The Reluctant Presenter

Meghan Dotter New Degree Press

Have you ever left a meeting wishing you had said something different? Do you wonder why speaking seems to come so easily to others but not to you? Meghan Dotter has made a career in helping clients elevate their speaking and storytelling skills. In her book The Reluctant Presenter: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Speaking, Meghan reveals the science and art behind creating and giving a compelling presentation. She challenges some of the biggest assumptions you’ve been led to believe, including: Don’t fake it ‘til you make it; use confidence as a guide The success of your presentation has very little to do with PowerPoint The real potential of storytelling goes beyond entertaining Great speakers aren’t naturally charismatic; they do the work to connect to audiences Through stories and research, Meghan shows you how to do the work (and how to avoid steps that aren’t worth spending time on). In reading this book and trying some new approaches, you’ll do more than transcend from being a reluctant presenter; you might even enjoy speaking up.

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Page Number : 212

Gender In Communication

Catherine Helen Palczewski SAGE Publications

Gender in Communication: A Critical Introduction embraces the full range of diverse gender identities and expressions to explore how gender influences communication, as well as how communication shapes our concepts of gender for the individual and for society at large. Authors Catherine Helen Palczewski, Danielle D. McGeough, and Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco equip readers with the critical analysis tools to form their own conclusions about the ever changing processes of gender in communication. This comprehensive gender communication book is the first to extensively address the roles of religion, the gendered body, single-sex education, an institutional analysis of gender construction, social construction theory, and more. The Fourth Edition has streamlined the text to make it more accessible to students without sacrificing the sophistication of the book′s trademark intersectional approach.

ISBN10 : 9781071852941 , ISBN13 : 1071852949

Page Number : 387

Practicing Communication Ethics

Paula S. Tompkins Taylor & Francis

This textbook presents a theoretical framework for developing a personal standard of ethics that can be applied in everyday communication situations. This third edition focuses on how the reader’s communication matters ethically in co-creating their relationships, family, workgroups, and communities. Through an examination of ethical values including truth, justice, freedom, care, integrity, and honor, the reader can determine which values they are ethically committed to upholding. Blending communication theory, ethics as practical philosophy, and moral psychology, the text presents the practice of communication ethics as part of the lifelong process of personal development and fosters the ability in its readers to approach communication decision making through an ethical lens. This edition features new and expanded treatment of moral injury and trauma, digital communication, partisan political division, and issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Practicing Communication Ethics is a core textbook for communication ethics and media ethics courses. Online resources for instructors include an instructor’s manual, sample assignments, and PowerPoint slides. They are available at

ISBN10 : 9781000871906 , ISBN13 : 1000871908

Page Number : 225

The Palgrave Handbook Of Malicious Use Of Ai And Psychological Security

Evgeny Pashentsev Springer Nature

This handbook focuses on new threats to psychological security that are posed by the malicious use of AI and how it can be used to counteract such threats. Studies on the malicious use of AI through deepfakes, agenda setting, sentiment analysis and affective computing and so forth, provide a visual representation of the various forms and methods of malicious influence on the human psyche, and through this on the political, economic, cultural processes, the activities of state and non-state institutions. Separate chapters examine the malicious use of AI in geopolitical confrontation, political campaigns, strategic deception, damage to corporate reputation, and activities of extremist and terrorist organizations. This is a unique volume that brings together a multidisciplinary range of established scholars and upcoming new researchers from 11 countries. This handbook is an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and professionals interested in this new and developing field of social practice and knowledge.

ISBN10 : 9783031225529 , ISBN13 : 303122552X

Page Number : 711

The Communication Age

Autumn Edwards SAGE Publications

When should you send a text message, and when is it more appropriate to talk face-to-face? What is the best way to prepare for a job interview that will be conducted over video? How should you modify your speech if it will be recorded and posted online? The Communication Age: Connecting and Engaging introduces students to the foundational concepts and essential skills of effective communication, with a strong emphasis on the impact of technology in our increasingly interconnected world. This new Fourth Edition helps students become involved in our diverse global community and learn how to apply key principles of effective communication—whether incorporating media, technology, or traditional face-to-face speech communication—to foster civic engagement for a better future. With comprehensive coverage of the essentials of interpersonal, small group, and public communication, this text is ideal for use in hybrid introduction to communication courses.

ISBN10 : 9781071824511 , ISBN13 : 1071824511

Page Number : 617

Leveraging Socio Emotional Assessment To Foster Children S Human Rights

Jacqueline P. Leighton Taylor & Francis

Leveraging Socio-Emotional Assessment to Foster Children’s Human Rights focuses on teaching and assessing students’ social and emotional attributes within the broader context of children’s rights. School teachers are charged with more than just academic development – every day, they have opportunities to guide children toward humanistic, justice-orientated perspectives and to serve as role models and relationship-builders. Built from a growing body of research on the benefits of socio-emotional learning and assessment in classrooms, this book prepares pre-service and in-service teachers to take on the shifting mindset that is required for learning processes that promote dignity and respectful relations in the classroom. These concise, accessible chapters address the value and effects of positive student-teacher relationships, classroom implementation and assessment methods, student- and parent-inclusive feedback and more.

ISBN10 : 9781000601459 , ISBN13 : 1000601455

Page Number : 216

Right Wing Media S Neurocognitive And Societal Effects

Rodolfo Leyva Taylor & Francis

This book empirically tests, compares, and explains the effects of British and American legacy conservative press and far-right websites, on accordant political views and behavioural intentions. Correspondingly, the 2016 Brexit Referendum and American Presidential election results are often attributed to the spread of fake news through social media, Russian Bots, and alt-right news websites. This has raised concerns about the impact of digital disinformation on democracy, as well as the rise of nativist parties and movements worldwide. However, this book argues that these causal attributions are largely based on unproven assumptions and deflect attention from the more influential and harmful role of traditional conservative media. To support this argument, Leyva incorporates insights from various fields such as neurocognitive science, media-communication research, cross-cultural psychology, and sociology. Additionally, the book presents primary evidence from a series of experiments that examined the effects of candidate-related fake news and immigration coverage from both old and new media right-wing sources. These experiments focused on how such content influences anti-immigrant attitudes and voter preferences. By doing so, the book provides a nuanced and robustly tested theoretical account of how right-wing media affects political beliefs, sentiments, and practices at the neuronal level, and of how this can in turn negatively impact democratic multicultural societies. Given its interdisciplinary approach, this book will be of interest to scholars in the social, behavioural, and cognitive sciences who are studying media psychology, online misinformation, authoritarian populism, political sociology, new media, and journalism.

ISBN10 : 9781000876345 , ISBN13 : 1000876349

Page Number : 145