Reflections Of A Nonpolitical Man

Thomas Mann New York Review of Books

A classic, controversial book exploring German culture and identity by the author of Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain, now back in print. When the Great War broke out in August 1914, Thomas Mann, like so many people on both sides of the conflict, was exhilarated. Finally, the era of decadence that he had anatomized in Death in Venice had come to an end; finally, there was a cause worth fighting and even dying for, or, at least when it came to Mann himself, writing about. Mann immediately picked up his pen to compose a paean to the German cause. Soon after, his elder brother and lifelong rival, the novelist Heinrich Mann, responded with a no less determined denunciation. Thomas took it as an unforgivable stab in the back. The bitter dispute between the brothers would swell into the strange, tortured, brilliant, sometimes perverse literary performance that is Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man, a book that Mann worked on and added to throughout the war and that bears an intimate relation to his postwar masterpiece The Magic Mountain. Wild and ungainly though Mann’s reflections can be, they nonetheless constitute, as Mark Lilla demonstrates in a new introduction, a key meditation on the freedom of the artist and the distance between literature and politics. The NYRB Classics edition includes two additional essays by Mann: “Thoughts in Wartime” (1914), translated by Mark Lilla and Cosima Mattner; and “On the German Republic” (1922), translated by Lawrence Rainey.

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Roll Models

Richard Holicky Trafford Publishing

"I thought life was pretty much over." Paul Herman "I was afraid people wouldn''t see me for who I still was." Cathy Green "I didn''t need this to be a better person." Susan Douglas "I wasn''t sure I wanted to live ''this way.''" Kevin Wolitzky The above four people and 49 more just like them went on to find high levels of success and lead satisfying lives. Together they tell 53 stories of moving forward to meet all the challenges, fears, obstacles, and problems common to the life-altering circumstances after spinal cord injury, and doing it without benefit of wealth, large settlements or solid health coverage. Ranging in age from 21 to 67, disabled from three to 48 years they share 931 years of disability experience. Roll Models is a valuable new resource for recently injured people and their families, and for nurses, therapists, psychologists and all other professionals who treat, work with and care for people with spinal cord injury. Straight from the horse''s mouth, survivors explore their experiences with disability and answer many questions those in rehab are asking: Early Thoughts What were your thoughts immediately following injury? What were your initial thoughts and reactions regarding SCI and the future? The First Years What were your biggest fears during that first year or so? How did you get past those early fears? Changes, Obstacles and Solutions How much different are you now, compared to how you were before injury? What''s been the biggest obstacle? How did you address these obstacles? Finding What Works What have been the most difficult things for you to deal with since injury? What''s the worst thing about having an SCI and using a chair? What''s been your biggest loss due to injury? Is SCI the worst thing that ever happened to you? Tell me something about your problem solving skills. How do you deal with stress? What do you do to relieve stress? Salvations, Turning Points and More Was there any one thing that was your "salvation" or key to your success? Was there a turning point for you when you began to feel things were going to get better? What personal factors, habits and beliefs have helped you the most? SCI and Meaning Do you find any meaning, purpose or lessons in your disability? Did any positive opportunities come your way because of your injury? What''s your greatest accomplishment? What are you most proud of? "A wonderful roadmap with many alternate routes to living and thriving with SCI." Minna Hong, SCI survivor and Peer Support Coordinator/Vocational Liaison, Shepherd Center "Avoids the trap of providing a ''one size fits all mentality'' and provides solutions as varied as the individuals used as examples. Accentuates the positives while not sugar coating the difficulties. Essential reading." Jeff Cressy SCI survivor and Director of Consumer and Community Affairs, SCI Project, Rancho Los Amigos "A great resource for people as they venture out into the world, or search for meaning and a deeper, richer life. Filled with examples of real people and their real experiences." Terry Chase, ND, RN; SCI survivor; Patient & Family Education Program Coordinator, Craig Hospital "A wonderful tool for the newly spinal cord injured individual, as well as the therapists and counselors working with them. This certainly hits the mark in capturing important survival strategies." Jack Dahlberg, SCI survivor, Past President of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association "Artfully crafted and organized, Roll Models sensitively portrays life following spinal cord injury. Informative, creative, sensitive, as well as infused with humor and a kind heart. Recommended with my highest accolades."Lester Butt, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of the Department of Psychology, Craig Hospital

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Tick Tock

Vicki Breitbart

In this groundbreaking collection of essays, poems, and creative nonfiction, more than twenty-nine writers offer witty and incisive insight into the unique experience of being or having an older parent in today's world. By turns raw, funny, tender, and wise, these stories reshape our understanding of the social factors that impact later parenthood, honor the strength and resilience required to overcome countless challenges posed in healthcare and adoption settings, and relish in the many joys of a parent-child relationship, no matter what age. Writers, child development experts, and older parents themselves Vicki Breitbart and Nan Bauer-Maglin have curated a collection that truly affirms and destigmatizes the act of becoming a parent over 40, whether by choice or by chance. Contributors include New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award winner Elizabeth Acevedo; award-winning author Adam Berlin; writer and editor Laura Broadwell; author and editor Salma Abdelnour Gilman; professor and institute director Elizabeth Gregory; podcast producer and host Barbara Herel; author and research scholar Elline Lipkin; retired journalist Linda Wright Moore; founder and executive director of The Democracy Center Jim Shultz; and more.

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The Sophiology Of Death

Sergius Bulgakov Wipf and Stock Publishers

What will be the final destiny of the human race at God’s eschatological judgment? Will all be saved, or only a few? How does Christian eschatology impact Christian political action in the here and now? And what is the destiny of each individual facing the prospect of earthly death? In these essays, Russian Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov (1871–1944) brings the resources of Scripture and tradition to bear on these vital questions, arguing for the magnificent final restoration of all creatures to union with God in a universal salvation worthy of the infinite scope of Christ’s redemption. Bulgakov also provides insight into how Christians can strive to bring God’s kingdom to earth in anticipation of the peace and justice of the heavenly Jerusalem. The reader will also find in these pages profound theological reflections on the nature of human death and Christ’s accompaniment of all humans in their dying, based on Bulgakov’s own near-death experience. Together, these essays shed new light on eschatology in all its facets: personal, political, and universal.

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American Military History Volume 1

Richard W. Stewart

Provides the U.S. Army with a comprehensive but brief account of its past. This is the first of two volumes. It covers the Army¿s history from its birth in 1775 to the eve of WW1, when the U.S. had become a world power. Contents: What is military history?, theory and practice of war, and the American military system; The colonial beginnings; The American Revolution, first phase; The winning of independence, 1777-1783; The formative years, 1783-1812; The War of 1812; Toward a professional army; The Mexican War and after; The Civil War; The inter-war years, 1865-1898; The Army in the Indian Wars, 1865-1890; Emergence to world power, 1898-1902; and Transitional change, and the road to war, 1902-1917. Dozens of maps and illustrations.

ISBN10 : 1437912133 , ISBN13 : 9781437912135

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Viral Loads

Lenore Manderson UCL Press

Drawing upon the empirical scholarship and research expertise of contributors from all settled continents and from diverse life settings and economies, Viral Loads illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic, and responses to it, lay bare and load onto people’s lived realities in countries around the world. A crosscutting theme pertains to how social unevenness and gross economic disparities are shaping global and local responses to the pandemic, and illustrate the effects of both the virus and efforts to contain it in ways that amplify these inequalities. At the same time, the contributions highlight the nature of contemporary social life, including virtual communication, the nature of communities, neoliberalism and contemporary political economies, and the shifting nature of nation states and the role of government. Over half of the world’s population has been affected by restrictions of movement, with physical distancing requirements and self-isolation recommendations impacting profoundly on everyday life but also on the economy, resulting also, in turn, with dramatic shifts in the economy and in mass unemployment. By reflecting on how the pandemic has interrupted daily lives, state infrastructures and healthcare systems, the contributing authors in this volume mobilise anthropological theories and concepts to locate the pandemic in a highly connected and exceedingly unequal world. The book is ambitious in its scope – spanning the entire globe – and daring in its insistence that medical anthropology must be a part of the growing calls to build a new world.

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