The Behavior Of Animals

Johan J. Bolhuis John Wiley & Sons

The Behavior of Animals An updated view of animal behavior studies, featuring global experts The Behavior of Animals, Second Edition provides a broad overview of the current state of animal behavior studies with contributions from international experts. This edition includes new chapters on hormones and behavior, individuality, and human evolution. All chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated, and are supported by color illustrations, informative callouts, and accessible presentation of technical information. Provides an introduction to the study of animal behavior Looks at an extensive scope of topics- from perception, motivation and emotion, biological rhythms, and animal learning to animal cognition, communication, mate choice, and individuality. Explores the evolution of animal behavior including a critical evaluation of the assumption that human beings can be studied as if they were any other animal species. Students will benefit from an updated textbook in which a variety of contributors provide their expertise and global perspective in specialized areas

ISBN10 : 9781119109501 , ISBN13 : 1119109507

Page Number : 532

Better Business Better Future

Elisabet Lagerstedt BoD - Books on Demand

An excellent read for entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, board members, and strategists aiming to future-proof their business by integrating sustainability into the very core. This book offers a way forward, helps you understand the Sustainability Revolution, and provides valuable insights into the journeys and strategic choices of sustainability trailblazers such as Patagonia, Interface, ├śrsted, Unilever, IKEA, Oatly, and others. Because you are not the first company to discover the potential in doing well by doing good, or as William Gibson said: "The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed". Still, many wicked problems urgently need innovative solutions. Solutions that the world of business is particularly well equipped to address through the ingenuity, creativity, collaboration, and resources that it can so often call forth more effectively and efficiently than other human organizations. Here and now, this requires a move beyond business as usual and a transformation into Better Business.

ISBN10 : 9789152707951 , ISBN13 : 9152707954

Page Number : 353

Ethics For Health Promotion And Health Education

Jody Vogelzang Elsevier

Ethics for Health Promotion and Health Education discusses ethical principles and interpretations by classical ethicists as they apply to health promotion and health education. The book unpacks ethical expectations in promoting and teaching health in both the classroom and as a researcher or practitioner and then applies the code of ethics using case study methods throughout. This informative text was written by health educators and practitioners to assist health educator and practitioner communities. Reviews comprehensive ethical principles (autonomy, beneficence, maleficence and justice) Provides the reader targeted applications of ethics to health education and health promotion following the CNHEO revised code of ethics for health education specialists Presents practice and application at the end of each chapter to challenge ethical thinking related to health education and promotion

ISBN10 : 9780323952309 , ISBN13 : 0323952305

Page Number : 200

The One State Reality

Michael Barnett Cornell University Press

The One State Reality argues that a one state reality already predominates in the territories controlled by the state of Israel. The editors show that starting with the one state reality rather than hoping for a two state solution reshapes how we regard the conflict, what we consider acceptable and unacceptable solutions, and how we discuss difficult normative questions. The One State Reality forces a reconsideration of foundational concepts such as state, sovereignty, and nation; encourages different readings of history; shifts conversation about solutions from two states to alternatives that borrow from other political contexts; and provides context for confronting uncomfortable questions such as whether Israel/Palestine is an "apartheid state."

ISBN10 : 9781501768415 , ISBN13 : 1501768417

Page Number : 373

Communicating In Extreme Crises

Elina R. Tachkova Routledge

This book is an evidence-based approach to handling common, extreme crises. Extreme crises involve strong moral outrage; moral outrage creates situations where traditional crisis communication advice no longer is effective. These extreme crises create unique demands for crisis managers. Moreover, much of the traditional advice and crisis key performance indicators (KPIs) no longer apply. Validated through research, the book establishes the nature of extreme crises, the optimal crisis response for such crises, and the KPIs (outcomes) crisis managers need to measure for extreme crises. It serves as a guide for how to communicate effectively during extreme crises and provides advice based upon experimental research that validates the effectiveness of the crisis communication interventions. Readers do not require prior knowledge about crisis communication and crisis management as the book contains summaries of crisis communication and management before exploring the more specialized topic of extreme crises. Chapters include extended case studies, examining communication within such events as the Westpac money laundering, VW emissions and COVID-19 crises. Communications in Extreme Crises will be of direct interest to scholars of crisis communication in public relations, corporate communication, strategic communication, organizational communication programs and management.

ISBN10 : 9781000553529 , ISBN13 : 1000553523

Page Number : 176

Public Communication In The Time Of Covid 19

Jim A. Kuypers Rowman & Littlefield

This edited collection focuses on how public communication practices and the communication discipline were impacted by the 2020-2022 COVID-19 Pandemic. By discussing a wide range of issues from nine disciplinary positions, ultimately, they are able to reveal key insights about the relationship between the pandemic and public human communication.

ISBN10 : 9781793643674 , ISBN13 : 1793643679

Page Number : 261

A Cognitive Psychology Of Mass Communication

Fred W. Sanborn Taylor & Francis

The eighth edition of this text remains an indispensable resource for mass communication psychology and media effects courses. This book gives readers an in-depth understanding of how media affect our attitudes, thinking, and behavior. Continuing its academically rigorous yet student-friendly approach to this subject, the new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect our current media landscape. Updates include new research and examples for an increasingly global perspective, an increased focus on social media, additional graphics, special end-of-chapter application sections, and an expansion in the list of references to reflect the latest research discussed. The book continues to emphasize the power of media, including social media, in affecting our perceptions of reality. There is also a detailed discussion of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news. Written in an engaging, readable style, the text is appropriate for graduate or undergraduate students in media psychology, mass communication psychology, and media effects courses. Accompanying online resources are also available for both students and instructors. For students: chapter outlines, additional review and discussion questions, useful links, and suggested further reading. For instructors: lecture slides, guidelines for in-class discussions, a sample syllabus, chapter summaries, useful links, and suggested further reading. Please visit

ISBN10 : 9781000640618 , ISBN13 : 1000640612

Page Number : 568