quick techniques to overcoming fear and procrastination- How to use the Nisi system to be your own personal mentor- Systematic methods to reduce stress and frustration and excite your goal setting process- Easy steps to condition your mind to achieve and keep the wealth and success you deserve- Proven steps to navigating the path from where you are now to where you want to be- Tools and techniques to develop goals with clarity This book will help you develop the skills to achieve any goal you set.

ISBN10 : 9781925282429 , ISBN13 : 1925282422

Page Number : 196

Goal Setting Success The Blueprint To Setting Goals Achieving Them Manifest Success Motivational Positive Thinking Habit Building Transformation Abundance

Oscar Monfort Oscar Monfort

Do you have a clear vision for your life? Do you have a 5 year plan? Or does it feel like you’re just drifting through life? The truth is that most of us are just wishing that something good will happen to us. Forget all the over-hyped, positive thinking and visualization stuff…. The key to getting what you want from life is to set clear, realistic and measurable goals. Goal setting is a scientifically proven way to restructure your brain cells and direct you towards the future you want. However goal setting alone is not enough. Nice idea yeah, but many give up or work so hard without getting anywhere. The reality is that there is a science to the goal achievement process and it’s not what you would think. Instead of some half baked New Year’s Resolutions the blueprint inside this book focuses on the process of actually achieving goals. From how to set goals in the first place to avoiding common roadblocks and easily navigating your journey to success. In This Book You Will Discover; The Key To Setting Goals & Achieving Them The Goal Setting Method Used by Lady Gaga Which Took Her From An Unknown Gogo Dancer To An International Super-star Scientifically Proven Ways To Align Your Environment With Your Goals Easily Develop Habits That Lead to Huge Results Warren Buffett's 5 Step Success Rule Why Failure is Necessary & How to Embrace It How Taylor Swift Achieved Global Success Through Mentors (Without ever meeting them) The Simple Goal System Used by Google, Walmart, Spotify, Twitter & More How A Beekeeper Became The First Person To Climb Mount Everest Applying Behavioural Psychology To Set Goals You’ll Actually Stick To And Much, Much More…. Let’s be honest, if you want success, you need to set goals and take action. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? So if you're ready to turn your dreams into reality then start reading this book.

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Goal Setting Theory

IntroBooks IntroBooks

A goal setting theory is basically a process that describes how to achieve goal in finite time and making a good carrier in respected field or in business. It is a motivational technique based on the concept that the practice of setting specific goal, achievement, performance, and setting the goals result. Each and almost every person in this world dedicates several hours by thinking about their present and future situation in life and wishes that if there was something that could bring useful change in the life. While many of us are really great at trying to set goals but most of us are practically not capable of following through with them.

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The One Goal

Thibaut Meurisse Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

What if that dream that you hold in your mind was actually possible? As Napoleon Hill wrote, a goal is a dream with a deadline, but having a deadline is merely the beginning. How do you ensure that you actually achieve your goal? After all, 92% of people who set New Year's Resolutions don't stick to them. In this book you'll learn the exact blueprint to achieve all the goals and dreams you're most excited about More specifically you'll learn: How to set goals fully aligned with your personal values to build lasting motivation and unstoppable enthusiasm The blueprint to develop an unbeatable mindset and achieve insanely demanding goals The Bullet-Proof Timeframe to boost your perseverance The Mastery Mindset and its 5 Commandments so that you can achieve any future goal in any area of your life The Psychology of Expertise to shorten your learning curve and position yourself as an expert faster than you thought possible And much much more! You'll also get: A free downloadable workbook to ensure you take action toward your goal A free series of 10 videos to guide you through the process and build accountability Other additional resources to further help you with your goal If you ever failed to achieve your goals in the past, The One Goal will provide you with the exact blueprint you need to achieve any goal for the rest of your life. So, if you want more from life, don't wait, click the BUY button and grab your copy of The One Goal now.

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The 12 Week Year Field Guide

Brian P. Moran John Wiley & Sons

Update your thinking and avoid complacency with the 12 week year Are you ready to change your life? This hands-on template for implementing advice from the game-changing book The 12 Week Year is a study guide that makes it easy for anyone to apply the 12 week year to their own lives. Instead of getting bogged down in annualized thinking that produces pitfalls and saps productivity, follow along with this guide to redefine your “year” to be just 12 weeks long. By doing so, you’ll avoid complacency, begin to focus on what matters most, create better clarity, and develop a sense of urgency so that “now” is always the right time to act. Applicable to business growth, career goals, and life in general, the 12 week plan will help you improve in any—or every—area. By closing the “knowing-doing gap,” you’ll discover how to execute on what you already know and greatly expand the boundaries of your capabilities. Learn to: Create your personal and business visions with step-by-step tips Develop your own 12 week plan by applying what you know to what you do Put over 10 years of field-tested content, exercises, and templates to work for you Build a 12 week commitment and apply the system to your own life and business Take back your life, improve your thinking, and advance your business or career by implementing real-world, hands-on methods in The 12 Week Year Study Guide.

ISBN10 : 9781119475378 , ISBN13 : 1119475376

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