Trauma Informed Care In The Perinatal Period

Julia Seng Dunedin Academic Press Ltd

The past two decades have seen a convergence of findings across studies of traumatic stress, attachment, and neurobiology, confirming the crucial importance of well-being within the mother-infant dyad for life-long mental and physical health, and for reaching the fullest developmental potential. It is now established that there are intergenerational cycles of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric vulnerability that warrant a prevention approach. Pregnancy is a crucial point of intersection between generations. During pregnancy, women with a childhood maltreatment history have a 12-fold increased risk of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although awareness of the need for trauma-informed care and trauma-specific interventions is increasing in the fields of addiction and mental health treatment in particular, there are no front-line programmes for the childbearing year that address maltreatment-related PTSD. This edited collection addresses the issues of intergenerational cycles of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric vulnerability by providing a resource to facilitate incorporating trauma-informed care and trauma-specific interventions into maternity services with an emphasis on improving outcomes for childbearing women with a childhood maltreatment history.The book will prove of use to those training for or working in child protection and nursing.

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Uddhav Kanhai Notion Press

An anarchist hacker, known by his alias Joker, comes out of the dark web to burn the billion-dollar influencer industry for vengeance and accidentally becomes the influencer king. Joker’s humorous and astute ways have garnered the Prime Minister’s attention. Joker becomes his first follower on social media. But is that his aim? A never before seen firewall, created by a young citizen of India, terminates Joker’s success. When the CBI failed, an ordinary boy with extraordinary talent set foot to help the officials and hurts Joker’s pride. Maira, the director of SWAT and the Prime Minister’s wife, struggles with her life. She doesn’t have a clue that beneath her house, many malicious secrets lay buried. When she digs deeper, her morality is shaken. Joker enters the tunnel, hoping to see the light on the oth-er side, but his delusions of grandeur lead him astray in the darkness. Will his vengeance make the world a better place or will there be no light at the end of the tunnel?

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Motherhood In The Face Of Trauma

Maria Muzik Springer

This volume offers an overview of the latest research on perinatal adaptation among women who have faced trauma, loss and/or adversity, both in childhood and/or as an adult, and describes the varied trajectories of adaptive and maladaptive coping that follow. The range of outcomes considered span from health-limiting (e.g. mental illness, substance use, unhealthy life style behaviours) to health-promoting (e.g. resilience and posttraumatic growth). These outcomes are examined both in relation to mothers’ experience of motherhood and parenting, and with regard to their children’s lives. Interpersonal trauma, experienced in childhood and/or or adulthood, can have a profound effect on how women experience the transition into motherhood – from pregnancy, to childbirth, and postpartum caregiving. Women across the globe are exposed to high rates of interpersonal violence, and face the physical and emotional consequences of such events. The shift into motherhood is an emotionally evocative period in a woman’s life, entailing not only challenges, but also the potential for healing and growth. Individual chapters will present state-of-the-art research, and will also highlight the voices of women who have personally experienced trauma, illustrating the effects on their experiences as mothers. Throughout the book, the consistent emphasis is on clinical implications and on ways that providers can create a context for healing and growth with the help of current evidence-based and promising treatment methods.

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Social And Emotional Learning

Neil Humphrey Routledge

Universal school-based social and emotional learning (SEL) interventions seek to improve the social-emotional competencies (e.g. self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making) of students through explicit instruction in the context of learning environments that are safe, caring, well-managed and participatory. In recent years, SEL has become a dominant orthodoxy in school systems around the world. In this important new book, leading researchers provide a comprehensive overview of the field, including conceptual models of SEL; the assessment of social and emotional competence in children and young people; key issues in the implementation of SEL interventions; the evidence base on the efficacy of SEL in improving students’ outcomes; and critical perspectives on the emergence of SEL. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in the role of schools in promoting children's wellbeing. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Education.

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Key Policy Issues In Long Term Care

Organització Mundial de la Salut World Health Organization

Key policy issues in long-term care (LTC) are complex and the numbers of persons needing such care continue to incease. This volume addresses these issues: the role of and support to the family; integration with health and social systems; case management; and strategies for designing LTC systems.

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