Vital Statistics Of The United States 2022

Shana Hertz Hattis Rowman & Littlefield

Vital Statistics of the United States: Births, Life Expectancy, Deaths, and Selected Health Data brings together a comprehensive collection of birth, mortality, health, and marriage and divorce data into a single volume. It provides a wealth of information compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics and other government agencies. Vital Statistics contains over 225 tables and is divided into four parts: Births, Mortality, Health, and Marriage and Divorce. Charts and graphs, available at applicable points in each chapter, illustrate some of the most vital trends in the data. In addition, updated definitions reflect the latest federal parameters for information about births, mortality, health, and marriages. New COVID-19 data is woven into each section where appropriate. Some of the new tables include data on pregnant women with COVID-19, historical daily case trends, and demographic characteristics of people receiving the vaccine.

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Ai And Iot For Sustainable Development In Emerging Countries

Zakaria Boulouard Springer Nature

This book comprises a number of state-of-the-art contributions from both scientists and practitioners working in a large pool of fields where AI and IoT can open up new horizons. Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things have introduced themselves today as must-have technologies in almost every sector. Ranging from agriculture to industry and health care, the scope of applications of AI and IoT is as wide as the horizon. Nowadays, these technologies are extensively used in developed countries, but they are still at an early stage in emerging countries. AI and IoT for Sustainable Development in Emerging Countries—Challenges and Opportunities is an invaluable source to dive into the latest applications of AI and IoT and how they have been used by researchers from emerging countries to solve sustainable development-related issues by taking into consideration the specifities of their countries. This book starts by presenting how AI and IoT can tackle the challenges of sustainable development in general and then focuses on the following axes: · AI and IoT for smart environment and energy · Industry 4.0 and intelligent transportation · A vision towards an artificial intelligence of medical things · AI, social media, and big data analytics. It aspires to provide a relevant reference for students, researchers, engineers, and professionals working in these particular areas or those interested in grasping its diverse facets and exploring the latest advances on their respective fields and the role of AI and IoT in them.

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Sql For Data Analytics

Jun Shan Packt Publishing Ltd

Take your first steps to becoming a fully qualified data analyst by learning how to explore complex datasets Key Features Master each concept through practical exercises and activities Discover various statistical techniques to analyze your data Implement everything you've learned on a real-world case study to uncover valuable insights Book Description Every day, businesses operate around the clock, and a huge amount of data is generated at a rapid pace. This book helps you analyze this data and identify key patterns and behaviors that can help you and your business understand your customers at a deep, fundamental level. SQL for Data Analytics, Third Edition is a great way to get started with data analysis, showing how to effectively sort and process information from raw data, even without any prior experience. You will begin by learning how to form hypotheses and generate descriptive statistics that can provide key insights into your existing data. As you progress, you will learn how to write SQL queries to aggregate, calculate, and combine SQL data from sources outside of your current dataset. You will also discover how to work with advanced data types, like JSON. By exploring advanced techniques, such as geospatial analysis and text analysis, you will be able to understand your business at a deeper level. Finally, the book lets you in on the secret to getting information faster and more effectively by using advanced techniques like profiling and automation. By the end of this book, you will be proficient in the efficient application of SQL techniques in everyday business scenarios and looking at data with the critical eye of analytics professional. What you will learn Use SQL to clean, prepare, and combine different datasets Aggregate basic statistics using GROUP BY clauses Perform advanced statistical calculations using a WINDOW function Import data into a database to combine with other tables Export SQL query results into various sources Analyze special data types in SQL, including geospatial, date/time, and JSON data Optimize queries and automate tasks Think about data problems and find answers using SQL Who this book is for If you're a database engineer looking to transition into analytics or a backend engineer who wants to develop a deeper understanding of production data and gain practical SQL knowledge, you will find this book useful. This book is also ideal for data scientists or business analysts who want to improve their data analytics skills using SQL. Basic familiarity with SQL (such as basic SELECT, WHERE, and GROUP BY clauses) as well as a good understanding of linear algebra, statistics, and PostgreSQL 14 are necessary to make the most of this SQL data analytics book.

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Mongolia 2021 Article Iv Consultation Press Release Staff Report And Statement By The Executive Director For Mongolia

International Monetary International Monetary Fund

A strong export-led recovery is underway. Despite early actions and a successful vaccination campaign, the pandemic is lingering in Mongolia as positivity rates remain high and borders largely closed. An export-led recovery which began in mid-2020, is gathering steam due to booming prices for Mongolia’s exports. Nevertheless, domestic demand, labor markets and the business sector remain weak. Policies were appropriately supportive during the pandemic. However, large, untargeted and continuing fiscal, quasi-fiscal and financial forbearance measures legislated by Parliament have heightened macrofinancial vulnerabilities: public debt has sharply increased, bank balance sheets have further weakened, and the Bank of Mongolia’s (BOM) operational independence has been compromised. On the plus side, external and fiscal buffers have been built, helped by the 2021 IMF SDR allocation of US$98.3 million (95.8 percent of quota), and the rollover of large external liabilities has increased policy space.

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Colour Your Life With Relationships

Johan Smith Penguin Random House South Africa

Take a few moments and reflect on some of the greatest highlights and some of the most precious moments in your life. The writer is convinced that most of these recollections have something to do with people, people with whom you enjoy a warm, quality relationship. Why is he so convinced? Because life is relationships. God’s DNA is love. He is the God of grace and community. This is who He is and what He does. It is part and parcel of the very nature of God to constantly share Himself with His creation and with all of us. In this wonderful book Johan Smith unearths deep biblical truths about the essence of relationships. He shows us that God is deeply relational, therefore, we need to follow in his footsteps and become passionate about his kind of relationships again. Johan guides us masterfully how to grow and nurture such relationships with God and others in this must-read book!

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