The Rational Practitioner

Martin Turner Taylor & Francis

Sport and exercise psychology has grown exponentially as an academic discipline and profession in the past decade. The dominant approach to sport and exercise psychology practice is the cognitive-behavioural approach that stems from cognitive behavioural therapies (CBTs). CBTs are the most widely used counselling approaches in the world. Through this approach developed rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), a cognitive-based theory and therapy that incorporates many of the techniques that defines CBTs to this day (e.g., cognitive restructuring, rehearsal, imagery, self-talk). The Rational Practitioner: The Sport and Performance Psychologist’s Guide to Practicing Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy develops innovative concepts that are particular to the performance milieu, whilst sticking rigorously to core theory. This book is fundamental to applied practice and offers practitioners, scholars, and researchers of sport psychology and REBT, theoretical and detailed practical information from an experienced and qualified sport and exercise psychologist. This book provides a comprehensive portrayal of REBT applied within sport and performance and is key reading for current and trainee sport and exercise psychologists, but also to psychologists from other disciplines who wish to work with athletes and other performers.

ISBN10 : 9781000816815 , ISBN13 : 1000816818

Page Number : 404

Research Design In Clinical Psychology

Alan E. Kazdin Cambridge University Press

Fully revised and updated, this text offers a comprehensive guide to research methods and research design in clinical psychology.

ISBN10 : 9781108838788 , ISBN13 : 1108838782

Page Number : 821

Fundamentals Of Cognitive Science

Thomas Hardy Leahey Taylor & Francis

Fundamentals of Cognitive Science draws on research from psychology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics, evolution, and neuroscience to provide an engaging and student-friendly introduction to this interdisciplinary field. While structured around traditional cognitive psychology topics, from attention, learning theory, and memory to information processing, thinking, and decision making, the book also looks at neural networks, cognitive neuroscience, embodied cognition, and magic to illustrate cognitive science principles. The book is organized around the history of thinking about the mind and its relation to the world. It considers the evolution of cognition and how it demonstrates how our current thinking about cognitive processes is derived from pre-scientific philosophies and common sense, through psychologists’ empirical inquiries into mind and behavior as they pursued a science of cognition and the construction of artificial intelligences. The architectures of cognition are also applied throughout, and the book proposes a synthesis of them, from traditional symbol system architectures to recent work in embodied cognition and Bayesian predictive processing. Practical and policy implications are also considered but solutions are left for the readers to determine. Using extended case studies to address the most important themes, ideas, and findings, this book is suitable for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and related fields. It is also suitable for general readers interested in an accessible treatment of cognitive science and its practical implications. Please visit for further resources to accompany the book.

ISBN10 : 9781000614268 , ISBN13 : 1000614263

Page Number : 398

Social Mentality And Public Opinion In China

Fanbin Zeng Taylor & Francis

This book explores the relationship between social mentality, public opinion, media, and other factors through mixed methods in China, especially since the 21st century. The book deploys qualitative and quantitative research and adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective and diverse research methods. The studies are built on and contribute to the burgeoning literature seeking to anatomise the relationship between social mentality, media, and public opinion from the point of view of sociology and communication. It also aims to explore how media can be used to appease public opinion. As the first systematic study of the interconnection between social mentality and public opinion, this book provides empirical support and a theoretical framework for both areas. It will thus be a great read for students and scholars of communication, sociology, and social psychology, especially for those with a focus on China and new media.

ISBN10 : 9781000848786 , ISBN13 : 1000848787

Page Number : 143


Dana Gross Rowman & Littlefield

This comprehensive, accessible, market-leading infant development (prenatal-age 3) core text for infant and early childhood development weaves together research, theory, and current issues of diversity of culture for students seeking to engage in the lives of our youngest children with understanding and compassion.

ISBN10 : 9781538167274 , ISBN13 : 1538167271

Page Number : 415

The Complete Family Guide To Dementia

Thomas F. Harrison Guilford Publications

If you are facing the unique challenges of caring for a parent with dementia, you are not alone. What do you do when your loved one so plainly needs assistance, but is confused, angry, or resistant to your help? Where can you find the vital information you need, when you need it? Journalist Thomas Harrison and leading geriatric psychiatrist Brent Forester show that you don’t have to be a medical expert to be a good care provider in this authoritative guide. They explain the basics of dementia and offer effective strategies for coping with the medical, emotional, and financial toll. With the right skills, you can navigate changing family roles, communicate better with your parent, keep him or her safe, and manage difficult behaviors. Learn how to "care smarter, not harder"--and help your loved one maintain the best possible quality of life. Winner (Second Place)--American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award, Consumer Health Category Winner (Third Place)--Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award, Family & Relationships Category

ISBN10 : 9781462550050 , ISBN13 : 1462550053

Page Number : 255